Wendy Carey has been named Assistant Coach at Centenary.  She was a club gymnast at Texas Tech and brings strength and conditioning credentials and choreography skills to her new position.


Monday, 12 October 2020 05:20

2021-22 Emerson Adams to TWU

Emerson Adams from JAG has committed to TWU.  She qualified to JOs in 2019 and she finished in the top ten of most of her 2020 meets.


Monday, 12 October 2020 05:12

2022-23 Lillian Lewis to Alabama

Lillian Lewis from San Mateo Gymnastics has committed to Bama.  The former junior elite was off to a great start in 2020, finishing in the top five at all of her meets and picking up individual event honors throughout. 



Monday, 05 October 2020 16:21

2022-23 Sydney Buerk to UC Davis

Sydney Buerk, Airborne Gymnastics, has committed to UC Davis.  She qualified to 2019 Western Champions and finished 4th AA.

Monday, 05 October 2020 16:18

2021-22 Savannah Kokaly to Cornell

Savannah Kokaly, Bay Valley Academy, has committed to Cornell.  She is a two time regional qualifier. 

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Monday, 05 October 2020 16:10

2021-22 Danae Williams to Temple

Danae Williams, Silver Stars Gymnastics, has committed to Temple.  She qualified to 2019 JOs. 


Monday, 05 October 2020 16:05

2021-22 Baylie Lawrence to BGSU

Baylie Lawrence, Universal Gymnasts, has committed to BGSU.  She is a three time regional qualifier. 

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Monday, 05 October 2020 16:02

2022-23 Kylie Equinto to BYU

Kylie Equinto from All American Gymnastics has committed to BYU.   She qualified to JOs in 2019 and finished 17th AA


Monday, 05 October 2020 15:58

2021-22 Grace Davis to Missouri

Grace Davis, Huntsville Gymnastics, has committed to Missouri.  She was a regional qualifier in 2018.

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Monday, 05 October 2020 15:54

2022-23 Meg Adler to NCSU

Meg Adler from Bull City Gymnastics has committed to NCSU.  She qualified to JOs in 2019.  She placed no lower than 4th AA in her 2020 meets.


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