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NCAA Individual Champions Crowned

2023 NCAA AA and BB Champ Maile O'Keefe (Utah) 2023 NCAA AA and BB Champ Maile O'Keefe (Utah) (c) Lloyd Smith 2022, Used by Permission

At the conclusion of the second semi-final, NCAA Champions were crowed in the individual events.  AA:  Maile O'Keefe, Utah, 39.7625  VT:  Olivia Tratuman, OU, 9.95  UB:  Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 10   BB:  O'Keefe, 10  FX:  Chiles, UCLA, 9.9875


1.  Maile O'Keefe, Utah, 39.7625
2.  Jordan Chiles, UCLA, 39.7125
3.  Haleigh Bryant, LSU, 39.6875


1.  Olivia Trautman, OU, 9.95
2(t).  Lynnzee Brown, DU and Courtney Blackson, Boise State, 9.925


1.  Chiles, 10
2(t). Trinity Thomas, UF; Abby Heiskell, Michigan; O'Keefe; Grace McCallum, Utah; Luisa Blanco, Bama, all at 9.95


1.  O'Keefe, 10
2(t).  Jade Carey, Oregon State and Cristal Isa, Utah, tied at 9.9625


1.  Chiles, 9.9875
2(t).  Leanne Wong, UF and Aleah Finnegan, LSU, tied at 9.9625

Link:  Combined Merged Results

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