It is very important to pick the right colleges to target in the recruiting process, as well as be sure to know when to send out your information.
Season is over and now on to summer! What should you be doing to make the most of your time and become the most marketable college gymnastics recruit?
The 2015 Superlatives recognize the effort of gymnasts to go beyond the minimum and add elements of exceptional difficulty.  Only successfully completed and credited skills are listed.  Read more here. 
The Women's final National Rankings are comprised of the Top 12 Finishers at Natinoals, plus the other teams ranked by the total of their Regional Score plus Regional Qualifying Score. 
It's the final push to Nationals for the final 36 teams!  Who will advance from the Regional?  Which Top 12 team will be upset?  It's anyone's guess.  Here's a short preview of a pressure-packed weekend.
The SEC is one of the strongest conferences in women’s gymnastics to date. In the last 10 NCAA National Championships, an SEC team has won the title 9 times. Three different teams within the SEC have held the NCAA National Title: Florida, Georgia and Alabama. In last year’s Super Six (final 6 teams contending for the title), four teams represented the SEC. This year, all 8 SEC teams have consistently held a top 25 spot the entire regular season. With talent, determination, and redemption at an all time high, this year’s SEC Championship in Duluth, GA will be a tight…
We're almost halfway through the season, and we're going to see a switch to the Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) in a few weeks. Now that the jitters and novelty of the new season is wearing off, we're starting to see some clear trends emerge. "Slow Starters" are making big improvements while "Early Leaders" are finding new teams nipping at their heels. As we head into the "mid-point shakeup", here are some observations.
College coaches are brilliant recruiters and look for three key components when evaluating prospects. First, they look for strong students who meet and exceed eligibility and admissions standards. Second, they are looking for direct impact athletes who thrive at their events and will drive the team to higher levels. Finally, they want self-aware young men and women who bring a strong character component to the table.
We're a full month into the season and we're going to take a break from our regular weekly recap to take a look at how judges score routines. But rather than explaining the basics, we are offering a course in "Scoring 201": an intermediate look at some of the deductions beyond the obvious and clear deductions taken by the judges. We are hoping to shed light on where the judges in more strictly judged meets are taking their deductions, for fans that may be unfamiliar with the more subtle points of scoring. We're not experts, but this will hopefully serve…
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