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Air Force is hosting the Men's USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships this Friday and Saturday.  Saturday's session features the Event Finals.

Competition begins at 5 pm Mountain Time.

Link:  Live Video

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Air Force defended its Men's USAG Collegiate National Championship title on Friday, posting a season-high 341.05 for the home win.  William and Mary was 2nd at 331.85, Navy 3rd at 326.9 and Springfield 4th at 324.35.  ASU won the Men's club title with the 3rd highest team total on the night.

In the AA race, Navy's Andrew Faulk won the title with an 84.3.  Event finals are Saturday night. 

Link:  Air Force Release

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Most L10 state meets are being held this weekend and next weekend.  As scores become available, they will  be posted under the Results tab at the top of the front page. If you know of a results link that hasn't yet been posted, please email me and I will continue to update this post.

Here's a look at the signed/committed recruits who have won titles at their state meets:

AA - Carley Sims - Bama
V, UB, FX - Carley Sims - Bama
Sr C
AA- Sheridan Metcalf - Washington
V, UB, FX - Sheridan Metcalf - Washington
BB - Shannen Kelly - USAF
Sr B
AA - Shelby Edwards - Arizona
V, UB, BB - Shelby Edwards - Arizona
FX - Margaret Laughlin - Denver
Sr. B
AA - Lindsey Mable - Minnesota
V, FX - Lindsey Mable - Minnesota
UB - Courtney Heise - Lindenwood
BB - Maggie Teets - Stanford
Grp. 4:
AA - Morgan Smith - Michigan
V, UB - Morgan Smith - Michigan
BB - Lisa Burt - Michigan State
FX - Charley Santagado - UNC
Grp 3:
AA - Ashleigh Gnat - LSU
V, BB, FX - Ashleight Gnat - LSU
UB - Andrea Vasquez - Ohio State
Grp 2:
AA - Morgan Frazier - UF
V - Morgan Frazier - UF
BB - Morgan Frazier, UF, and Erika Reichert, William and Mary
FX - Erika Reichert - William and Mary
Grp 1:
V, UB - Aja Sims - Bama
Sr A:
AA - Morgan Reynolds - UGA
V/UB - Morgan Reynolds - UGA
Hawaii (full results pending)
AA - Jenna Frowein - Stanford
UB, FX - Jenna Frowein - Stanford
AA - McKenzey Martinez - Utah State
V, UB, FX - McKenzey Martinez - Utah State
Sr B
AA - Keeley Kmieciak - Oklahoma
V - Haley Scamen - Oklahoma
UB - Amanda Wellick - Arkansas
BB - Keeley Kmieciak - Oklahoma
FX - Amanda Wellick - Arkansas
Sr. A
AA - Anna Corbett - Western Michigan
V - Lauren Feely - Bowling Green
UB - Anna Corbett - Western Michigan
BB - Allie Hansen - Iowa State
AA - Miranda Keuhl - Ball State
BB - Miranda Keuhl - Ball State
AA - Lydia Thompson - Towson
V, UB - Audrey Tolbert - Ohio State
BB - Samantha Ward - Towson
FX - Lydia Thompson - Towson
Jr B
UB - Miranda Telmanik - Auburn
AA - Kathy Tang - Maryland
V, UB, BB, FX - Kathy Tang - Maryland
V - April Baker - Rutgers
BB - Samantha Nelson - Arkansas
AA - Taylor Penzein - SEMO
V - Kait Kluz - Auburn
UB, FX - Arlyn Amor - Southern Utah
BB - Lindsay Offutt - Pitt
Jr B
AA - Kamerin Moore - Nebraska
V - Erin Freier - Arkansas
UB, BB - Grace Williams - Nebraska
Jr A
AA - Paige Zaziski - Arkansas
Sr 17+
AA - Annie Glasenapp - Iowa State
V - Mary Jane Rott - Auburn
UB - Kiki Parteneau - Southern Utah
BB - Hannah Nordquist - Minnesota
FX - Mary Jane Rott, Auburn, and Kiki Parteneau, Southern Utah
FX - Taylor Allex - Utah
V, UB, FX - Chloe Nelson - Yale
Sr. D
AA - Josselyn Mackey - UNC
V, UB, BB, FX - Josselyn Mackey - UNC
V, BB - M'rcy Matsunami - Alaska
Session B:
AA - Randii Wyrick - LSU
V, UB, FX - Randii Wyrick - LSU
BB - Risa Perez - ASU
New Jersey
Sr B
AA - Kaitlin Menhinick – Denver
V - Jenna Williams - Rutgers
UB, FX –Kaitlin Menhinick – Denver
BB - Claudia Salinas - Rutgers
Sr. A
AA – Nicole Medvitz – Penn State
BB - Nicole Medvitz - Penn State
New York
AA - Lauren Beers - Alabama
FX - Lauren Beers, Alabama, and Taylor Redmond, GWU
Nor Cal
Sr B
AA - Jessie Sisler - Arizona
V  -  Melissa Chuang - Stanford
UB - Cassie Benning - Sacramento
BB - Serena Leong - Cal
FX - Jessie Sissler, Arizona, and Cassie Benning, Sac State
Sr A
UB -Danielle Judal - UC Davis
FX - Daniellle Judal - UC Davis
North Carolina
V, FX - Lisavette Soto - Pitt
UB - Jessica Garcia - New Hampshire
Jr. A
AA - Katie Bailey - Bama
V, UB, FX - Kaite Bailey - Bama
Sr B
UB, FX - Lauren Brodie - New Hampshire
Sr A
AA - Kayla Beckler - Ball State
BB, FX - Kayla Beckler - Ball State
Jr B
AA - Marissa Beucler - Kentucky
V, FX - Mary Jane Horth - Illinois
Sr B
AA - Keara Glover - Auburn
V - Jaylen Olsen - No. Illinois
UB, BB - Keara Glover - Auburn
Sr A
AA - Charity Jones - Oklahoma
V, UB, BB, FX - Charity Jones - Oklahoma
V, BB, FX - Kaitlin Sassa - Towson

AA - Madeline Hanley - Minnesota
V, FX - Alyssa Nocella - BGSU
BB - Aubrey Hine - NCSU

AA - Kellie Wannamaker - ASU
UB - Alexa Goldberg - WVU
BB - Kellie Wannamaker - ASU
So Cal
Sr D:
AA - Jamie Yamashita - Cal
UB - Jamie Yamashita - Cal

Sr B
AA - Charlie Owens
V, UB, FX  - Charlie Owens - Cal
BB - Alex Waller - UCLA

Sr A
AA - Desiree Palomares - Cal
UB, BB - Desiree Palomares - Cal

Jr D
AA - Maddy Stover - Utah
V, BB, FX  - Maddy Stover - Utah
So Carolina
AA - Gilly Hogue - ASU
V, BB, FX - Gilly Hogue - ASU
AA - Kaylor Kelley - New Hampshire
FX - Kaylor Kelley - New Hampshire
Session E:
AA - Rachel Abrams - Ohio State
V - Makenzie Johnson - BYU
UB - Alyssa Kaschak - SJSU 
BB - Racquel Chavez - Kentucky 
FX - Hunter Price - Oklahoma
Session D:
BB - Ashlyn Broussard - UGA
FX - Heather Elswick - Arkansas
Session C:
AA - Rachel Daum - Bama
V - Rachel Daum, Bama, and Kullen Hlawek, Auburn
UB- Claire Boyce - Florida
BB - Rachel Daum - Bama
FX - Kullen Hlawek - Auburn
Session B:
BB - Dana Ho - Cal
FX - Chayse Capps - Oklahoma
Sr B/C
AA - Bailey Divino - Southern Utah
V, BB, FX - Bailey Divino - Southern Utah
Sr. A
AA - Sydney Townsend - Southern Utah
UB, BB - Sydney Townsend - Southern Utah
AA - Erin Buchanan - Illinois
UB - Kiera Brown - UGA
17+ Session
AA - Allison Northey - Washington
V - Amber Takara - Cal
UB, BB - Allison Northey - Washington
FX -  Allison Northey, Washington, and Amber Takara, Cal

16 Session
AA - Baely Rowe - Utah
V, UB, BB - Baely Rowe - Utah
Sr D
AA - Danci Cha - Illinois State
V, UB, BB, FX - Danci Cha - Illinois State
Sr C
AA - Heather Foley - Illinois
V, UB - Heather Foley - Illinois
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:55

2012-13 Savona to LSU

Jessica Savona, Canadian High Performance gymnast, has tweeted about her commitment to LSU.  She recently competed at the Gymnix, finishing 4th in the all around and 12th on bars in the event finals.  Last season she finished 2nd AA at the Canadian Championships and 1st on beam and floor in the event finals.

Video Channel

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 10:03

2013-14 Kreager to UC Davis

Rachel Kreager, L10 from San Mateo Gymnastics in California, has committed to UC Davis.  This season she placed 2nd AA (1st FX) at the Red Heart 10.0 meet and 2nd AA (1st UB) at the Wine Country meet.  She placed in the top 10 all around at all of her 2012 meets, including a 7th place finish at the Nor Cal meet last weekend.

Video Channel

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 07:30

2014-15 Brannon to Bama

MacKenzie Brannan, an elite from Capital Gymnastics in Texas has committed to Alabama according to Chalkbowl, her webmaster.  This season she has competed at the San Diego Classic (2nd AA; 1st V), the Alamo Classic (1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX), the Nadia Comaneci Invite (1st AA; 1st BB/FX) and the WOGA Classic (1st AA; 1st V/UB).

Personal Website

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 07:23

2014-15 Fassbender to UF

Ericha Fassbender has committed to Florida according to a tweet from Chalkbowl, her webmaster.   The former Jr. International Elite from Stars in Texas has competed in several Level 10/Open sessions this season, finishing 1st AA at the HNI (1st AA; 1st V) and the National Gym Challenge (1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX).  She also competed at the Lady Luck meet and finished 2nd AA and 1st on vault.

Personal Website

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 07:08

2014 - 15 Williams to NU

Grace Williams has tweeted about her commitment to Nebaska.  Williams competes at Level 10 for Geddert's in Michigan.   Grace has picked up the AA and vault titles in all of her meets this season, while also picking up five bars titles, two beam titles and three floor titles. Grace will be joining her Geddert's clubmate, Karerin Moore, at Nebraska.

Personal Website



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With a season-best performance this weekend, PSU takes over the top spot in the Troester GymInfo National Rankings for the Week of March 4th.  OU is 2nd and Stanford is 3rd. 

The Men's rankings from Troester GymInfo are now using the "Four Meet Average".  To get this average, the four highest scoring meets are taken, of which no more than two are home meets, the high score dropped, and the remaining three are averaged.

Individually, Jake Dalton of OU holds the top spot in the AA.  He is also the leader on floor and PB.  This week, the big change is that PSU's Craig Hernandez takes over the top spot on PH.   Teammate Scott Rosenthal retains his lead on Rings.  Stanford's Eddie Penev ranks first on vault.  On the pipe, Illini Paul Ruggeri also retains his lead. 

Rank Team
Team Four Meet Average
1 Penn State 355.600
2 Oklahoma 354.167
3 Stanford 352.650
4 Illinois 352.133
5 Minnesota 347.267
6 Ohio State 345.467

Link:  Troester GymInfo

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The NCAA Manual is the “go to” resource for prospects and families as they begin to build their education base in the college search. Between the Division 1, 2 and 3 manuals there is well over 1,500 pages of helpful information!

The aim of this article is to direct you toward these resources, help you simplify your search and wrap your arms around recruiting terms, rules and procedures you will encounter as you navigate your personal college quest.

First, let’s search for a copy of the manual!

Go to www.ncaa.org.
Click the “resources” tab.
Under “Resources,” Click either the Division 1, 2 or 3 manual links.
From there you can either order a hard copy of the manual or download a free PDF version.

If you haven’t done so already, create a college folder on your computer. Add a subfolder and label it “NCAA.” Save the manuals to your folder for easy access in the future.

The manual is loaded with tremendous information, but to be very honest with you, there is only a fraction of information parents and athletes need to really study closely. When you break it down, only 3 chapters or “Articles” in the manual are the most vital to understand and utilize:   (In the below I refer to the D-1 manual)

Article 13 Recruiting

This is a very important chapter that will provide you with the nuts and bolts of how recruiting works and the limitations and time-lines college coaches and families are bound. Below is a list of sub-articles I suggest you place your most attention:

  • Definitions and Applications
  • Contacts and Evaluations
  • Recruiting Materials
  • Campus Visits
  • Letter of Intent

You will notice in some cases multiple “revisions” of a rule or definition. Simply look carefully to the most recent date of the revision and the effective date and you will be right on target!

This chapter is a great “first read” that will begin to help shape your personal recruiting picture in your mind. Remember, the recruiting process is like learning a new language -- sometimes you have to simply “jump in.” That being the case, the more you practice the more you will learn and understand.

Article 14 Eligibility: Academic and General Requirements

Boy, is this ever an important chapter! Can you imagine going through the entire recruiting process, showing up to your college campus in the fall of your freshmen year and getting the news from your new coach and compliance officer that you are ineligible to practice or play?

Academic eligibility is a necessary part of the college recruiting process and you want to be certain you are on track every step of the way. Whether it is scheduling the proper coursework during your high school years, registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center or taking the ACT’s you want to be sure you have your ducks in a row and are hitting tangible targets! Below are important sub-articles to research:

  • Definitions
  • General Eligibility Requirements
  • Freshmen Academic Requirements
  • Transfer Regulations
  • Certification of Eligibility

This is a critical chapter that will provide you with a clearly spelled out list of academic requirements you will be expected to meet as well as recruiting pitfalls you want to avoid! Remember, you can’t play the game if you don’t know the rules!

Article 15 Financial Aid

This chapter is equally important and it will give you a very clear and informative analysis of both need based and athletic related financial aid (scholarships). It not only defines an athletic scholarship and how they are distributed, it also clarifies maximum limits of athletic aid (by sport).

This is a pretty short chapter and I suggest you focus on each sub-article:

  • Definitions
  • Maximum Limits of Aid (Individual)
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Elements of Aid
  • Maximum Sports Limitations
Understanding NCAA rules and procedures is a vital component to any successful college search for athletes. The NCAA manual is a tremendous resource that is readily available. Creating shortcuts to navigate the important areas of the manual will be both time consuming and fruitful in building a well-rounded and resourceful empirical knowledge base as you navigate college recruiting.

About Tom Kovic:

Tom Kovic is a former Division I college gymnastics coach (Penn) and the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual advisement for families on college recruiting. Tom is the author of “Reaching for Excellence”, an educational guide for college athletics recruiting. For further information visit: www.victoryrecruiting.com

Editor's Note:  Publication of this article is not an endorsement of any recruiting service.  Always check with the NCAA or your school's compliance officer for any questions regarding recruiting rules, the latest timelines, or other issues.

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