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Men's Commits 2022-2023

This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to schools for the 2022-2023 season.  As always, corrections and updates are welcomed and encouraged.

Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the source nor with the college.

Please see the FAQ section of this site for a further explanation of the policies for this site.

Updated:  11/27/21



Air Force




California, Berkeley; release

Theodor Gadderud, Norway
Harrison Gregory, Apollo


Ryan Barela, North Valley

Illinois; release

 Connor Micklos, Gymastrada, L10





Nebraska; release

Jack Critz, SCATS
Asher Cohen, 5280
James Friedman, TR from Iowa
Toby Liang, Roswell
Zac Tiderman, TR from Iowa
Nathan York, Premier West

Ohio State; release

Justin Ciccone, Bright Raven
Kristian Grahovski, RGA
Maximillian Olinger, Lakeshore
Jesse Pakele, HITS
Caden Spencer, Bozhi's Gym Nest
Parker Thackston, Gymland/Arena

Oklahoma; release

Ignacio Yockers, Pride
Leo Koike, Tsurumi Junior Club, Japan

Penn State;

Kacper Garnczarek, Poland National Team
Caleb Melton, Apollo
Will Fleck, Apollo



Stanford; release

Asher Hong, Cypress



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