Effective communication between prospective student-athletes and college coaches can be a critical component in the final analysis of the college athletic recruiting search for high school athletes. That being the case, prospects should ramp up their effort during the championship portion of the season to weld the coach-prospect relationship strongly.
It's finally year, the last Regionals weekend before the NCAA switches to a new format next year.  36 teams, six teams per regional, will battle for one of two team slots that advance to Nationals.  In addition, the top two AAer not from advancing teams will also qualify, plus any individual event winner. 
It's Conference Championship weekend, and we're our final stretch in the Race to Regionals.  39 teams remain in contention for 36 spots in the post-season, but many of the spots are essentially locked.  Our biggest mystery will remain in the final Regional placements of the teams.  Here are some impressions from this season:
College coaches create individual filtering systems to consolidate the high volume of inquiries they receive from prospective student-athletes into either “active" or "inactive” recruiting files. Developing an effective and streamlined recruiting highlight video that makes the job of skill evaluation by a college coach an easy one, is a great step in showcasing a prospect successfully.
Many college teams have the option for you to attend a summer camp. Attending a college camp can be one of the best avenues to recruitment.
We're about to start the 2018 season, and it's time for us to release our annual Ranking of Recruiting Classes for the frosh starting during the 2017-2018 school year.  Why do we wait for so long?  We wait until just prior to the season to release this ranking because the recruiting calendar now extends year round, and we're seeing an increasing number of teams get mid-year additions and have roster changes throughout the preseason. 
Here are a few photos of the 2018-2019 NLI Signees.  Congratulations to all of the future frosh! To get your photo included, just DM us at @collegegymfans on Twitter or email the site at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or, you can use the Contact form on this site under Help.
The 2018 college recruiting class will likely be the most talented student-athletes ever. The clock is ticking and over the next two months the recruiting process will gain considerable steam as these girls and boys head down the homestretch with college recruiting.
The NCAA Modifications (W) for the 2017-2018 have been published and with them, a few changes are worth noting.  However, if you were looking for some bold updates, you'll be disapointed. 
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