Help: Submitting a Video

Note:  To submit a video, you must sign up for a user account.  The form will appear above once you are logged in.  All submissions are subject to approval, based on the rules below. 

Here's how to suggest a video to feature on the site.

Rules for Submissions

1.  All videos must be hosted on YouTube or a site like Vimeo or Daily Motion.  Video uploads aren't supported at this time. 
2.  Videos must be about gymnastics and must be free of copyright issues (e.g., videos copied without permission from broadcasts), or they will be rejected.  Please respect the wishes and rights of any site or content owner.
3.  College recruiting films that do not contain active gymnasts will be rejected.   All NCAA rules regarding recruiting and collegiate competition should be honored.  Objectionable content will of course be rejected. 
4.  You must register first with the site and login with your new account.
5.  You'll retain the rights to delete your videos.
6.  Video suggestions may be rejected at the discretion of the administrator(s).


a.  Click the "Add New Video" tab

b.  Select a category. 

College: Submissions may include non-competition video such as training film or road-trip recaps. 

Recruitables:  This is for those athletes not yet in college.   Please choose their year of graduation or eligibility. 

College Meets:  Should contain meet videos only. 

Men:  All current college men's videos can be submitted here. 

c.  Describe the video.  Please limit your submission to less than 150 words.

d.  Under Video Input Settings, please first select the type.
    i.  For YouTube videos, select "YouTube" and paste the link to the YouTube video in the "Video" field.  A thumbnail will be automatically generated.
    ii. For videos hosted on sites like Daily Motion or Vimeo, select "Direct URL" and paste the link into either "Video" or "HD Video" fields, as appropriate.  You can upload a thumbnail image, optionally, under "Thumb".  Otherwise a default image will be shown.

e.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fields are completely optional but a few keywords can be very helpful.  Add keywords like the school name or the athlete's name and/or year of graduation if you want the video to be easier to be found by the search engines.