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2015-2016 Commits

2The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2015-2016 school year, consisting mainly of 2015 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD ORANGE are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2014.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Counts shown in BOLD ORANGE are from July 2014 survey responses while counts in BOLD BLUE are from the August 2013 survey.  Responses in italics are estimates made by or are from the prior year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

College or University

# Available for incoming '15-'16 (total/remaining)

Air Force
All appointments include

Riley Hill, Coach Patty's, L10
Mariana Murphy, Desert Lights, L10


Abby Ambrecht, Planet Gymnastics, L10
Jenna Bresette, GAGE, L10
Ariana Guerra, Texas Dreams, Elite
Amanda Huang, Northwinds, elite




Charle Dembo, WOGA, L10
Kaitlyn Menzione, Balance Institute, L10
Skylar Sheppart, WOGA, L10
Danielle Spencer-Bearham, Gold Medal, L10

Arizona State


Corrine Belkoff, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Katelyn Lentz, Head Over Heels, L10


2 to 3 / 0 to 1

Makenzie Anderson, Twin City Twisters, L10
Sydney McGlone, Universal, L10


4 to 5 / 0 to 1

Samantha Cerio, KPAC, L10
Emma Engler, Sonshine, L10
Taylor Krippner, Cypress, Elite
Emma Slappey, Starlight, L10

Ball State

Sydney Finke, Wrights, L10
Morgan Fridey, Prestige, L10
Madison Howell, CGA, L10
Skyler Lyons, Balance Institute, L10

Boise State

3 / 0

Abby Webb, Palouse Empire, L10
Sarah Means, Gymcats, L10
Rose Piorkowski, Gymnastics Plus (FL), L10
Shani Remme, Byers, L10

Bowling Green

3 / 0

Julia Beyer, Naperville, L10
Lauren DeMeno, Head Over Heels, L10
Chelsea Eley, High Point, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)





Marielle Mitchell, Georgia All-Stars, L10
Natasha Trejo, Arizona Dynamics, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal)

2 / 0

Emily Howe, WOGA, L10
Sofie Seilnacht, California Gymnastics Academy, L10
Sylvie Seilnacht, California Gymnastics Academy, L10
Chelsea Shu, All Olympia, L10
Jessica Wang, Winner's, Elite

California, Davis (UC Davis)


Yasmine Yektaparast, Edge, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Madison Kocian, WOGA, elite
Sabrina Schwab, WOGA, elite
Macy Toronjo, Texas Dreams, elite

Central Michigan

3 / 0

Kasey Janowicz, Bay Valley, L10
Skyler Memmel, M&M, L10
Kailey Miller, Premier Athletics, L10
Abbie Zoeller, Gymnastix Training Center, L10




Claire Kern, Southeastern, L10
Kaitlyn Schou, Brandy Johnson's, L10

Eastern Michigan

5 / 5




Alicia Boren, Northstars, L10
Meagan Chant, sr high performance, Canada
Lacy Dagen, San Mateo, jr. international elite
Ashley Hiller, Stars, L10

George Washington




2 to 3 / 0 to 1

Gracie Cherrey, Twin City Twisters, L10
Jordyn Pedersen, Futures, Sr. High Performance Canada; will defer to 2016
Sydney Snead, Sonshine, L10


2 / 0

Rebecca Cuppy, Triad, L10
Haylee Roe, Metroplex, L10
Alysa Sgro, Oasis, L10



 Mikailla "Miki" Northern, All American (MO), L10

Illinois State

1 / 0

 Meredith LaRoche, Brandy Johnson's, L10



Nicole Chow, TAG Sport Center, Sr. High Performance
Maria Ortiz, Coast Elite, L10

Iowa State

1 / 0

Sydney Converse, Georgia Gymnastics, L10; per personal website
Maddie Johnson, Flips MN, L10

Kent State


Carmen Jolliff, Gym X-Treme, L10
Sarrah Lipoowitsch, Queen City, L10
Kennedy Plude, Xtreme, L10


4 / 0

Sidney Dukes, Texas East, L10
Alexandra Hyland, Arnold's, L10
Aubrey Rosa, Charter Oak, L10
Katie Stuart, Gymnastix Training Center, L10
Christina Yacalis, Southern Tier, L10

Lindenwood (Div II)



Julianna Cannamela, Southeastern, L10
McKenna Kelley, Stars, L10
Lizzy Leduc, Metroplex, L10, former elite
Lexie Priessman, CGA, sr. international elite
Kami Shows, SCEGA, L10; per club
Emily Stone, Texas Dreams, L10
Kaitlyn Szafranski, Parkettes, L10



Shynelle Agaran, Boca Twisters, L10
Megan McClelland, Southeastern, L10
Macey Roberts, Gym Center of Chattanooga, L10


2 / 0

Olivia Karas, IK Gymnastics, L10
Emma McLean, Stars & Stripes, L10
Kristen Nogaki, Wildfire, L10

Michigan State;

4 / 1

Brittani Chappell, AGA, L10
Jessica Ling, Oakland, L10
Roya Shirley, Ocean Tumblers, L10


3 / 1

Rachel Cutler, Geddert's, L10
Selena Ung, Flips, L10



Allison Bower, Desert Devils, L10
Madeleine Huber, Team Central, L10
Brooke Kelley, Mountain Brook, L10
Morgan Porter, Team Central, L10


2 / 0

Catelyn Orel, GAGE, L10
Megan Schweihofer, Hunt's, L10
Sienna Crouse, American Gold, L10

New Hampshire;

3 / 0

Juliana Belar, North Stars, L10
Danielle Mulligan, New Image, L10

North Carolina;

TBD / 1

Mackenzie Austin, High Point, L10
Kelsey Chan, Waller's, L10
Madison Hargrave, Sharp's, L10

North Carolina State;

3  / 1

Caitlyn Fillard, New Image, L10
Nicole Wild, Southeastern, L10

Northern Illinois

Emily Basara, Ultimate, L10
Ally Ferber, GMGC, L10

Ohio State;

2 / 0

Casey Carvalho, Futures, Canadian National Team
Jamie Stone, World Class, L10



Mason Hosek, Champions, L10
Nicole Lehrmann, Capital, Elite

Oregon State;

2 / 0

Mariana Colussi-Pelaez, Oakville, L10
Mary Jacobsen, Emerald City, L10
McKenna Singley, Olympus, L10; per club web site



Alberta Massey, North Stars, L10
Anne Marie Neggia, North Stars, L10
Nicole Swirbalus, Brestyan's, L10

Penn State;

2 / 1

Sabrina Garcia, Prestige, L10


3 / 0

Lucy Brett, United Kingdom, elite
Krista Collins, Southeastern, L10
Kensleigh Owens, Southeastern, L10
Brittany West, Brandy Johnson's, L10



Riahanah Ali, Oakland, L10
Michelle Amoresano, NorthStars, L10
Aya Mahgoub, Brestyan's, L10
Eriel Santagado, Orlando Metro, L10

San Jose State;

3 / 2

Ellie Pascoe-Long, NAAG, L10
Josalyn Ray, M&M, L10

Sacramento State;

3 / 1

 Lauren Schmeiss, Cascade Elite, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II);

3 to 4 Partial


Southern Connecticut State (Div II)



Southern Utah;

4 / 2

Kamrym Bayer, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Natalie Hoffmann, Brandy Johnson's, L10

Southeast Missouri;

2 / 1

 Allison Bell, Gymnastix Training Center, L10



 Taryn Fitzgerald, Stars, L10



Texas Woman's (Div II)

1 to 2 partials / 0-1

 Anna Gortner, CGA, L10


3 / 0

Mary Elle Arduino, World Class, L10
Cortni Baker, Brestyan's, L10
Erin Tucker, Head Over Heels L10


Shannon McNatt, Stars, L10/former elite; per personal website
MaKenna Merrell, All American, L10
Erika Muhaw, NorthStars, L10
McKayla Skinner, Desert Lights, Sr. International Elite

Utah State;

Emily Briones, Aerial Athletics, L10
Natalie Rainbolt, KGDC, L10
Madison Ward, Idaho Elite, L10


2-3 / 0-1

Kristyn Hoffa, SCEGA, L10
Monica Riley, Top Flight, L10

Western Michigan;


Rachel Binkley, Gold Medal, L10
Amanda Ruble, Oakland, L10
Rachael Underwood, Crystal Lake, L10
Jackie Yates, Stars and Stripes, L10

West Virginia

4 / 0

Carley Galpin, Frederick, L10
Kirah Koshinski, Northeast, L10
Sarah Moore, Metroplex, L10
Jaquie Tun, Gymnastics Center of Chattanoga, L10
Tiara Wright, Parkettes, L10

William and Mary


 Katie Webber, Harpeth, L10




Submissions: Site submissions of commits and news items can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by using this form.  Official Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

About this List: This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to Division I & II schools for the 2015-2016 season.  The Recruitables section contains a partial listing of athletes believed to be eligible for signing.  These athletes will sign in November 2014 or the Spring of 2015 for entry into college in the Fall of 2015.  Nearly all will graduate high school in the Spring of 2015.  As always, corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

Important Definitions: Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the athlete.  However, the athlete is free to publicly state their intentions.  The college may only confirm the signing after the National Letter of Intent has been received.  Information on recruiting dates, calendars and rules are available in FAQ section of this site.

Scholarships and Estimates: Those items in GREEN BOLD represent counts supplied by the school during our annual survey or subsequent update.  An estimate of the number of scholarships available for each school with no survey response or a revision are in in italics.   All estimates of remaining scholarships are unofficial estimates by

Other Policies:

Please see the FAQ section of this site for a further explanation of the policies for this site.

Please note some colleges listed below do not offer non-need based aid or do so only on a limited basis.  Some colleges offer partials, and others have other non-athletic scholarships available.  Only Div I and II colleges are listed.  Please see the Recruitables section after May 1st, 2015, for information on Div III commits.

Walkons will only be listed until after May 1st of each recruiting year, unless a confirmation is received and only then the athlete's name will still remain italicized.  Please note that walkon status is not always known, even when rosters are published.  Also, some schools do not finalize rosters until after Fall training has begun.  Also, an intended walkon may change her plans.

COACHES: You may submit a "total" scholarship count to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or FAX a statement on official letterhead to (415) 873-1523.

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