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Women's Top 25 Preview Capsules


A Georgia Three-Peat?  Or the Return of the Red Rocks as Champions?  The struggle for Salt Lake CIty begins soon, as teams battle for one of the coveted 12 spots at the Nationals.  Be sure to grab your tickets early, as the Red Rocks faithful will quickly snap up the general public reserved tickets in anticipation of Utah's run for the title at home.  Last April, Georgia successfully defended their title with an impressive effort.  Will they be able to Three-peat?  This season, among several others, they will be challenged by the host and 2006 runner-up the Utah Utes and a guaranteed capacity crowd in SLC.  And, with a slight relaxation of the rules, parity will likely once again increase, making it even more difficult to predict who will even advance to the National finals. takes a quick early look at the Top 25 teams, as determined by their final 2006 placement.  

The new season brings with it another update of the NCAA code modifications.  Last season, some major changes to the Code caused lower scores, a proliferation of major mistakes, and some restructuring of routines.  In particular, uneven bars proved to be a major challenge for many teams, resulting in lower overall scores.  This season, the requirements for difficulty at the "level of the competition" have been modified on three events, but the biggest change is on the uneven bars.  More on the new Code updates will be published in an article in the Features section.  

As the fall progresses, these tables will be updated with the latest information, links and updates.  Later in the fall, we will be adding in-depth previews.  If you have additional updates or corrections, please submit them using the link above.  
























The Struggle for SLC Begins!





































































Last Update:  1/1/07


























Key to the Tables:

Ranking:  By final 2006 National Finish/Rank

Coaches:  Only regular, paid coaches are listed.

Starting Routines:  Defined by starting lineup in last meet of the post season.
Returning Starters:  
Defined by starting lineup in last meet
Year in School:  
(Note "year of eligibility" is shown, not actual academic year.)

    Fr = Freshman
    So = Sophomore
    Jr = Junior
    Sr = Senior

Status Codes for Returners:

    I = major season ending injury in 2006
    R = retirement/not competing (for any other reason than transfer or injury)
    TR = Transfer
    RS = Redshirt (note:  not all eligible gymnasts will employ or are awarded a redshirt year)
    ?=unconfirmed information



blue03_next.gif1.  Georgia Gym Dawgs


blue03_next.gif 2.  Utah Utes

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  24/24
Head Coach:  Suzanne Yoculan
Assistants: Jay Clark, Doug McAvinn 
Returning Starters (9):   Audrey Bowers (Jr), Nikki Childs (Jr)), Megan Dowlen (Jr), Kelsey Ericksen (Sr), Katie Heenan (Jr), Ashley Kupets (Sr), Courtney Kupets (So), Abby Stack (So), Tiffany Tolnay (So)
Other/Injured Returners
(2):  Paige Burns (So), Adrienne Dishman (Jr)
Graduated (1):  Brittany Smith
Other Losses (1):  Emily Bridgers
Newcomers (6):  Christi Fortunato, Lauren Johnson, Courtney McCool, Marcia Newby, Lauren Sessler, Grace Taylor


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  17/24
Head Coach:  Greg Marsden
Assistants:  Jeff Graba, Megan Marsden
Returning Starters (5):  Kristina Baskett (So),  Jessica Duke (Jr), Nicolle Ford (Sr),  Nina Kim (So), Ashley Postell (Jr)
Injured Returners (2):  Beth Rizzo (RS Fr), Katie Kivisto (Jr)
Graduated (5):  Dominique D'Oliveira, Gritt Hofmann, Natalie Nicoloff, Gabriella Onodi, Kristen Riffanacht
Other Losses (1): Rachel Tidd (R midseason),
Newcomers (6):  Daria Bijak, Chelsey Coleman, Jamie Deetscreek, Annie DiLuzio, Stephanie Neff, Sarah Shire




blue03_next.gif3.  Alabama Crimson Tide


blue03_next.gif 4.  Florida Gators

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  12/24
Head Coach:  Sarah & David Patterson
Assistant: Brian Raschilla

Returning Starters (6):
 Terin Humphrey (Jr), Brittany Magee (So), Cassie Martin (So), Ashley O'Neal (So), Erin Rightley (Sr), Kaitlin White (Jr)
Injured Returners (3): Ashley Ford (So), Amanda Montgomery (So), Courtney Priess (So)
Graduated (5):  Mari Bayer, Rachel Delahoussaye, Dana Filetti, Ashley Miles, Dana Pierce
Other Losses (2):  Melanie Banville (R/I), Bianca Puello (R/I)
Newcomers (5):  Morgan Dennis, Ricki Lebergern, Casey Overton, Kassi Price, Jacqueline Shealy


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  23/24
Head Coach:  Rhonda Faehn
Assistants:  Adrian Burde, Robert Ladanyi
Returning Starters (9):  Savannah Evans (Sr), Corey Hartung (So), Breanne King (Sr), Samantha Lutz (Sr), Tiffany Murry (Jr), Ashley Reed (Jr), Katie Rue (Sr), Chantelle Tousek (Sr), Nicola Willis (Jr)
Injured Returners (1):  Tracey Rai (Jr)
Graduated (2):  Beth Kleiman, Sherie Owens
Other Losses (0): N/A
Newcomers (5):  Amanda Castillo, Courtney Gladys, Ashley Kerr, Melanie Sinclair (RS Fr), Rebekah Zaiser




blue03_next.gif5.  Nebraska Cornhuskers


blue03_next.gif 6.  Iowa State Cyclones

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  24/24
Head Coach:  Dan Kendig
Assistants: Danna Durante, Tim Garrison
Returning Starters (9):  Stephanie Carter (Sr), Sabrina Long (So), Vanessa Meloche (So), Emily Parsons (Jr), Desire Sniatynski (Jr), Kylie Stone (So), Brittney Williams (Jr), Tricia Woo (So), Michelle Zabawa (Sr)
Injured Returners (1):  Kylee Johnson (So)
Graduated (0):  N/A
Other Losses (2):  Alise Cecchini (TR/Alaska), Danielle Millis (R)
Newcomers (2):  Molly Ohnoutka, Maria Scaffidi


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Head Coach:  Jay Ronayne
Assistants:  Jay Santos, TeShawne Jackson
Starting Routines Returning:  12/24
Returning Starters (5):  Ashley Alden (Sr), Janet Anson (Sr), Ashley Kent (So), Jade Kvach (Jr), Katie Lasher (Sr)
Injured Returners (4):  Kristy Bellinger (Jr), Ceilia Maccani (So/I), Jennifer Salfen (So), Jasmine Thompson (So/I)
Graduated (5): Krystal Carney, Erin Dethloff, Kacey Oiness, Jessica Oney, Laura Kay Powell
Other Losses (2):  Ashley Hammerschmidt, Lindsey Murphy
Newcomers (7):  Megan Barnes, Nikki Dilbert, Jennifer Hornbaker, Jody McKellar, Anna Robey, Katie Sweetin, Melanie Tham




blue03_next.gif7.  Michigan Wolverines


blue03_next.gif 8.  LSU Tigers

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  16/24
Head Coach:  Bev Plocki
Assistants:  Scott Sherman, Louis Robinson Jr
Returning Starters (6):  Becky Bernard (So), Lindsey Bruck (Sr), Nellie Kippley (Jr), Katie Lieberman (Jr), Carol McNamara (Sr), Tatjana Thuener-Rego (So)
Injured Returners (3): Clare Flannery (Sr), Huneth Lor (So), Megan Moore (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Becca Clauson, Jenny Deiley, Lauren Mirkovich
Other Losses (1): Lindsay Bourdon (R/I)
Newcomers (5):  Sarah Curtis, Kelsey Knutson, Jaclyn Kramer, Maureen Moody, Jordan Sexton


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  15/24
Head Coach:  D-D Breaux
Assistants:  Bob Moore, Philip Ogletree
Returning Starters (5):   Nicole Butler (Sr), Emily Ellis (Jr), Lauren Klein (So), Kelly Phelan (Sr), Lisa Rennie (Sr)
Injured Returners (2):  Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (Jr), Amanda Morales (So)
Graduated (3):  April Burkholder, Kelly Lea, Terin Martinjak
Other Losses (3):  Teri Gibson (TR/Iowa), Vanessa Rodriguez, Christina Suhr
Newcomers (6):  Kristi Esposito (Jr, TR/NU), Sabrina Franceschelli, Summer Hubbard, Susan Jackson, Kayla Rogers, Yvette Triay




blue03_next.gif9.  Arizona State Sun Devils


blue03_next.gif 10.  Oklahoma Sooners

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  20/24
Head Coach:  John Spini
Assistants:  Bob Peterson
Returning Starters (9):  April Boone (Sr), Nicole Harris (So), Ashlee Hinkle (So), Tiana Jean (So), Cassandra Jusino (Sr), Lisa Lanza (Sr), Tia Orlando (So), Lauren Powell (5th Yr Sr), Ashley Toner
Injured Returners (3):  Josie Hancock (Jr), Carrie Finley (So), Vanessa Rocca (So)
Graduated (1):  Ashley Kelly
Other Losses (1):  Karissa Vossler (R/I)
Newcomers (2):
 Paris Barnum, Kaitlynn Bormann


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  20/24
Head Coach:  KJ Kindler
Assistants:  Lou Ball, Tom Haley
Returning Starters (7):  Haley DeProspero (So), Caitlin Hinkis (Jr), Ashley Jackson (So), Brittney Koncak-Schumann (Sr),  Stephanie LoPiccolo (Jr), Kiara "Kiwi" Redmond (Jr), Lori Winn (Sr)
Injured Returners (2):  Ashley Cooney (Jr), Jessica Kinder (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Coral Borda, Kristen Cox, Tara Anderson
Other Losses (4):  Jenny Baker, Megan McWethy, Lisa Neal, Tiffany Willin
Newcomers (4):  Jacqueline Flanery, Mary Mantle, Kristin Smith, Holly Vise




blue03_next.gif11.  Oregon State Beavers


blue03_next.gif 12.  Arkansas GymBacks

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  18/24
Head Coach:  Tanya Chaplin
Assistants:  Mike Chaplin, Dick Foxal
Returning Starters (9): Kera Bolen (So), Courtney Dennison (Jr), Megan Devencenzi (Jr), Keegan Fitzgerald (Jr), Yuki Lamb (Jr), Jami Lanz (So), Claire Pierce (Jr), Cassandra Rowell (So), Tasha Smith (So)
Injured Returners (2):  D'Anna Piro (So),  Abbi Thomas (So)
Graduated (2):  Chrissy Lamun, Angela Morales
Other Losses (1):  Jacey Draper (R/manager)
Newcomers (5):   Brooke Barclay (RS Fr), Laura-Ann Chong, Ali Lavin, Mandi Rodriguez, Whitney Watson


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  12/24
Head Coach:  Mark and Rene Cook
Assistant:  Dave Kuzara
Returning Starters (6):  Rachel Barnett (Sr), Samantha Cortez (Jr), Breanne Guy (So), Alexandra LaChance (So), Mallory Machnik (Jr), Emily Peacock (Jr)  
Injured Returners (1):  Cassie Drew (Sr)
Graduated (5):  Katie Hardman, Melissa Leigh, Audra Loveless, Hannah McLeod, Dana McQuillan
Other Losses (2):  Kelley Owen, Allison Schmohl
Newcomers (6):  Allison Daniels, Amy DeFilippo, Casey Jo Magee, Ashly McPherson, Sarah Nagashima, Michelle Stout




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