Sunday, 23 June 2019 17:56

American Classic: Recruit Results

Written by Greg

The summer elite season is well underway, with the American Classic this week in Utah.   OU commit Faith Torrez won the senior division.  UCLA commit Emily Lee was 2nd, while Bama commit Shania Adams was 3rd. 

Auburn commit Olivia Hollingsworth was 4th, while Florida commit Sloane Blakely was 5th, doing only three events.  Future Ute Jaylene Gilstrap also did three events for 6th.  Auburn commit Sunisa Lee did only two events before scratching the rest. 

Ciena Alpio won the junior event, with Bama commit Karis German in 2nd and Anya Pilgrim in 3rd. 

Link: USAG

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