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Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 8th

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OU's big victory over Bama this weekend didn't lift them to the top spot in the RQS rankings, as it counted as an away score for Bama.  Thus, Bama remains #1 this week as they were able to replace a 196.05 with a 197.275 in their average.  UCLA is just behind OU in third, as they picked up a big road score with a season high at UGA.

LSU's Susan Jackson remains the top AAer, as well as the top vaulter.  UCLA's Anna Li leads UB.  OU's Hollie Vise and Arkansas' Casey Jo Magee are tied for the top spot on BB, while Bama's Morgan Dennis leads the FX.

To compute the RQS, you need to take the team or individual's top three AWAY scores with the top three other scores.  You toss out the high and average the rest.  As some teams have a limited number of away meets (or not enough), the rankings may fluctuate as the teams and individuals drop unusually low early season scores in their average in the coming weeks.

Rank Team RQS
1 Alabama
2 Oklahoma
3 UCLA 196.650
4 Florida
5 Georgia
6 Oregon State 196.355
7 Stanford
8 Arkansas
9 Utah
10 L.S.U. 195.945

For the complete set of rankings, go to the link:  Troester GymInfo

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