Saturday, 19 February 2022 19:55

Men's: NU 403.3 at OU 414.1

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The Sooners were led by Fuzzy Benas, who won the VT, PB and tied for the Ring title with teammate Spencer Goodell. Teammate Raydel Gamboa won HB. OU's Vitaliy Guimaraes tied for the FX title with NU's Jake Bonnay. Also for NU, Evan Kiley won the PH. Link: NU Release
Minnesota's Lexy Ramler won the AA with a 39.575 and tied for 1st on BB with NU's Kathryn Thaler. Gopher Mya Hooten won FX (9.975). NU's Clara Colombo won UB while PSU's Jessica Johanson won the VT. Link: Minn Release
OU 198.175, Washington 196.825, Stanford 195.45, Denver 195.05 OU's Ragan Smith posted 9.975s to win BB and FX. Teammate Jordan Bowers tied at 9.975 for the VT title with teammate Katherine LaVasseur. The pair tied with Sooner Audrey Davis for the UB title. DU's Jessica Hutchinson won the AA with…
Saturday, 19 February 2022 19:22

WVU 196.575, Ursinus 185.175 at Towson 196.525

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Kendra Combs won FX and posted a 39.2 AA for the Mountaineers. Teammate Chloe Asper tied with Towson's Emerson Hurst on the BB. WVU's Kianna Yancey tied with Towson's Lauren Bolen & Camille Vitoff on VT. Towson's Clara Hong won UB Link: WVU Release
Saturday, 19 February 2022 17:30

Men's: Army 374.85, W&M 364.55 at Ohio St 393.95

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Jesse Tyndall won R and HB to lead Ohio State. Luke Smigliani added a win on PH, while teammate Donovan Hewitt won VT. Buckeye Justin Ah Chow won the the PB. Army's Matthew Davis won the FX and the AA with a 78.15. Link: Release
SJSU's Jaudai Lopes won the VT & AA (39.35) while teammate Lauren McPherson won UB &tied for the FX title w/ teammate Cameron Kelperis. On BB, Spartan Madison Kirsch tied w/ Sac St's Amber Koeth & TWU's Steelie King. Link: Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 22:08

USU 195.8 at Boise St 196.95

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Boise St celebrated Senior Night with a win over USU. The Broncos were led by wins from Alyssa Vulaj on VT, Alexis Stokes on UB (9.975) and Adriana Popp on BB. For the Aggies, Brie Clark won FX. Link: Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 22:07

SUU 197.0 at BYU 197.225

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BYU's Brittney Vitkauskas posted a 9.975 on FX to seal the big win over SUU. Teammate Sydney Benson won VT while Cougar Elease Rollins won BB. On UB, BYU's Anyssa Alvardo tied for 1st with SUU's Hannah Nipp and Mayson Bentley. Link: BYU Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 22:06

Alabama 197.6 at LSU 198.05

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LSU's Kiya Johnson won BB with a 10, teammate Sami Durante won UB and teammate Haleigh Bryant won the AA with a 39.675 as the Tigers defeated the Tide. Lexi Graber won VT and FX for the visitors. Link: Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 22:05

Oregon State 197.15 at Utah 198.0

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Utah's Cristal Isa posted a 10 to win BB. Teammate Grace McCallum tied for 1st on UB with Beaver Jade Carey and again on FX with Carey and teammates Abby Paulson and Maile O'Keefe. Carey won the AA with a 39.7 and VT with a 9.975 Link: Utah Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 22:03

Auburn 197.175 at UGA 196.3

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Auburn's Suni Lee completed the sweep of the Gym Dogs. She posted a 39.775 and won every single event, including the BB with a 9.975.Link: Release
Mich's Gabby Wilson won FX and tied for 1st on VT with teammate Reyna Guggino (9.975). Wolverine Natalie Wojcik won UB while teammate Abby Heiskell took the AA (39.475). Buckeye Jojo Warga won BB. Link: Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 21:59

Yale 193.075 at Temple 193.825

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Temple was led by wins from Ariana Castrence on VT and Brooke Donabedian on FX. For Yale, Lindsay Chia won BB and the AA (39.1) while teammate Sherry Wang won the UB. Link: Release
Friday, 18 February 2022 21:41

Florida 197.575 at Kentucky 197.35

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Florida's Trinity Thomas posted a 10 on FX and won BB with a 9.975 en route to a 39.7 AA win. For UK, Arianna Patterson won VT and Shealyn Luksik and Raena Worley tied for the VT title. Link: Release
Iowa St took the meet at the GymQuarters Invitational. Cyclone Maddie Diab won FX while teammate Hannah Loyim and Laura Cooke tied for the UB title. Lindenwood's Gayla Griswold won VT while SEMO's Anna Speller won the BB. Ill St's Angelica Labat won the AA (39.35) Link: SEMO Release
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