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Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 20th Featured

Minnesota's Mya Hooten is #1 on FX Minnesota's Mya Hooten is #1 on FX (c) Lloyd Smith 2022, Used by Permission

The Women's National Rankings for the women switch to the NQS this week, the National Qualifying Score.  This score is calculated by taking a team's three highest road scores, the three next highest scores, tossing out the highest and averaging the remaining five.  OU retained their #1 position with a NQS of 198.105 in the Women's National Rankings for the week of February 20th, as compiled by  Florida is 2nd, Michigan 3rd, Utah 4th and UCLA is now 5th.  

OU holds the top team NQS on VT and UB.  Utah holds the top average on BB while UCLA and Michigan share the top spot on FX.  

We have some big shakeups with the individuals, as some top gymnasts don't have enough competitions to hold their spots.  The top AA spot is in a tie between Oregon State's Jade Carey and UCLA's Jordan Chiles.  Carey also holds the top spot on VT.  AU's Sunisa Lee is #1 on UB, while Utah's Maile O'Keefe of course retains her spot from last week with a 9.97.  Minnesota's Mya Hooten rises up to take the top spot on the FX.  

Here's the Top 25:

1.  OU, 198.105

2.  Florida, 197.78

2.  Michigan, 197.69

4.  Utah, 197.575

5.  UCLA, 197.53

6.  Cal, 197.5

7.  Auburn, 197.385

8.  LSU, 197.335

9.  Bama, 197.25

10.  Denver, 197.195

11.  Oregon State, 197.18

12. Kentucky, 197.075

13.  Ohio State, 196.78

14(t).  Georgia, 196.71

14(t).  Missouri, 196.71

15.  SUU, 196.62

17.  Arkansas, 196.59

18.  Minnesota, 196.58

19.  MSU, 196.565

20.  Iowa, 196.47

21.  Maryland 196.395

22.  ASU, 196.36

23.  Illinois 196.305

24.  Stanford, 196.28

25.  NC State, 196.155

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