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Keeping up with the recruits

Written by Reener

➽  The results speak for themselves.  Brianna GUY is one of the hottest college bound L10s out there so far this season.  She squeezes as many competitions as she reasonably can into her schedule and she wins, wins, wins.  Always a strong competitor (1st AA ‘08 JO, Jr. B; 4th AA ‘09 JO, Jr. C), she’s on a tear this season.  After finishing 2nd at the COTC (1st V/UB/BB) in December, she went on to win the World Class meet, the Brestyan’s meet and the Metroplex Challange.  The high school junior has a lot of competitions ahead of her before she sets foot on the Auburn campus, but the Auburn coaches must doing a few flips of their own over this 2011-12 commit.  Take a look at her Metroplex Challenge floor routine.

Guy isn’t the only one sizzling this season.  Her Docksiders teammate, Krystal WELSH (PSU 2011-12 commit), has competed in all the same meets with about the same results.  Sometimes they’ve compete in different sessions, each earning the win.  Sometimes they’ve competed head to head, exchanging 1st and 2nd place finishes.  Welsh recently placed first in her session of the Metroplex Challenge.  Earlier this season she won the COTC (1st FX)and the World Class (1st UB/FX).  She placed 2nd at the Brestyan’s meet.

The only scoring drop off, if you can call it that, for these two so far this season came last weekend in the Classic Rock meet. Guy finished 3rd (1st V/UB) and Welsh finished 4th.

➽  Collegegymfans is about college gymnastics, and the L10/elite meet results give a glimpse at the talent that is in the pipeline.  At this point in the season, it’s fun to cull through the accumulating results to find groups of athletes that, when considered together, look to form strong foundations for their future college teams.  Here's a quick glance at a few of the most active recruiting classes.  Watch for  highlights on other recruiting classes as the season progresses.


2010-11 Signees

2011-12 Commits


Sarah DE MEO
Chows : 1st AA  (1st UB/BB/FX)
Metroplex Challenge: 3rd AA
Chicago Style (1st FX)

Kimberley JACOB
Sand Dollar: 1st AA
Williams Center Invite: 1st AA (1st V/FX)
New Yr. Invite: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX) 10.0 vault!
Cereal City: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB)
WOGA: 2nd AA (1st V/UB)

Sand Dollar (E) 2nd AA


Peppermint Twist 1st AA
Gopher Classic 2nd AA
Winter Challenge 3rd AA
Chicago Style: 8th AA

Katherine GRABLE
Winter Luau  2nd AA (1st V/FX)
Sand Dollar 4th AA (1st BB)
Blizzard Invite 1st AA (1st V)

Shelby SALMON competed 3 events at the Fiesta Bowl.
FlipFest 1st AA (1st UB/FX) qualified to  Liukin Cup

United Gym Classic: 10th AA
Twistars 5th AA
Sand Dollar 1st (1st UB/BB/FX)

New Years Inv -competed two events, 1st BB
Cereal City 3rd AA
Fiesta Bowl 3rd AA (1st FX)


TBT Inv: 1st AA (1st UB/BB/FX)
Sand Dollar: 12th AA
Daytona Beach: 2nd AA (1st UB)
Chicago Style: 5th AA

Battle of Champions: 7th AA
Rock and Roll Classic: 2nd AA (1st FX)
Integrity Inv: 1st AA; (1st UB/BB/FX)

Breanna GUY
COTC: 2nd AA (1st V/UB/BB)
World Class: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)
Brestyans: 1st AA (1st UB/BB/FX)
Metroplex: 1st AA
Classic Rock Inv: 3rd AA (1st V/UB)

Graffiti Inv: 2nd AA
Sand Dollar (L10) 2nd AA
Sand Dollar (E Qualifier) 6th place; score 46.050
I Love NY Cup: 2nd AA


Md Classic: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB/FX) 9.975 V
PKI: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB)
All Olympia Inv: 1st AA (1st V/UB)

Brittany NOBLE
Tampa Bay Turners Inv:  3rd AA (1st FX)
Sand Dollar: 2nd AA (1st V/FX)
Daytona Beach:  1st AA (1st FX)
Chicago Style:  6th AA (1st V)

Mackenzie CAQUATTO
Chicago Style: 1st AA

Chow’s: 1st AA (1st V/UB)
Kiersten WANG
Denver Winterfest: 1st AA (1st V/UB/FX)
Metroplex Challenge: 1st AA
All Olympia Inv: 2nd AA (1st BB)


Kaylan EARLS
United Gym Classic - competed 2 events
Twistars: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)
Sand Dollar: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB/FX)

Cathrine Hires
Tampa Bay Classic: 1st AA (1st V/UB)
Daytona Beach: 1st AA (1st BB/FX)
Sand Dollar:  3rd AA (1st UB)
Chicago Style: 2nd AA (1st UB)
Chelsea DAVIS
Metroplex Challenge - competed two events, 1st UB

Sarah PERSINGER won the.
Twin City Invitational: 1st AA (1st UB/BB)



Amber SEE
Peppermint Twist - competed 1 event (1st BB)
Tampa Bay Turners Invite: 1st AA (1st V/FX)
San Diego Classic: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)

Sarah FIELDER won the L10 division of the.
Make A Wish: 1st AA
United Gym Classic: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB/FX)

Elizabeth McNABB
Cancun Classic - competed one event
Reg. 5 Cup: 2nd AA (1st V)


Kaitlyn COOPER
Chicago Sportsfest: 1st AA (1st UB/BB/FX)
Tampa Bay Turners Invite: 1st AA (1st BB/FX)
King Arthur Invite: 1st AA (1st V)
Chicago Style: 7th AA

St. Nick Invite: 6th AA (1st UB)
Bravo Classic: 1st AA (1st FX)
Daytona Beach: 5th AA
Chicago Style: 4th AA

United Gym Classic: 4th AA
Bravo Classic 13th AA
Metroplex Challenge 8th AA

Black Eyed Susan: 2nd AA


COTC:  9th AA
Maryland Classic: 1st AA (1st FX)
PKI: 2nd AA
Magical Classic: 3rd AA (1st V/FX)

Crystal Cup - competed three events; 1st BB
Vegas Cup - competed three events; 1st BB

Victoria SHANLEY,
Metroplex Challenge - competed one event
All Olympia Inv- competed two events

Crystal Cup - competed two events
Lady Luck Inv: 4th AA
Classic Rock: 12th AA
COTC: 6th AA
Maryland Classic: 2nd AA (1st UB)
PKI: 7th AA (1st BB)
Magical Classic: 1st AA (1st FX)

Kassandra LOPEZ
Crystal Cup: 5th AA
Fiesta Bowl:1st AA (1st V/BB) -qualified to Liukin Cup
Classic Rock: 2nd AA (1st UB/FX)


➽ KUDOS!  Just a few more accomplishments to acknowledge in addition to those mentioned above:
.  Alexis Carroll, PSU commit: 1st place sweep at the All Olympia Invite
.  Alex DeLuca, Ohio State signee: 1st place sweep at the Sand Dollar
.  Stephanie Giameo, Maryland commit: 1st AA (1st BB/FX) at the Chicago Style
.  Milan Ivory, ISU signee: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX) at the Winter Blast
.  Maliah Mathis, LSU signee: 1st AA (1st V/UB) at the WOGA Classic - qualified to the Nastia Lukin Cup
.  Sarrie Morrison, LSU signee:  1st AA (1st UB) at the WOGA Classic
.  Joanna Sampson, Michigan signee: 1st AA (1st V) at the Classic Rock Invite
.  Alexis Schmidt, Ohio State commit: 1st AA (1st V/UB/FX) at the St. Valentines Classic
.  Amanda Schulberg, Oregon State signee: 1st AA at the Vegas Cup
.  Michelle Shealy, ISU signee: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX) at the Atlanta Crown Invite
.  Kassidy Stauder, PSU signee: 1st AA (1st BB/FX) at the Yurchenko Invite
.  Rachel Updike, Missouri commit: 1st AA (1st V/FX) at the Chicago Style
.  Aliza Vaccher, UW signee, 1st AA (1st V/BB) at the Fiesta Bowl AND 1st AA (1st UB/BB) at the Classic Rock Invite.  Her performance at the Fiesta Bowl qualified her for the Liukin Cup, but she declined due to a scheduling conflict.

➽  College bound qualifiers to the Nastia Liukin Cup

Marie Case (Kent State signee)                      Diandra Milliner (unconfirmed Bama commit)
Stephani Canizaro (Arkansas commit)           Alexis Carroll (PSU commit)
Alexa Davis (Towson signee)                         Kassandra Lopez (Utah commit)
Malia Mathis (LSU signee)                            

Most of the results from the last two weeks haven't been posted yet.  We'll catch up on them in the next update.

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