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Keeping up with the recruits

➽ Is that a Gator Chomp in Kiersten Wang’s floor routine?   Maybe.  Wang has committed to join UF in a couple of years.  In the meantime, she’s earning a reputation as a stand out performer.  She started her season at the Winterfest in Colorado, earning first place finishes in the all around, vault, bars and floor.  She won her session at the Metroplex (1st UB/FX), placed 2nd AA (1st BB) at the All Olympia meet, and qualified to the Nastia Liukin Cup with a first place finish (1st UB/BB) at the Pike’s Peak Cup.  Wang told Gymnastike that her plans to move to the elite level last season were cut short by injury, so she is focusing on being a great Level 10 until she joins the Gators for the 2011-12 season.

Wang isn’t the only future Gator making a big statement.  Kytra Hunter turned in fabulous scores on her way to a sweep of the Maryland Classic (9.975 on vault!!), a near sweep of her session at the PKI (1st V/UB/BB), and a first place finish at the All Olympia meet (1st V/FX).  She has scored 9.75 or higher seven times so far this season - very strong scores in the world of L10 meets.  Hunter will join the Gators next season, bolstering an incredibly deep talent pool and an outstanding class that includes Brittany Noble, Mackenzie CaQuatto, and Erica Smith.

Another standout at the L10 level with eye catching scores of her own is Alabama commit Diandra Milliner.  Milliner won her first three meets, the Williams Center Invite (1st V/FX), the New Year Invitational (1st V/BB/FX) and the Cereal Classic (1st V/UB/BB).  She placed 2nd AA at the WOGA Classic (1st V/BB).  She has drawn scores of 9.75 or higher four times this season, including a perfect 10.0 on vault at the New Year Invitational.  Milliner will join the Bama team for the 2011-12 season.

➽ This is the heart of the L10 season and the scores are piling up.  In that context, here's how the recruits for Iowa State, Kentucky, LSU, Maryland,  Michigan and Michigan State look so far this season:


2010-11 Signees

2011-12 Commits

Iowa State


Optional Kickoff: competed 3 events (1st FX)
TBT Inv: competed one event
Winter Blast: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)
Tiger Paw: competed two events (1st BB)

Lady Luck: 6th AA
Metroplex: 9th AA
SCEGA: 2nd AA (1st V)

Richmond Fall Classic: 6th AA
Greater NY: 1st AA (1st BB)

Michelle SHEALY
Cancun Classic: competed 2 events
Sand Dollar Inv: 2nd AA
Tiger Paw: 2nd AA (1st BB)
Atlanta Crown: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)
Pike’s Peak: 1st AA (1st V)

Henrietta GREEN
Long Beach Open: 12th AA


UGA Classic: competed 1 event
Twistars Rock the House: 6th AA
Sand Dollar - competed 3 events
St. Valentine’s Inv: 7th AA
GymQuarters: 8th AA

Reg. 5 Cup: 3rd AA (1st FX)
Cancun Classic: 4th AA

Winterfest: 9th AA
Metroplex: 6th AA
All Olympia: 8th AA
Pikes Peak: 10th AA

Flip Fest: 4th AA (1st BB)
Sand Dollar: 6th AA
GymQuarters: 4th AA

Richmond Fall Classic: 3rd AA (1st V)
World Class: competed 2 events
Cancun Classic: 10th AA
Maryland Classic: 3rd AA
PKI: 9th AA
Magical Classic: 6th AA

Greater New York: 2nd AA
COTC: 7th AA
Maryland Classic: 7th AA
Magical Classic: 4th AA (1st BB)
Alexis GROSS
2009 COTC: 7th AA; 3rd UB; 4th FX
2009 World Class: 7th AA
2010 Brestyan's: 4th AA
2010 Metroplex 7th AA
2010 Classic Rock Inv:  competed two events
2010 Sweetheart Inv: 1st AA; 1st BB


McKenzie FOX
Gopher Womens Inv: competed 3 events
Winter Luau: competed 3 events
San Diego Classic: competed 3 events
GymQuarters: competed 3 events

Ricky Deci Inv: 1st AA (1st V)
Texas Prime: 2nd AA
Fiesta Bowl: 3rd AA (1st V/FX)
WOGA 1st AA (1st V/BB) - qualifed to Liukin Cup
Long Beach Open: 1st AA (1st V/FX)

Cancun Cl: competed 3 events (1st V)
Texas Prime: competed 3 events (1st V)
WOGA: 1st AA (1st UB)
Lloimincia HALL
CGA: 1st AA (1st V/BB)
Metroplex: 4th AA
Texas Prime: 1st AA (1st UB)
WOGA: 1st AA (1st BB)-qualified to Liukin Cup

Tampa Bay Turners Inv: competed 3 events


COTC: 4th AA
Maryland Classic: 3rd AA
PKI: 3rd AA (1st FX)
All Olympia: 3rd AA

Elizabethe MANZI
COTC: 8th AA
Sand Dollar: 1st AA (1st UB/FX)
PKI: 2nd AA
Excalibur: 2nd AA (1st FX)

Karen TANG
Boston Classic: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB/FX)

Richmond Fall Cl: 10th AA
Greater NY: 3rd AA
World Class Inv:   4th AA
Cancun Classic: 1st AA (1st UB)
Maryland Classic: 6th AA
Stephanie GIAMEO
COTC: 5th AA
Rutgers Color Games: 2nd AA (1st UB)
Maryland Classic: 2nd AA
PKI: 3rd AA (1st BB)
Chicago Style: 1st AA (1st BB/FX)


Stephanie COLBERT
Bravo Classic: competed two events
For Love or Money: competed one event
Big Dream Classic: competed one event

TBT Inv: 1st AA (1st UB)
Classic Rock: 1st AA (1st V)

Remma ZAKHARIA (has not signed)
Universal Inv: competed 2 events
Gasparilla Classic: 7th AA
Annette MIELE
Maryland Classic: 3rd AA (1st V)
PKI: 4th AA (1st V)
Buckeye Classic: 1st AA (1st UB)

Maryland Classic: 10th AA
PKI: 5th AA
Buckeye Classic: 2nd AA (1st BB)

Michigan State

Tampa Bay Cl: 2nd AA (1st FX)
Sand Dollar: 8th AA
Atlanta Centennial: 1st AA (1st V/UB/FX)
Buckeye Classic: 1st AA (1st V/BB/FX)

Chicago Style: competed 2 events
Rising Stars: competed 2 events

Danielle LEVY
TBT Inv: competed 3 events
Suncoast Sports Fest: 1st AA (1st V/UB/FX)
Daytona Beach: 3rd (1st UB)
Chicago Style: 2nd AA (1st UB)

Kelsey MAZUR
TBT Inv: competed one event
King Arthur Inv: competed two events
Chicago Style: 5th AA
Pike’s Peak: 13th AA

➽ KUDOS!  More accomplishments to acknowledge:

.    Christine Bailye, WMU signee, 1st AA (1st V/FX) at the Circle of Stars
.    Acacia Cosentino, UNC signee: 1st AA (1st BB/FX) at the Buckeye Classic
.    Kaitlyn Clark, Alabama commit: 1st AA (1st V/UB) at the Long Beach Open
.    Rebecca Clark, OU commit: 1st AA (1st UB/BB) at the Dragon Invite
.    Emily Cornwell, UNC signee:  1st place sweep at the Big Dream Classic
.    Chelsea Davis, UGA commit, 1st place sweep at the Buckeye Classic (elite)
.    Lia Del Priore, Utah signee: 1st AA (1st V/FX) at the Excalibur Cup - qualified to Liukin Cup
.    Katherine Grable, Arkansas signee: 1st place sweep at the Circle of Stars
.    Alexis Gross, Kentucky commit: 1st AA (1st BB) at the Sweetheart Invite
.    Kimberly Jacob, Alabama signee: 1st AA (1st V/UB/BB) at the Circle of Stars - qualifed to Liukin Cup
.    Lane Jarred, NCSU commit: 1st place sweep at the Robin Cone Memorial Invite
.    Kassandra Lopez, Utah commit: 1st place sweep at the Kim Bird Invite
.    Shelby Salmon, Arkansas signee: 1st place sweep at the Circle of Stars - qualified to Liukin Cup
.    Amber See, Illinois signee, 1st AA (1st V/FX) at the GymQuarters Invite
.    Anna Shumaker, UC Davis, 1st AA (1st BB) at Golden State Classic
.    Megan Walker, Auburn commit, 1st AA (1st UB/BB/FX) at the Buckeye Classic - qualified to Liukin Cup
.    Cerise Witherby, OSU commit, 1st AA (1st FX) at the Return of the Titans meet

➽  College bound qualifiers to the Nastia Liukin Cup

Marie Case (Kent State signee)                    Kassandra Lopez (Utah commit)    
Stephani Canizaro (Arkansas commit)        Diandra Milliner (Bama commit)
Alexis Carroll (PSU commit)                         Malia Mathis (LSU signee)
Alexa Davis (Towson signee)                       Shelby Salmon (Arkansas signee)
Lia Del Priore (Utah signee)                          Megan Walker (Auburn commit)            
Lloimincia Hall (LSU commit)                       Kiersten Wang (UF commit)        
Kimberly Jacob (Alabama signee)

The competitive accomplishments are stacking up quickly, so look for updates weekly through this heavy part of the season.  Full meet results are posted as when we find them.  Click the Results tab on the front page.

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