Friday, 14 February 2020 20:24

Ball State 194.725, EMU 194.7 at UGA 197.075

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UGA's Rachael Lukacs won the AA with a 39.3 and tied for the VT title with teammate Mikayla Magee. Gym Dog Megan Roberts won UB while teammate Rachel Baumann won BB. UGA's Sabrina Vega won FX to complete a sweep.  Link:  Release
Friday, 14 February 2020 20:23

Arkansas 196.1 at Alabama 196.625

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Bama's Lexi Graber won VT and tied for 1st on FX with teammates Shea Mahoney & Maddie Desch, plus Ark's Bailey Lovett. Bama's Makarri Doggette won UB. GymBack Kennedy Hambrick won the AA with a 39.4 and the BB. Link:  Arkansas Release
Friday, 14 February 2020 20:20

PSU 195.15 at Ohio State 195.35

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OSU's Colby Miller won UB while teammate Ella Hodges won BB. Buckeyes Danica Abanto & Alexis Hankins tied for 1st on FX. Teammate Raina Malas tied with PSU's Kourtney Chinnery for 1st on VT. PSU's Lauren Bridgens won the AA at 39.15 Link:  Ohio State Release
Friday, 14 February 2020 17:16

SEMO 193.525, SPU 192.675, Centenary 189.525

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SEMO won their session of the GymQuarters Invitational.  SEMO's Anna Kaziska won BB and FX. Teammate Lindsey Bates won the UB. Centenary's Cami Bea Austin won VT while SPU's Darian Burns won the AA at 38.875. Link:  SEMO Release
Thursday, 13 February 2020 20:59

Gustavus Adolphus 173.8 at UW Stout 187.125

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UW Stout was led by Belle Ihde's wins on UB and FX in an easy win over the Gusties.  Shadae Boone won another VT title while teammate Britney Wolfe won the BB.  Stout's Brooke Terry completed the sweep with a win in the AA at 37.55.  Link:  UW Stout Release
Monday, 10 February 2020 22:18

Washington 196.425 at Stanford 194.8

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Washington's Evanni Roberson won the AA (39.225) and tied for the UB title with teammate Madison Copiak. Huskies Amara Cunningham and Geneva Thompson tied for the VT title. UW's Kristyn Hoffa took the FX. For Stanford, Kyla Bryant won BB. Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 19:06

Men's: Springfield 374.65 at Illinois 409.7

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Illinois won all seven individual titles in a win over Springfield:  Jordan Kovach on HB, Ian Skirkey on PH, Connor McCool on FX, Danny Graham on R, Sebastian Quiana on PB and Hamish Carter on VT.  Carter als won the AA with a 79.25.  Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 19:00

Bridgeport 192.35, SCSU 190.025 at Brown 191.425

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Bridgeport's Maya Reimers BB and FX while Julianna Roland won VT and Kathryn Doran won UB as UB won its third meet of the weekend. Brown frosh Jasmine Lee and SCSU's Hannah Stahlbrodt tied for the AA title. Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 18:57

Arizona 195.375 at UCLA 197.675

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UCLA's Kyla Ross won the AA with a 39.7, including 9.975 wins on UB and BB. She also tied for 1st on VT with teammate Felicia Hano. Hano tied on FX with teammate Gracie Kramer. Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 18:55

Ohio State 195.9 at Michigan 197.35

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Mich's Natalie Wojcik won the AA with a 39.625. She also won BB and tied for the UB title with teammate Sierra Brooks. Brooks won the VT while classmate Gabby Wilson won FX. Link:  Michigan Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 18:50

OU 197.9 at TWU 195.225

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OU exercised its depth and just missed the 198 mark.  OU's Anastasia Webb won FX and the AA (39.475). Sooner Maggie Nichols won UB with a 9.975 and teammate Ragan Smith won BB with a 9.975. OU's Jade Degouveia won the VT with a 9.975 of her own. Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 18:48

Winona State 186.9 at Centenary 191.05

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Centenary's Cami Bea Austin won VT and FX. Teammate Xian Baumgartner took the UB. For Winona St, Kelly Johnston won the BB. Link:  Centenary Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 15:59

Temple 193.675 at Penn 193.325

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Host Penn mounted a comeback but it wasn't enough to overcome Temple.  Temple's Ariana Castrence won VT, FX and the AA with a 39.15. Teammate Jazmyn Estrella won the UB while Owl Delaney Garin win BB. Link:  Release
Sunday, 09 February 2020 14:13

Ball State 193.775 at WMU 195.75

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WMU remained unbeaten in MAC action with a win over Ball State.  WMU's Charlotte Tishkoff won the AA at 39.025. WMU's Josephine Thomas won VT, teammate Alexis Olivier won UB and Broncos Ronni Binstock and Carissa Ludwig shared the FX title. WMU's Amelia Mohler tied for 1st on BB with…
Sunday, 09 February 2020 14:09

Ursinus 188.95, Ithaca 186.325 at Springfield 189.925

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Tali Twomey won the FX with a meet-high 9.825 to lead Springfield.  Ursinus picked up a win from Skylar Haas on BB.  Ithaca's Cassidy Marquette won the VT while Courtney Christoforo won the UB.  Link: Springfield Release
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