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World Championships: Men's Preliminaries, Day 1

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The OU laden USA Men's team is in 2nd place after the first day of qualifications at the world championships. The USA squad contains former and current Oklahoma team members Jonathan Horton, Steven Legendre, Jake Dalton and Alex Naddour.  They are in 2nd after the first day of competition. Others with NCAA links also competed:  Tommy Ramos (ex PSU)

Here are some NCAA-related individual placement highlights:

AA:  Horton is in fifth, behind US teammates Danell Leyva (3rd) and John Orozco (2nd)

FX:  Legendre is 4th, Dalton is 7th

PH:  Naddour is 5th

R:  Horton is 4th, Ramos is 15th

V:  Dalton is in 8th in the two vault qualification standings

PB:  Horton was 12th

HB:  Horton was 7th

Link:  Results

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