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Monday, 14 September 2009 15:06

Using the Site: CGF Community

The Community page is a feature-packed social networking site that is open to registered users.   If you are not registered, you are missing out on a whole wide range of new capabilities.  There is no cost to register, but you MUST click the confirmation email to activate the account.  Please, also review the privacy policy and terms of service.  We will not sell or distribute your email to any third third party.   

A complete description of the features of this section would be exhaustive.  To make things simple, here is a quick reference guide to some of the highlights.  Throughout the site, there are "tooltips" to provide helpful hints.  Simply position your cursor above a label, and a "tooltip" may appear with a few words of help.

Completing Your Profile

  • Required Fields:  There are only a few required fields in the profile.  However, you are encouraged to fill out the gymnastics-specific fields!  Some location information is recorded but kept private.  This contact information will only be used if there is an issue with the site.
  • Privacy Settings:  You can adjust your profile settings to make the profile available to different audiences.  However, this is not as robust as Facebook, so profile security is not as flexible.
  • Profile Picture:  You can use any picture, subject to the file size and the copyright restrictions.
  • Facebook Connect:  As an option, you can use Facebook Connect to pull your profile information and profile photo from Facebook.  Updates can be sent from Facebook, but updates on the community will not be shared back with Facebook.
Key Features
  • Chat Status:  Your friends will appear in the Chat Status window.  Click on the name to initiate a private 1:1 session.
  • Messages:  Private messages can be exchanged, without emails being shared.
  • Friends:  You can invite other users to be your Friend.  You can also Invite Friends via your profile, using their email address.
  • Karma:  Karma points are earned by becoming more active in the Community.  Posting pictures, videos, etc all earn you points.  Earn more points and earn a higher ranking among the Top Users.
  • Wall:  You can write messages on each other's walls.
  • Groups:  You can create groups and share a common wall.  The creation of Group creation is moderated, so it may take some time for us to validate your group.  If you are an official representative of a school or booster club, you can reserve special groups for your team.
  • Status:  You can broadcast your current state of mind on gym-related activities here.
  • Videos:  Videos from YouTube can be posted and shared.  You may comment on videos as well.  Video uploading is currently not supported.
  • Photos:  You can upload your own photos.  Photos are subject to copyright and size limitations.  Commenting is allowed on photos.  Currently, each user is limited to 50 photos.


Standard applications are provided under My Applications.  These are provided by default.  Additional applications can be loaded through the Browse menu choice in the Applications tab.  These currently include:

  • Twitter Updates:  Link your Twitter account to your profile and post updates
  • Where are my Friends Located?:  Display your friends on a Google Map
  • My RSS Feeds:  You can link any RSS feed to your account to get news updates delivered directly.
  • Latest Photo:  Show the latest photos added by users.
Stay tuned for other applications.

CollegeGymFans 1:1 Chat

A dynamic chat application allows you to chat with your friends 1:1 and continue to surf the site.

CollegeGymFans Chat Room

A chat room provides the ability for any registered user to chat with one another.  Regular chat events will be set up for the room.  Private chats within the group area is also supported.

Also, please read and accept the Terms of Service and usage rules for the site.

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