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Women's Top 25 Preview Capsules


Can Suzanne Yoculan's  Georgia Gym Dogs make it five in a row?  UGA doesn't rebuild, they reload.  Not that the Gym Dogs are facing a rebuilding year at all; they have plenty of talent in their existing roster.  Looking to unseat UGA once again are the Utah Utes.  Despite the graduation of star Ashley Postell, with stronger contributions from their underclass the Utes could finally break through and win Coach Greg Marsden yet another title.  In the hunt for their first title, UF has an experienced crew with some talented newcomers.  Youth dominates the UCLA squad, but a young Bruin squad looks to return the program to the top of the podium once again.   

As rules changes go, little new will greatly impact the field in 2009.  There have been a few modifications to the code, with some added emphasis on bringing more uniformity in routine evaluation.  Also, the Regional qualifiers will once again include the Top 36 teams.   

As the fall progresses, these tables will be updated with the latest information, links and updates.  Later in the fall, we will be adding in-depth previews.  If you have additional updates or corrections, please submit them using the link above.  
























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Key to the Tables:

Ranking:  By final 2008 National Finish/Rank

Coaches:  Only regular, paid coaches are listed.

Starting Routines:  Defined by starting lineup in last meet of the post season.
Returning Starters:  
Defined by starting lineup in last meet
Year in School:  
(Is listed as reported on the school's roster)

    Fr = Freshman
    So = Sophomore
    Jr = Junior
    Sr = Senior

Status Codes for Returners:

    I = major season ending injury in 2008
    R = retirement/not competing (for any other reason than transfer or injury)
    TR = Transfer
    RS = Redshirt (note:  not all eligible gymnasts will employ or are awarded a redshirt year)
    ?=unconfirmed/unknown information



blue03_next.gif1.  Georgia Gym Dogs


blue03_next.gif 2.  Utah Utes

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  18/24
Head Coach:  Suzanne Yoculan
Assistants: Jay Clark, Doug McAvinn 
Returning Starters (9):   Paige Burns (Sr), Hilary Mauro (So), Cassidy McComb (So), Courtney McCool (Jr/I), Marcia Newby (Jr), Lauren Sessler (Jr), Abby Stack (Sr), Grace Taylor (Jr), Tiffany Tolnay (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners
(2):  Lauren Johnson (Jr/I), Courtney Kupets (Sr/I)
Graduated (4):  Nikki Childs, Megan Dowlen, Katie Heenan, Audrey Bowers
Other Losses (1):  Christi Fortunato (?)
Newcomers (4):  Mariel Box (Fr/I), Kathryn Ding (Fr), Gina Nuccio (Fr), Amber Trani (Fr)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  19/24
Head Coach:  Greg Marsden
Assistants:  Jeff Graba, Megan Marsden
Returning Starters (8):  Kristina Baskett (Sr), Daria Bijak (Jr), Jamie Deetscreek (Jr), Annie DiLuzio (Jr), Nina Kim (Sr), Gael Mackie (So), Kyndal Robarts (So), Beth Rizzo (Jr)
Injured Returners (1): Jacquelyn Johnson (So)
Graduated (3):  Jessica Duke, Katie Kivisto, Ashley Postell
Other Losses (1): Stephanie Neff (R/I)
Newcomers (2):  Cortni Beers (Fr), Stephanie McAllister (Fr)




blue03_next.gif3.  Florida Gators


blue03_next.gif 4.  UCLA Bruins

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  15/24
Head Coach:  Rhonda Faehn
Assistants:  Adrian Burde, Robert Ladanyi
Returning Starters (6):  Amanda Castillo (Jr), Courtney Gladys (Jr), Corey Hartung (Sr), Melanie Sinclair (Jr), Maranda Smith (Jr), Rebekah Zaiser (Jr)
Injured Returners (2):  Alicia Goodwin (So), Ashley Kerr (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Ashley Reed, Nicola Willis, Tiffany Murry
Other Losses (1): Lynn Denblyden (?)
Newcomers (4):  Nicole Ellis (Fr), Amy Ferguson (Fr), Elizabeth Mahlich (Fr), Kailey Tissue (Fr)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  13/24
Head Coach:  Valerie Kondos Field
Assistants: Jim Foody, Chris Waller 
Returning Starters (5):  Ariana Berlin (Sr), Kristina Comforte (Sr), Anna Li (Jr), Mizuki Sato (So), Niki Tom (So)
Injured Returners (5):  Marci Bernholtz (So), Melissa Chan (Sr), Brittani McCullough (RS Fr/I), Talia Kushynski (So), Allison Taylor (So)
Graduated (3): Natalie Padilla, Jordan Schwikert, Tasha Schwikert
Other Losses (2):  Shavahn Church (R/I), Ashley Jenkins (R/I)
Newcomers (8):   Kaelie Baer (Fr), Tauny Frattone (Fr), Aisha Gerber (Fr), Elyse Hopfner Hibbs (Fr), Tiffany Hyland (Fr), Naomi Manea (Fr), Alyssa Pritchett (Fr), Vanessa Zamarripa (Fr)




blue03_next.gif5.  Stanford Cardinal


blue03_next.gif 6.  Alabama Crimson Tide

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  12/24
Head Coach:  Kristen Smyth
Assistants: Mike Lorenzen, Chris Swircek
Returning Starters (4):  Kelly Fee (Sr), Carly Janiga (Jr), Nicole Ourada (Sr), Heather Purnell (Sr)
Injured Returners (7): Shelley Alexander (So), Stephanie Carter (Jr), Danielle Ikoma (So), Allyse Ishino (Jr), Gretchen O'Henley (So), Blair Ryland (Jr), Tenaya West (Jr)
Graduated (6):  Lauren Elmore, Stephanie Gentry, Alexandra Pintchouk, Aimee Precourt, Liz Tricase, Tabitha Yim
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (5):  Alyssa Brown (Fr), Catherine Nguyen (Fr), Nicole Pechanec (Fr), Jenny Peter (Fr), Alexandra Skoly (Fr)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  22/24
Head Coach:  Sarah & David Patterson
Assistant: Brian Raschilla

Returning Starters (7):
 Morgan Dennis (Jr), Kayla Hoffman (So), Ricki Lebergern (Jr), Brittany Magee (Sr), Ashley O'Neal (Sr), Casey Overton (Jr), Kassi Price (Jr),
Injured Returners (4):  Alyssa Chapman (Jr), Megan Mashburn (So), Amanda Montgomery (Sr), Jacqueline Shealy (Jr)
Graduated (2):  Terin Humphrey, Kaitlin White
Other Losses (2):  Jennifer Iovino (R/I), Cassie Martin (R)
Newcomers (5):  Jocelyn Fowler (Fr), Erika Pearson (Fr), Ashley Preiss (Fr), Geralan Stack-Eaton (Fr), Rachel Terry (Fr)




blue03_next.gif7.  LSU Tigers


blue03_next.gif 8.  Michigan Wolverines

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  21/24
Head Coach:  D-D Breaux
Assistants:  Bob Moore, Philip Ogletree
Returning Starters (10):  Paige Cippoloni (So), Ashleigh Clare-Kearney (Sr), Samantha Engle (So), Sabrina Franceschelli (Jr), Summer Hubbard (Jr), Susan Jackson (Jr), Lauren Klein (Sr), Nicole Lyons (So), Kayla Rogers (Jr), Staci Schwitkis (So)
Injured Returners (0):  N/A
Graduated (1):  Kristi Esposito
Other Losses (3):  Kristen Fiorello (R), Amanda Morales (R), Yvette Triay (R)
Newcomers (3):  Gloria Johnson (Fr), Ashley McPherson (So/TR), Kirstie Viens (So/TR)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  16/24
Head Coach:  Bev Plocki
Assistants:  Scott Sherman, Shannon Welker
Returning Starters (9):  Becky Bernard (Sr), Kylee Botterman (So), Sarah Curtis (Jr),  Kelsey Knutson (Jr), Huneth Lor (Sr), Maureen Moody (Jr), Kari Pearce (So), Jordan Sexton (Jr), Tatjana Thuener-Rego (Sr)
Injured Returners (2): Jaclyn Kramer (Jr), Trish Wilson (So)
Graduated (4):  Lindsay Bruck, Nellie Kippley, Katie Lieberman, Megan Moore 
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (1): Taylor Zondervan (So/TR)




blue03_next.gif9.  Oregon State Beavers


blue03_next.gif 10.  Oklahoma Sooners

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  17/24
Head Coach:  Tanya Chaplin
Assistants:  Mike Chaplin, John Carney
Returning Starters (6):  Kera Bolen (Sr), Laura-Ann Chong (Jr), Jennifer Kesler (So), Jami Lanz (Sr), Mandi Rodriguez (Jr), Whitney Watson (Jr)
Injured Returners (5):  Brooke Barclay (Jr), Jereme Bigelow (So), Becky Colvin (So/I), Johnnie Rae Schmelzer (Sr),  D'Anna Piro (Sr)
Graduated (5):  Courtney Dennison, Megan Devencenzi, Keegan Fitzgerald, Yuki Lamb, Claire Pierce
Other Losses (1):  Tasha Smith (I)
Newcomers (4):  Adonica Glatt (Fr), Leslie Mak (Fr), Stephanie McGregor (Fr), Olivia Vivian (Fr)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  18/24
Head Coach:  KJ Kindler
Assistants:  Lou Ball, Tom Haley
Returning Starters (7):  Haley DeProspero (Sr), Jacqueline Flanery (Jr), Ashley Jackson (Sr), Jessica Kinder (Sr), Mary Mantle (Jr), Kristin Smith (Jr), Holly Vise (Jr)
Injured Returners (4):  Candace Cindell (So), Gina Lesko (Sr), Natalie Ratcliff (So), Melanie Root (So),
Graduated (3):  Caitlin Hinkis, Stephanie LoPiccolo, Kiara "Kiwi" Redmond-Sturms
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (4): Megan Ferguson (Fr), Natasha Kelley (Fr), Sara Stone (Fr), Hailey Wagner (Fr)




blue03_next.gif11.  Nebraska Cornhuskers


blue03_next.gif 12.  Arkansas GymBacks

Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  15/24
Head Coach:  Dan Kendig
Assistants: Danna Durante, Tim Garrison
Returning Starters (6):   Erin Davis (So), Brittnee Habbib (So), Kathryn Howard (Jr), Maria Scaffidi (Jr), Tricia Woo (Sr)
Injured Returners (3): Stephanie Seich (RS Fr/I), Kylie Stone (Jr/I), Brittney Williams (Sr/I)
Graduated (3):  Vanessa Meloche,  Emily Parsons, Desire Sniatynski
Other Losses (2):  Sabrina Long (?), Molly Ohnoutka (R/I)
Newcomers (5): Lora Evenstad (Fr), Kristin Fyffe (Fr), Kassandra Nathe (Fr), Kailey Ryan (Fr), Claire Stingley (Fr)


Official Web Site:  Link  Schedule  Roster
Starting Routines Returning:  17/24
Head Coach:  Mark and Rene Cook
Assistant:  Dave Kuzara
Returning Starters (6):  Stacy Bartlett (So), Amy DeFilippo (Jr), Alexandra LaChance (Sr), Casey Jo Magee (Jr), Sarah Nagashima (Jr), Michelle Stout (Jr)
Injured Returners (1):  Molly Lewis (So)
Graduated (2):  Samantha Cortez, Emily Peacock
Other Losses (3):  Allison Daniels (?), Katie Maschino (?), Ashly McPherson (TR/LSU)
Newcomers (4):  Mariah Howdeschell (Fr), Jaime Pisani (Fr), Ginny Salvatore (Fr), Alyssa Strodel (Fr/I)




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