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The Collegiate Gymnastics Information Site (aka GymInfo or Troester).  Official site of the NCAA for rankings, scores.  Also includes schedules, rosters and links.

National Collegiate Gymnastics Association


National association for Men's Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches.  Include's Jerry Wright's weekly men's reports.

 Collegiate Gymnastics Links


Patrick Tower's site:  still the only list of links to Men's teams.


Get your rules, regulations, handbooks, forms, and contact numbers here.  The definitive resource for student athlete and parent.

NCAA Handbook
(Adobe Acrobat file)


Official championship handbook for NCAA gymnastics.  This contains all rules, logistics, and qualifying criteria for the championships and its qualifying rounds

NCAA Championships Site (M)


Official site from the NCAA.  Includes archive of Nationals results. (formerly


Compilation of news from the official sites they host.  Was mostly inactive in 2002, they appear to be posting men's stories this year.


National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs:  Web site for college-affiliated gymnastics sports club programs throughout the US.


Men's Intercollegiate Gymnastics Support Program

National Gymnastics Judges Association


All sorts of rule and code information.




Mari-Rae Sopper Memorial Gymnastics SiteRemember "ISUFan"


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