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Updated August 29th, 2009




Note: These are 2009-2010 expected newcomers.  Final rosters, when announced, can and will vary for each school.    

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for the 2009-2010 school year.  These athletes will have graduated high school by the end of 2009.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2009.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or contact the editor with updates.

Submissions:  Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to or by using this form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Counts shown in BOLD are from survey responses.  Responses in italics are estimates made by


# of Scholarships for incoming '09-'10

# Available for incoming '10-'11

Air Force;

All Appointments Include Scholarships

    Katie Eastman, Parkettes
    Tara Harris, Airborne, L10; per club
    Melanie Ortiz, Galaxy, L10

Alabama;  release


 4 to 5

    Becca Alexin, Gym Stars (TN), L10; early grad, will join team 12/09
    Marissa Gutierrez, WGA Texans, L10
    Ashley Sledge, World Class, L10





Arizona;  release



    Aubree Cristello, World Class (NY), L10
    Mykle Douglas, WOGA, L10; per official website
    Britnie Jones, Arizona Sunrays, L10; per Arizona USAG (entering early)
    Ellen Pitluck, IGI, L10
    Molly Quirk, World Class (NY), L10

Arizona State; release



    Nicole Johnson, DeVeau's, L10
    Christina Salavec, Gold Medal, L10

Arkansas;  release; release 2



    Amy Borsellino, North Stars, former elite/L10
    Kelci Lewis, ConocoPhillips, L10; per newspaper
    Amanda Siebert, Williams Center, L10
    Alyssa Strodel, Gym East, L10; per club

Auburn;  release



    Lindsay DiSalvatore, Orlando Metro, L10
    Carlyn "Toi" Garcia, Docksiders, L10
    Maya Wickus, LaFleur's WI, L10
    Petrina Yokay, Technique, L10

Ball State; release



    Nicole Allen, GGA, L10
    Tiffany Brodbeck, LaFleur's Largo, L10
    Morgan Coslow, Champion (KY), L10
    Amber Parsley, Universal, L10; per club

Boise State;  release



    Hailey Gaspar, AGA, L10
    Lacee Lang, Flips, L10; walkon
    Brittany Potvin-Green, USA Aerial Athletics, L10
    Erin Wipperman, Miyagi's, L10; walkon

Bowling Green; release



    Monica Eaton, GAGE, L10
    Sunny Marchand, Yellow Jackets, L10
    Danielle Wishart, Capital, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)



    Lana Bolender, Galaxy
    Tiara Land, Will-Moor, L10; per club website
    Chelsea Matteson, Arizona Sunrays, L10

Brown; roster



    Nicole Abdo, Tampa Bay Turners, L10
    Kasey Haas, International NC, L10
    Lauren Hall, Giguere's, L10
    Emily Luftey, JAG, L10
    Julia Meyer, World Class, L10




    Kendra Carver, OGA, L10; per recruiting service
    Haylee Rollins, PGA, L10; per club website

California, Berkeley; release



    Carol Chang, Airborne, L10; per club
    Nicolette Lew, Preciscion, L10
    Madisyn O'Brien, Rohnert Park, L10; per newpaper
    Stina Olivere, Arena, L10; per club
    Mariseah Pierce, Airborne, L10
    Arla Rosenzweig, Airborne, L10
    Ankita Shah, Bay Aerials, L10; walkon
    Chelsea Spomer, Rohnert Park, L10; per newspaper

California, Davis (UC Davis); release



    Michelle Ho, Airborne, L10; per club
    Katie Yamamura, Airborne, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA);  release; rel 2



    Danielle Greig, Charter Oak, L10; walkon
    Monique de la Torre, Carter's, L10; confirmed by newspaper
    Courtney Shannon, Olympic Gymnastics, L10; walkon
    Chloe Takayanagi, Waller's, L10; walkon
    Lichelle Wong, Dutch National Team

Cal State Fullerton (CSUF); release; release 2


 2 to 3

    Camisha Casimere, Airborne, L10
    Megan Farris, Calgary Gymnastics Centre, National Open
    Leah Housman, Gliders, L10

    Alicia Meyer, GAGE, L10
    Kayla Pumphrey, Cascade Elite, L10

Cal State San Jose (San Jose State);  release; 2



Katie Lindsey, Colorado Aerials, L10
Holly Partridge, AGA, L9/L10
Karlene Simon, GymStars, L10; walkon
Alyssa Telles-Nollan, Gold Cup, L10

Cal State Sacramento (Sac State); release



    Nicole Meiller, Phenom, L10
    Amberly Thompson, Browns LV, L10

Centenary; release


 1 1/2

    Brittany Adams, Oshkosh, L10
    Meg Crowley, Bannon's, L10

    Amanda Holt, Twin City Twister, L10
    Jessica Lieblich, MEGA, L10
    Christine Martinez, Acrotex, L10
    Ashley Meeks, Gwinnett, L10

Central Michigan



    Bailey Brumbach, Parkettes, L10
    Kristi Conroy, Universal, L10; per club

    Karina Cutina, Parkettes, L10
    Kari Dieffenderfer, Gwinnett, L10
    Britney Taylor, River City, L10

    Darrian Tissenbaum, Gym Dandy's, L10




    McKenna Archer, Team OC, L10
    Jennifer Cooper, Technique, CA, L10
    Sarah Hein, Pittsburgh Northstars, L10
    Ashley Maher, Phenom, L10

Denver; roster



    Elizabeth Ames, NEGX, L10
    Simona Castro Lazo, Elite, Chile National Team
    Emily Reichert, Orlando Metro, L10
    Jaleesa Wilson, Superior, L10; per official website

Eastern Michigan; release



    Brittany Cassar, New Image, L10
    Camille Cicchini, Bieger, L10
    Kristina Kurkimilis, Berk's, L10
    Erica Mahan, Giguere, L10
    Kaylyn Millick, GymDandy's, L10
    Jenna White, Docksiders, L10; walkon per club

Florida;  release



    Ashanee Dickerson, Gymnastics Unlimited, L10
    Alaina Johnson, Texas East, sr. international elite, per newspaper; year of entry unclear
    Dalila "Dali" Lemezan, LaFleur's Largo, L10; walkon
    Randy Stageberg, Excalibur, sr. international elite; per website

George Washington

3 /1


    Kayla Carto, AGA, L10
    Allie Jo Mitchell, Twin City Twisters, L10
    Stephanie Stoicovy, Lakettes, L10

Georgia;  release



    Kati Breazeal, WOGA, L10; per official web site
    Noel Couch, Northstars, L10
    Christa Tanella, WOGA, Sr. International Elite; per official web site
    Shayla Worley, Orlando Metro, Sr. International Elite

Illinois;  release



    Elise Gill, Perpetual Motion, L10; per newspaper
    Macy Hyatt, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta, L10
    Jacyln Kantecki, Naperville, L10
    Alina Weinstein, Arena, L10




    Emily Lawrence, LaFleur's, L10

Illinois State; release



    Apollonia Barrientos, IGI, L10
    Kim Genereaux, Gym Adventure, Sr. HP
    Marissa Stom, McCracken's, L10

Iowa; release

 1 to 2/0 to 1

1 to 3

    Emma Stevenson, Phenom, L10; per club

Iowa State; release; release 2



    Rebecca Ellis, Rochester, L10; per club
    Jessica Rizzi, IGI, L10
    Elizabeth Stranahan, Georgia Gymnastics Academy, L10; per recruiting service

Kent State; 



    Felicia Charles, Park Avenue, L10; committed per club web site
    Kaitlyn Darter, Lynchburg, L10 committed per newspaper article

    Rachel Guida, Brestyan's, L10; confirmed by club web site
    Sarah Moore, Zenith, L10
    Lindsay Runyan, Queen City, L10
    Stephanie Smart, Cherry Hill, L10
    Lauren Wozniak, X-Cel, L10

Kentucky; release

 1 or 2/0

 4 or 5

    Caitlyn Ciokajlo, Geddart's Twistars, L10; early grad
    Bethany Larimer, Sky High, L10
    Caitlin Satakowiak, Buckeye L10

LSU;  release



    Kaleigh Dickson, LaFleur's Tampa, L10; per article
    Janelle Garcia, Orlando Metro, L10
    Shelby Prunty, IGI, L10

Maryland; release



    Kelsey Cofsky, New England Sports Academy
    Brooke Grohol, Will-Moore, L10
    Allison Krikorian, Wildfire, L10

    Briana Melander, LaFleur's Largo, L10

Michigan;  release



    Natalie Beilstein, Butler, L10
    Brittnee Martinez, Colorado Aerials, L10
    Katie Zurales, Phenom, L10; per club

Michigan State; release



    Taira Neal, Gymnastics Etc, L10; per article
    Shanthi Teiki, Wright's, L10; per article

Minnesota; release

 3 to 4/0 to 1


    Jasmine Brown, SCEGA, L10; per club
    Janell Campbell, LaFleur's, L10
    Shannon Golich, Phenom, L10
    Ashley Hammerschmidt, transfer from ASU
    Jenny Weber, TAGS Eden Prairie, L10

Missouri;  release



    Brittany Bendoff, Liberyville, L10
    Tori Howard, St. Louis, L10
    Lauren Swankoski, First State, L10

Nebraska; release


 1 to 2

    Janelle Giblin, Airborne, L10
    Brittany Skinner, Airborne, L10

New Hampshire;



    Jennifer Aucoin, Cherry Hill,10
    Courtney Connors, Stump's, L10; per newspaper
    Austyn Fobes, Galaxy, L10; per official website

    Dianna Kurowyckyj, Chelsea Piers, L10
    Rebecca Marrama, Brestyan's, L10; walkon per club

North Carolina; release



    Elizabeth Durkac, L10, World Class
    Michelle Ikoma, Arena, L10; per club

    Meredith Madjuka, Wright's, L10

North Carolina State;  release



    Rachel Fincham, Docksiders, L10
    Morgan Johnson, Kidsport, L10
    Kyra Platt, Coast Elite, L10/former jr. international

Northern Illinois



    Marisa Liptak, Arena, L10; per official website
    Natalie Sutter, Gym World OH, L10

Ohio State; release



    Colleen Dean, Sunrise, L10
    Sarah Gillespie, World Class, L10
    Lauren Ritter, CGA, L10

Oklahoma;  release


 4 to 5/1

    Brie Olson, TCT, L10; per club website
    Brittany Neubauer, Dynamo, L10
    Kayla Nowak, IGI, L10; per newspaper
    Nitya Ramaswami, Triad L10

Oregon State;  release; release 2


 2 to 3

    Leilani Alferos, Olympic Gymnastics, L10
    Kelsi Blalock, Gym East, L10; per club
    Melanie Jones, Australian National team
    Makayla Stambaugh, Byer's, L10




    Dana Bonincontri, Gym East, L10
    Dana Hollinger, Gold Cup, L10
    Kirsten Strausbaugh. Gymstrada, L10

Penn State; release



    Susan Martens, Arizona Sunrays, L10; walkon
    Madison Merriam, Hill's, L10

    Sharaya Musser, Colorado Aerials, L10

Pittsburgh;  release


 3 to 4/0 to1

    Alyssa Adrian, Superior, L10
    Meaghan Biros, IGI, L10
    Laura Rigney, Wright's, L10

Rutgers; release


 2 (may be split)

    Jayne Jeffreys, Rebound, L10
    Nicole Romano, Northstars, L10
    Emma-Rose Trentacosti, Gymnastika, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II);



    Amanda Khauv, Twin City Twisters, L10
    Stephanie Wagner, Sunburst, L10; per GNAC website

Southern Connecticut State (Div II)




Southern Utah; release; release 2



Michaela Chernoch, Gym World (FL), L10
Alyssa Click, MAC, L10

Caitlin Kennedy, Texas Tumblers, L10
Nichole Klein, GymCats, L10
Heidi Olnhausen, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta, L10

Southeast Missouri;  release; release 2



    Sarah Brillhart, Folger's, L10
    Emma Garrett, Starlight, L10; walkon per club
    Margaret O'Hara, Champion CO, L10
    Jordan Salsberg, Lanier's, L10
    Angela Serafini, Team Central, per club
    Taylor Westrick, Salto, L10

Stanford; release; release 2



    Nicole Dayton, Geddart's Twistars, L10; confirmed by newspaper
    Ashley Morgan, Bay Aerials, L10
    Ming Ya Zhou, Brestyan's, L10




    Jean Alban, Brestyan's, L10; per club
    Brittany Clark, Gymnastics Unlimited, L10
    Natalie Kahler, Universal, L10
    Margaret Walch, Surgent's Elite, L10; walkon

Texas Woman's (Div II);  release; release 2

 3 1/2; can be split

2; can be split

    Kristin Edwards, Midwest, L10
    Sara Grunert, IGI, L10
    Brittany Johnson, Champion, L10
    Krystyn Misheck, Balance Institute, L10
    Brittany Montalbano, Top Flight, L10
    Amy Winczura, Arctic, L10

Towson;  release



    Britney Russell, Berks East, L10

Utah;  release



    Katelyn Mohr, Byer's, sr. international elite; per web site
    Megan Whitney, Desert Devils, L10; per club

Utah State; release



    Diana Karavida, IGI, L10
    Amelia Montoya, South Coast, L10
    Amanda Watamaniuk, Gym-Nation, L10

Washington;  release; release 2

 3 or 4/0

2 - 3/0 to 1

    Paige Bixler, Metroplex, L10
    Kailey Hansen, GymJam, L10; per radio interview
    Lauren Rogers, Northeast, L10; per local TV station
    Kylie Sharp, Olympus, L10; per local newspaper
    Phoebe Tham, Surrey, National Open/former jr. high performance

Western Michigan; release



    Hannah Brooks, Champion MI, L10
    Caroline O'Brien, Queen City, L10; per club
    Brynn Wienckowski, Phenom, L10
    Lindsey Wienckowski, Phenom, L10
    Sarah Wright, Rising Star, L10, per club

West Virginia; release



    Hailey Fairchild, Central Ohio, L10
    Chelsea Goldschrafe, Northstars, L10
    Arlene Hathaway, Oakland, L10; per her channel
    Lauren Lissenden, Nittany, L10
    Alaska Richardson, GTC Ohio

William and Mary; release



Kristina "Teenie" Beck, transfer from PSU
Lindsey Nichol, World Class, L10
Morgan Stephens, Ocean Tumblers, L10
Molly Walsh, Raleigh, L10
Jennifer Ware, Ocean Tumblers, L10




    Lindsay Andsager, Aerial, L10
    Stephanie Goldstein, Kurt Thomas, L10
    Chelsea Savit, Exper-Tiess, L10

Submissions:  Site submissions of commits and news items can be made to or by using this form.  Official Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.    

About this List:   This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to Division I & II schools for the 2009-2010 season.  The 2010 Recruitables section contains a partial listing of athletes believed to be eligible for signing.  These athletes will sign in November 2008 or the Spring of 2009 for entry into college in the Fall of 2009.  As always, corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

Important Definitions:  Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the athlete.  However, the athlete is free to publicly state their intentions.  The college may only confirm the signing after the National Letter of Intent has been received.  Information on recruiting dates, calendars and rules are available in FAQ section of this site.

Scholarships and Estimates:   Those items in bold represent counts supplied by the school during our annual survey or subsequent update.  An estimate of the number of scholarships available for each school with no survey response or a revision are in in italics.   All estimates of remaining scholarships are unofficial estimates by

Other Policies:  

Please see the FAQ section of this site for a further explanation of the policies for this site.

Please note some colleges listed below do not offer non-need based aid or do so only on a limited basis.  Some colleges offer partials, and others have other non-athletic scholarships available.  Only Div I and II colleges are listed.

Walkons will not be listed until after May 1st of each recruiting year, unless a confirmation is received and only then the athlete's name will still remain italicized.  Please note that walkon status is not always known, even when rosters are published.  Also, some schools do not finalize rosters until after Fall training has begun.  Also, an intended walkon may change her plans.

COACHES:  You may submit a "total" scholarship count to or FAX a statement on official letterhead to (415) 873-1523.  The 2009 Survey will be sent out in July.







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