Thursday, 24 June 2021 19:39

US Olympic Trials: Men's Day 1

Written by Greg

2021 US and NCAA National Champion Brody Malone of Stanford leads the field at the US Olympic Trials.  After Day 1, he leads Minnesota senior Shane Wiskus, former OU NCAA champ Yul Moldauer, and Olympian former NCAA champ Sam Mikulak (ex Michigan).  Stanford's Brandon Briones is close behind in 5th, but just 1.05 points separates 5th to 10th.

In 6th is former NCAA champ Akash Modi (ex Stanford), 7th is former Sooner Allan Bower and 8th is Michigan's Paul Juda.  9th is recent Michigan senior Cameron Bock, just 0.1 ahead of Stanford's Riley Loos.

Event winners not in the top four include Alec Yoder (Ohio State) on PH with a 15.05, Alex Diab (Illinois) on Rings, and Donnell Whittenburg on VT (15.05; he also did AA and was 3rd on R).   

The Olympic team will include four members plus one additional AAer or event specialist.  The winner of the trials will be automatically selected.  The runnerup will be selected if he finishes in the top 3 of 3 individual events.  Otherwise the remaining three slots will be filled by a committee with any of the competing athletes, according to a selection criteria.  Currently Malone and Wiskus meet the criteria for automatic selection after Day 1, but another day of competition awaits.   

At least one replacement athlete and up to five will be named.  

Link:  Results  

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