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Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 21st, 2022 Featured

OU & their Coaching Staff Closes in on #1 OU & their Coaching Staff Closes in on #1 (c) 2018 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

The National rankings, as compiled by Road to Nationals, switches this week to the National Qualifying Score, or NQS.  The NQS is calculated by taking a team's highest three away scores, taking the next three highest scores, tossing out the high, and averaging the remaining five.  With this change, Michigan retains the top with a 197.92.  OU is 2nd, just ahead of Florida.  In 4th is Utah, and Auburn rises to 5th. 

Several teams that were in the Top 25 have not earned a NQS due to canceled or rescheduled meets. This includes Cal, Kentucky, Oregon State, Arkansas, Boise St and WMU. 

The event rankings show no change, however.  Michigan continues to hold the lead as the top team on VT and FX.  OU is the top UB team once again while Florida retains the top spot on BB. 

Individually, Minnesota's Lexy Ramler holds the top spot in the AA. OU's Katherine Lavasseur is still the top vaulter, while now OU's Audrey Davis is the tops on UB.  Fellow Sooner Ragan Smith is the top beamer, while Michigan's Gabby Wilson tops the FX rankings. 

You will see a lot of movement in the rankings over the next several weeks as the missing teams get the necessary 6 scores and three away scores.  And, teams may carry a very low score in their NQS that they will be able to drop. 

Last weekend also had a number of "upsets" where lower ranked teams defeated significantly higher ranked teams, with a difference that could not be attributed solely to counting falls (as severe as #38 over #12 and #22 over #6). 

Here are the top 25 teams:

1.  Michigan, 197.92

2.  OU, 197.64

3.  Florida, 197.63

4.  Utah, 197.515

5.  Auburn, 197.375

6.  LSU, 197.36

7.  Bama, 197.355

8.  Minnesota, 196.865

9.  Missouri, 196.79

10.  MSU, 196.72

11.  Denver, 196.64

12.  BYU, 196.42

13.  Iowa, 196.275

14.  USU, 196.18

15.  ASU 196.16

16.  Ohio St, 196.135

17.  SUU, 196.105

18.  UCLA, 195.975

19.  Stanford, 195.94

19.  BYU, 196.221

20.  Illinois, 195.91

21.  UNC, 195.545

22.  Towson 195.54

23.  Rutgers, 195.525

24.  PSU, 195.515

25.  Georgia, 195.5

Link: RoadToNationals

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