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By placing 11th AA at the European Championships, PSU's Felix Aronovich has surpassed the criteria set by his country's (Israel) Olympic Committee.  He now qualifies to the 2012 Olympics, after having earned a spot at the Olympics at the Test Event in January.

Link:  PSU Release

The Men's Junior Olympic Nationals are being held this week and weekend in Ohio. The athletes competed Thursday for a shot at competing in the event finals and AA final (Top 36).

Here are the top 10 AA qualifiers in the Men's 16-18 Division (future school noted in parenthesis):

1.  Trevor Howard, Hocking Valley 88.9 (PSU)
2.  Don Whittenburg, Ultimate, 88.8
3.  Timothy Wang, South Coast 88.55
4.  Dmitri Belanovski, Swiss Turners, 88.35
5.  Akash Modi, Monmouth, 87.85
6.  Joey Peters, Parkettes, 87.75 (Illinois)
7.  Max Mayr, Universal, 87.35 (Illinois)
8.  Konner Ackerman, Metropolitan, 87
9.  Jack Boyle, Premier West, 86.45
10.  Allan Bower, Xtreme, 86.3

Full Results:  16 to 18
Full Results:  14 to 15

Link:  Full Results

Illinois edged Oklahoma for the top spot in the evening session at the Men's NCAA Championships.  Cal claimed the third spot.  They will be joined by Michigan, PSU and Stanford in the finals. 

  FX PH SR V PB HB Total
 Illinois 59.50 58.80 58.15 59.55 60.15 60.10 356.25
 Oklahoma 60.15 59.10 59.25 59.50 60.05 57.55 356.20
 California 59.15 56.50 56.50 59.70 59.45 59.85 351.15
 Minnesota 57.20 55.05 56.75 59.75 58.45 56.15 343.35
 Temple 57.30 56.20 55.85 58.15 56.30 55.55 339.45
 Air Force 56.35 56.10 53.15 57.35 56.40 54.40 333.75

Cal's Dennis Mannhart posted the top AA score for the round with an 85.55.

Link:  OU Release

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 16:53

2014-2015 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2014-2015 school year, consisting mainly of 2014 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in GREEN BOLD are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2012.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Counts shown in green BOLD are from July 2012 survey responses and those in blue BOLD are from the August 2013 survey.  Responses in italics are estimates made by or are from the prior year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

College or University

# Available for incoming '14-'15 (total/remaining)

Air Force
All appointments include
Alabama; release

MacKenzie Brannan, Capital, sr. international elite
Nichole Guerrero, Zenith, L10; per club
Keely McNeer, Courthouse, former elite; enters in January 2010
Aja-Monet Sims, L10/former sr. international elite; enters in January 2014
Kiana Winston, Texas Dreams, jr. interational elite/L10


2 to 4

 Emily Ramberg, Flyaways Gold, L10

Arizona; release


Madison Cindric, Texas Dreams, L10

Arizona State


Kaitlin Won, Arizona Dynamics, L10

Arkansas; release

4 / 1

Mia Bargiacchi, Memphis Point, L10
Leah MacMoyle, North Stars, L10
Braie Speed, Aerial Athletics, elite
Kathleen York, Kurt Thomas, L10
Paige Zaziski, Hunt's, L10

Auburn; release

2 to 3 / 0

Brooke Bray, American Twisters, L10
Sarah Garcia, SCEGA, L10
Abby Milliet, Denton, sr. international elite

Ball State

Baylee Bell, DeVeau's, L10
Jordyn Penny, Phenom, L10
Kellie Tereshko, Madison, L10

Boise State

3 / 0

Sandra Collantes, Excalibur, L10
Lianne Josbacher, Gymnastics Learning Center, L10
Ann Stockwell, Miyagi, L10

Bowling Green; release

Kylie Bosco, IGI, L10; walkon
Morgan Denlinger, Prestige, L10
Shannon Goniwiech, Oakland, L10
Taylor Livingston, Geddert's, L10
McKenna Schoenberger, Maple City, L10; walkon
Krista Walberer, Champion, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)


Anya Barca-Hall, Pacific West, L10
Anya Olson, Oakland, L10

Margaret McAvoy, Southeastern, L10


 Jill Van Mierlo, Wildfire, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal); release


Alicia Gallarzo, Waller's GymJam, L10
Toni Ann Williams, United Gymnastix, L10

California, Davis (UC Davis); release


Alexis Brown, Team OC, L10; per her recruiting service
Miranda Holder, San Mateo, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA); release

Rechelle Dennis, Gold Medal, L10; not in release
Pua Hall, KGDC, L10/former jr. international elite
JaNay Honest, CCGI, L10; not in release
LaNiesha-Jopre Irvin, Winners, L10; not in release
Sonya Meraz, All Olympia, L10; not in release
Melissa Metcalf, Desert Devils, former jr. international elite/L10

Central Michigan; release

Bryttany Kaplan, Adrenaline, L10
Jody Plescow, Hunt's, L10
Miranda Wieczorek, Gym-Kinetics, L10



Joy Gage, Team Central, L10
Julianna Meely, Desert Lights, L10

Denver; release

Nikole Addison, Coast Elite, L10
Brittany Franklin, Metroplex, L10
Claire Hammen, GK, L10; per newspaper

Eastern Michigan; release

2 / 0

Catie Conrad, Conrad's, L10
Kirsten Gendron, Mid Michigan, L10
Megan Marino, Olympic Dreams, L10; not in release
Rachel Slocum, Sonshine, L10
Kendall Valentin, Head Over Heels, L10

Florida; release


Kennedy Baker, Texas Dreams, sr. international elite
Ericha Fassbender, Stars, elite
Grace McLaughlin, WOGA, sr. international elite

George Washington; release

4 / 0

Camille Drouin-Allaire, Gold Medal, L10
Sara Mermelstein, Gold Medal, L10
Jillian Winstanley, Gymnastics and More, L10
Alex Zois, Docksiders, L10

Georgia; release

3 / 1

Gigi Marino, Desert Devils, L10; per personal website
Hayley Sanders, WOGA, L10

Illinois; release

3 / 1

Ryan Connors, IGI, L10; not in release
Nicole Gendusa, IGI, L10; not in release
Jordyn Givens, Top Flight, L10
Bridget Hodan, Salto, L10



Illinois State; release

4 / 0

Laura Jonas, Silvia's, L10
Megan Knoernschild, St. Louis Gym Centre, L10; walkon
Katherine Locher, World Class, L10
Kylie Meyer, Team Central, L10
Marie Priest, Georgia Gymnastics Academy, L10


Ashely Fischer, Team Central, L10
Kadi Knuth, Team Central, L10
Lanie Snyder, Nebraska Gold, L10
Nikki Youd, Gymnastics Plus, L10
Melissa Zurawski, Balance Institute, L10

Iowa State; release

2 to 4 / 0

Hilary Green, Calvin Twisters, L10
Courtney Horstman, Monmouth Gymnastics Academy, L10
Briana Ledesma, Aerial Athletics, L10, not in release
Kelsey Paz, Siouxland, L10
Haylee Young, Chow's, L10

Kent State; release; release 2


Monica Batton, Gymnastics World (OH), L10
Alexandra "Ali" Marrero, Gold Medal, L10
Michaela Romito, Kent State, L10
Rachel Stypinski, Sylvia's, L10
Brooke Timko, Olympic Dreams, L10

Kentucky; release

4 / 0

Katie Carlisle, Buckeye, L10
Brittany Furuyama, Stars, L10
Corinne Rechenmacher, Legacy Elite, L10
Sydney Waltz, Gold Medal, L10

Lindenwood (Div II)

2 partial / 1 partial

Kayla McMullan, Carter's, L10

LSU; release

Myia Hambrick, West Georgia, L10
Ruby Harrold, Great Britain National Team, year of entry unknown, not in release
Erin Macadaeg, San Mateo, L10
Kylie Moran, Tampa Bay Turners, L10; walkon

Maryland; release

Abbie Epperson, Metroplex, L10
Rachel Gurnett, Rochester, L10; not in release
Evelyn Nee, Apollo, L10
Dominiquea Trotter, Monmouth, L10

Michigan; release

4 to 5 / 0

Tia Allbritten, Zenith, L10; not in release
Nicole Artz, USA Champion, L10; starting early in 2013-2014
Blakely Beard, Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, L10; not in release
Brianna Brown, CGA, former elite
Ilana Gordon, Airborne, L10
Cailee Hills, Southeastern, L10
Mandy Klun, IGI, L10
Lauren Marinez, Orlando Metro, L10

Michigan State;  release

2 / 0

Ella Douglas, Futures, Sr. High Performance, Canada
Victoria Huehn, Oakland, L10; walkon
Hailee Westney, Futures, Sr. High Performance

Minnesota; release; release 2

3 / 0

Abby DeMuse, Classic, L10; walkon
Bailey Gardner, AGA, L10
Ciara Gardner, WOGA, L10
Hannah Hitchcock, Edge, L10
Rachel Rowland, Colorado Gymnastics Institute, L10; walkon

Missouri; release

4 /0

Jamie Gerow, Champions, L10; not in release
Kennedi Harris, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta, L10
Kelli Martin, Team Central, L10
Shauna Miller, Tataru's, L10
Becca Schugel, Classic, L10

Nebraska;  release

3 / 0

Danielle Breen, Triad, L10; per club
Kamerin Moore, Geddart's, former jr. international/L10
Sean Tafuri, All Olympia, L10
Grace Williams, Geddart's, former jr. international/L10

New Hampshire;

3 /0

Casey Lauter, Gold Medal, L10
Elizabeth Mahoney,
South Shore, L9
Marissa Toci, Will Moor, L10

North Carolina;  release

3 out of state / 0

Kaitlynn Hedelund, Excalibur, L10
Jordan Lane, Jody's, L10
Lindsey Lemke, Geddart's, L10
Emily Schien, WOGA, L10

North Carolina State;  release

3 / 0

Beth Gangale, Brown's, L10
Chelsea Knight-Taliaferro, L10
Allie Wismer, Pinnacle, L10

Northern Illinois

Alshey Potts, HUGS, L10
Katherine Prentice, Wright's, L10
Andie Van Vorhis, Universal, L10

Ohio State;  release

4 / 0

Megan Feltham, Parkettes, L10
Heather Hannon, Jpac, L10
Taylor Harrison, World Class, L10
Alexis Mattern, ASAP, L10
Stefanie Merkle, Revolutation, sr. high performance

Oklahoma;  release

3 / 0

Stefani Catour, Desert Lights, former jr. international
Samantha Craus, US Gymnastics and Cheer, L10; walkon
Brenna Dowell, GAGE, sr. international elite
Ali Jackson, Eagles, L10
McKenzie Wofford, Zenith, sr. international elite; graduating early and enters in 2013-2014

Oregon State;  release


Danielle Dessaints, Gymcats, L10
Shireen Khamedoost, Olympus, L10


Megan Finck, Farmingdale, L10
Emily Shugan, Indigo, L10

Penn State; release

4 / 0

Lauren Li, WOGA, L10
Chanen Raygoza, Wildfire, L10; per personal webpage
Oni Timothy, Rochester, L10
Briannah Tsang, Flicka, Sr. High Performance, Canada

Pittsburgh; release

3 / 0

Dani Hall, Hill's, L10
Maegan Higdon, Stars, L10
Taylor Laymon, High Point, L10
Lizzy Nand, Parkettes, L10; not in release

Rutgers;  release

Sahara Gipson, US Gymnastics Development Center, L10
Libby Groden, Hanover, L10
Makenzey Shank, Desert Devils, L10

San Jose State; release

2 / 0

Alisa Bogdan, Gymcats, L10
Mackenzie Douglas, Team Dynamics, L10

Sacramento State; release

4 / 0

Jennifer Brenner, Ace Gymnastics, L10
Annie Juarez, Deveau's, L10
Courteney Ng, Byers, L10
Lauren Rice, Gymcats, L10
Caitlin Soliwoda, Gymcats, L10
Courtney Soliwoda, Gymcats, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II);

3 to 4 partial / 2 to 3

Fatima Hylton, Desert Lights, L10; per personal website

Southern Connecticut State (Div II)

Southern Utah; release


Amber Heltemes, Twin City, L10

Southeast Missouri; release

4 / 1

Alexis Brawner, Hunt's, L10
Jaden Miller, Universal, L10; not in release
Brittany Hadj Romdhane, Rising Star, L10
McKenna Stanley, Aerials

Stanford; release

2 / 1

 Elizabeth Price, Parkettes, sr. international elite


Kerry Arone, Arena, L10
Kayla Kennedy, Prestige, L10
Gina Tucker, Richmond, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II); release

Schyler Jones, Achiever's, L10
Mallory Moredock, Georgia Gym Academy, L10; per personal website
Maddie Nettles, Gymnastics Academy of South Carolina, L10
Abbie Versemann, GymQuarter's, L10


partial / 0

Lauren Cahalan, Rebounder's, L10
Noelle Harada, Libertyville, L10
Katie McGrady, Meadowlands, L10
Tyra McKellar, Frederick, L10
Gabriella Yarussi, Southeastern, L10

Utah; release

Kaitlyn Hofland, Futures, Canada sr. high performance; not in release
Kari Lee, Flames, L10
Tiffani Lewis, Brown's LV, L10
Samantha Partyka, Champions, former jr. international
Maddy Stover, Wildfire, L10

Utah State

Briel Muhlestein, Gym World Utah, L10
Melanie Oster, M&M, L10

Washington; release

4 / 0

Joslyn Goings, Desert Lights, L10
Emily Liddle, Airborne, L10
Dori Overhus, Cascade Elite, L10; per WA USAG site
Zoey Schaefer, Twin City Twisters, L10
Alyssa Shermetaro, Olympica, former jr. international/L10

Western Michigan;


Kelsey Hood, Olympia, L10
Jessica Juncaj, Olympia, L10

West Virginia; release

3 / 0

Robyn Bernard, Hill's, L10
Amanda Bowman, Revolution, L10; walkon
Jordan Gillette, X-Cel, L10
Zaakira Muhammad, TNT Elite, L10
Alexa Phillip, Galaxy, L10

William and Mary


Gaby Johanek, World Class, L9



Allison Bushman, IGI, L10
Anna Merkuryev, Brestyan's, L10

Megan Ryan, Colorado Aerials, L10
Sloane Smith, Girls Co-Op, L10

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and news items can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by using this form.  Official Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

About this List: This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to Division I & II schools for the 2014-2015 season.  The Recruitables section contains a partial listing of athletes believed to be eligible for signing.  These athletes will sign in November 2013 or the Spring of 2014 for entry into college in the Fall of 2014.  Nearly all will graduate high school in the Spring of 2014.  As always, corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

Important Definitions: Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the athlete.  However, the athlete is free to publicly state their intentions.  The college may only confirm the signing after the National Letter of Intent has been received.  Information on recruiting dates, calendars and rules are available in FAQ section of this site.

Scholarships and Estimates: Those items in bold represent counts supplied by the school during our annual survey or subsequent update.  An estimate of the number of scholarships available for each school with no survey response or a revision are in in italics.   All estimates of remaining scholarships are unofficial estimates by

Other Policies:

Please see the FAQ section of this site for a further explanation of the policies for this site.

Please note some colleges listed below do not offer non-need based aid or do so only on a limited basis.  Some colleges offer partials, and others have other non-athletic scholarships available.  Only Div I and II colleges are listed.  Please see the Recruitables section after May 1st, 2014, for information on Div III commits.

Walkons will only be listed until after May 1st of each recruiting year, unless a confirmation is received and only then the athlete's name will still remain italicized.  Please note that walkon status is not always known, even when rosters are published.  Also, some schools do not finalize rosters until after Fall training has begun.  Also, an intended walkon may change her plans.

COACHES: You may submit a "total" scholarship count to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or FAX a statement on official letterhead to (415) 873-1523.

Monday, 09 April 2012 07:15

Women's NQS Rankings

The final rankings using the National Qualifying Scores (NQS) have been published by GymInfo.  These will be the final National finish for teams ranked 13 and lower.  The final top spots will of course be determined at Nationals. 

Florida takes the top spot heading into Nationals, with UCLA 2nd.  OU is third.

Saturday, 07 April 2012 20:53

Men's: OU Wins MPSF Championships

MPSF Gymnast of the Year Jake Dalton of OU was the star of the Championships, leading his squad to a win over Stanford, 355.6 to 352.1.  Cal was third at 345.95 while Air Force posted a 335.95.

Dalton won the AA with a 89.25, winning at least a share of title on Rings, PB, and HB in the process.  Stanford's Eddie Penev triumped on floor and vault, while teammate James Fosco earned a share of the Rings title.  Cal's Donovan Bailey won the PH.

Link:  OU Release and Results

Friday, 23 March 2012 20:37

BYU 194.3 at Boise State 196.2

Boise State celebrated Senior Night with a 196.2, which was good enough to raise their RQS to a 196.055.  BYU, however, failed to raise their RQS.  Thus, as they stand in 34th place currently, they will anxiously await to see if three teams can pass them on Saturday.

The Broncos were led by Brittany Potvin-Green, who won the vault, floor and AA.  She tallied a 39.6 AA.  Redshirt senior teammate Amy Glass won the bars.  BYU's Krysten Koval won the beam with a 9.9. 

Link:  Boise State Release

Bridgeport broke through 196 to overcome host UNH's season high 195.8.  Monica Mesalles led the way, winning the AA (39.45), vault and tying for the floor title with teammate Emily Repko and Maryland's Katy Dodds.  Repko tied for the beam title with teammate Sasha Tsikhanovich and UNH's Kayla Gray.  UNH's Austyn Fobes won bars.

Link:  UNH Release

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 21:24

2012 Superlatives

Skills of Note in the 2012 Season (W)

The following is a listing of high level skills performed by Women in the 2012 Season.  To make this list, the skill had to be successfully competed in a meet sometime during the season.  The skill competed must have an FIG rating of "E" or "F" or "G", or an FIG Vault Difficult Value of 5.3 or higher.

The issue of escalating difficult leading to higher injury rates and more wear and tear on the athlete is important.  The purpose of this list is not to encourage or foster unreasonable risk or other threats to the safety of the athletes.  In fact, many of the skills on this list were only competed in special circumstances.  This list simply serves as an archive and collection of skills actually performed by the athletes.

This list is incomplete and will be updated as information becomes available.  Please submit your additions and corrections to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .












Handspring, Front Tuck 1/1 Twist

Deanna Graham, Arizona

Amber See, Illinois

RO 1/2 on, Front Layout 1/2 Off

Tsukahara Layout 3/2

Marissa King, UF

Yurchenko Layout 2/1

Yurchenko Layout 3/2

Natalie Beilstein, Michigan

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Jessie DeZiel, NU

Amy Glass, Boise State

Kytra Hunter, Florida

Diandra Milliner, Bama

Sachi Sugiyama, Michigan


Georgia Dabritz, Utah


Emily Warfield, DU

Full Twisting Double Layout Flyaway

Victoria Aepli, Ohio State

Dana Bonincontri, Penn

Kaitlin Clark, Bama

Ruby Engreitz, Washington

Allison Flores, Arizona

Jessa Hansen, Iowa

Kaylyn Millick, WVU

Stine Olivere, Cal

Brie Olson, OU

Emma Stevenson, Iowa

Hindorff (clear-hip reverse hecht/Tkachev)

Meaghan Biros, Pitt

Ashanee Dickerson, UF

Jaleesa Wilson, DU

Ricna (Stalder reverse hecht/Tkachev)

Ray (toe-on Tkachev)

Stephani Canizaro, Arkansas

Alaina Johnson, UF

Zoya Johnson, UNC

Britnie Jones, Arizona

Natasha Kelley, OU

Geralan Stack-Eaton, Bama

Shayla Worley, UGA

Triple Twisting Flyaway

Nicole Meiller, Sac State

Bharwaj (full twisting Pak)

Alicia Asturias, Cal

Leslie Mak, Oregon State












Round-Off, Layout to Two Feet Mount

Switch Ring Leap

Morgan Evans, UNC

Molly Quirk, Arizona

Randy Stageberg, UF

Back tuck 1/1 twist

Samantha Peszek, UCLA

Arabian Front Tuck  

Rheagan Courville, LSU

Back Layout Two Foot*

Marissa King, UF

5/2 Turn in Wolf (Humphrey)

Double Front Tuck

Back Double Pike

Katherine Grable, Arkansas

* Athlete must hold layout position througout the salto for E credit.  A layout with a pike down is credited as a D.



Full Twisting Double Layout

Double Layout

Stephanie Colbert, Michigan

Melissa Doucette, Alaska-Anchorage

Lora Leigh Frost, Bama

Marissa Gutierrez, Bama

Brianna Guy, AU

Lloimincia Hall, LSU

Kytra Hunter, UF

Marissa King, Florida

Maliah Mathis, LSU

Ciera Perkins, Boise State

Samantha Peszek, UCLA

Tory Wilson, Utah

Double Front

Alex Deluca, Ohio State

Jessa Hansen, Iowa

Natalie Sutter, NIU

Reema Zakharia, Michigan

Arabian Double Front

Nicole Allen, Ball State

Natalie Beilstein, Michigan

Amy Borsellino, Arkansas

Olivia Courtney, UCLA

Rheagan Courville, LSU

Aubree Cristello, Arizona

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Ashanee Dickerson, UF

Katherine Grable, Arkansas

Deanna Graham, Arizona

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, UCLA

Alaina Johnson, Florida

Danae Johnson, Rutgers

Marissa King, Florida

Danielle Levy, MSU

Kelci Lewis, Arkansas

Tina Maloney, WVU

Sarah Miller, Ohio State

Diandra Milliner, Bama

Ashley Morgan, Stanford

Gina Nuccio, UGA

Brooke Parker, Bama

Kyndal Robarts, Utah

Geralen Stack-Eaton, Bama

Thomasina Wallace, SJSU

Emma Willis, Iowa

Triple Full

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Megan Ferguson, OU

Tuck Full In or Half In/Half Out

Kelsey Black, Boise State

Kailah Delaney, Utah

Lia Del Priore, Utah

Lora Evenstad, NU

Amy Glass, Boise State

Dayah Haley, WVU

Luisa Leal-Restrepo, Rutgers

Corrie Lothrop, Utah

Stephanie McCallister, Utah

Kristin Milardo, W&M

Jaime Pisani, Arkansas

Brittany Potvin-Green, Boise State

Alyssa Pritchett, UCLA

Joanna Sampson, Michigan

Melanie Shaffer, Ohio State

Becky Tutka, Utah

Alina Weinstein, Illinois

Cerise Witherby, Oregon State

Tuck Full Out

Pike Full In

Noel Couch, UGA

Georgia Dabritz, Utah

Lexus Demurs, AU

Jessie DeZiel, NU

Rachel Goldenberg, Kent State

Kim Jacob, Alabama

Jordan Salsberg, Arkansas

Rachel Spicer, UF

Randy Stageberg, UF

Brittany Webster, AU

Frosh Jessie DeZiel won the AA and tied for the vault title to lead NU to the Master's Classic win.  She tied on vault with teammate Janelle Giblin, who in turn tied for the bars title with teammate Lora Evenstad.  NU's Emily Wong won the floor.  For Michigan, Katie Zurales took the beam. 

Link:  Michigan Release

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