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In a partial victory for boosters, Cal's women's gymnastics program has been restored.  As previously announced, the Cal's women's team was slated to be cut at the end of this season.  The victory, however, is unfortunately only partial.  Cal's men's program is still set to be cut.  Cal is restoring women's gymnastics, women's lacrosse and men's rugby.  Men's gymnastics and baseball are set to be cut at the end of this season. 

Cal stated that philantropic commitments would be used to fund the programs on an interim basis.  In the days leading up to the decision, many vocal boosters noted that a good portion of the $12M already pledged was tied to Cal restoring all of the programs.  The baseball boosters were particularly vocal. 

Cal stated that it is counting on $7 to $8 Million of the original $12M pledged by boosters.  It says the amount raised by the baseball and men's gymnastics programs was insufficient to support the programs for the seven to 10 years required by the administration.  It also noted that the rugby boosters had pledged support for the two women's programs as well.

In recent days leading up to the decision, the mainstream media has demonstrated how the previously announced decision was likely to throw the Cal program into violation of Title IX.  Legal action was clearly on the horizon.  To mitigate this situation, Cal reportedly was also acting to cut down the roster sizes of the remaining Cal men's programs while encouraging the existing women's programs to expand their rosters.  By the supporting the two women's program, the rugby program, with its 60 man roster, hopes to mitigate the impact of its large roster on Cal's Title IX compliance.

Supporters of Cal's baseball program are reacting harshly to the disappointing news. 

Link:  Cal Release and Chancellor's Statement

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