Friday, 15 March 2019 21:42

Iowa 195.425, UNC 191.75, SPU 190.625

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Host Oregon State closed strongly on FX, posting a 49.525 to win their Senior Night meet and secure a spot in the evening session at next week's Pac 12 Championships.  For the Beavers, Sabrina Gill won UB, Madi Dagen won BB and Kaitlyn Yanish took the FX. UNC;s Khazia Hislop…
Washington overcame a slow start to score a quad meet win with a season-best at UC Davis.  Washington's Madison Copiak was dominant, winning VT, UB (9.975) and tying for first on BB with teammate Malory Rose.  (She does not compete on FX).  UC Davis' Kelley Hebert won the FX and…
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:35

LSU 198.175 at Arizona 196.225

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LSU posted a big 198.175 to defeat host Arizona on their Senior Night.  Kennedi Edney and Sarah Finnegan of LSU tied for AA honors at 39.725 in a dominant showing by the pair. Edney won VT with a 10, and Finnegan the UB, also with a 10. The pair also…
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:34

SUU 195.925 at BYU 196.55

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BYU held oiff rising cross-state rival SUU to score another win.  BYU's Shannon Evans won the VT, FX and AA (39.475). Teammate Helody Cyrene took the UB. For SUU, Shylen Murakami took the BB. Link:  Results Link:  Release
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:32

Air Force 193.275 at Auburn 196.875

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Auburn posted its second highest score of the year to win over Air Force.  AU's Drew Watson won the AA (39.35), VT and tied for the FX title with teammate Samantha Cerio and AFs Tyler Davis. AU's Gracie Day won UB while teammate Meredith Sylvia won the BB. Link:  Release
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:23

Alabama 197.25 at Oklahoma 198.275

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OU tallied its fifth 198+ score to easily defeat Bama.  OU's Brenna Dowell won VT with a 10.0, and was victorious on the FX and in the AA (39.7). Teammate Maggie Nichols took the BB with a 9.975 and tied with Sooner Nicole Lehrmann for the UB title. Link:  Release
Minnesota picked up a big quad meet win at Missouri, eeking out a 0.1 victory over Michigan and host Missouri. Minnesota's Tiarre Sales won the BB as the Gopher scored a big win. Michigan's Natalie Wojcik won the AA (39.625) and VT (9.975) while teammate Olivia Karas won UB and…
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:17

Denver 197.275 at Iowa State 195.925

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Denver posted a 197.275 to defeat host Iowa State on their Senior Night.  DU's Lynnzee Brown won the AA (39.575) and the FX while teammate Maddie Karr took the VT and the UB. Pioneer Kaitlyn Schou won the BB. Link:  Iowa St Release
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:14

WMU 194.075 at BGSU 195.325

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Host Bowling Green was victorious on Senior Night, defeating MAC rival WMU with a season-best score.  BGSU's Jovannah East won the AA (39.375), BB and tied for first on FX with WMU's Rachael Underwood. BGSU's Leslie Delgado won UB while BGSU's Lauren DeMeno tied with WMU's Taylor Buis for top…
Friday, 15 March 2019 21:12

Penn 191.9 at W&M 192.45

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Host W&M held off Penn on Senior Night to score the win.  W&M picked up wins from senior Katie Webber on VT, Katie Waldman on UB and Samantha Sakti on FX. Penn's Caroline Moore won the BB. Link:  W&M Release
Friday, 15 March 2019 20:42

NIU 195.275 at CMU 196.25

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CMU clinced the regular season MAC title with a win on Senior Night.  CMU's Denelle Pedrick won the AA with a 39.525, winning FX and tying on BB with teammate Skyler Memmel. CMU's Gianna Plaksa won UB while Chippewa Sydney Williams took the VT. Link:  Release
Friday, 15 March 2019 20:40

Kent State 193.9 at EMU 196.025

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EMU posted a season-high 196.025 to win on Senior Night over Kent State.  EMU's Jada Rondeau won the AA (39.275) and tied on BB with teammate Shannon Gregory. Eagle Emili Drobonics won FX, while teammate Courtney Bezold won UB. EMU's Allie Smith tied with KSU's Dara Williams on VT. Link: …
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 20:29

BYU 195.825, WVu 195.75 at ASU 196.55

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ASU triumphed in a rare Wednesday night tri-meet, defeating #14 BYU, who battled to hold off WVU.  ASU's Cairo Leonard Baker tied for the AA (with BYU's Shannon Evans) at 39.425 and tied on FX (with Evans, teammate Corinne Belkoff & WVU's Kirah Koshinski). GymDevil Justine Callis won BB. Koshinki…
Monday, 11 March 2019 18:30

OU 197.575 at Iowa State 196.275

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OU defeated host Iowa State in a Monday night meet capping a two meet weekend for the Sooners.  OU's Anastasia Webb Won the BB, FX and the AA (39.6). Teammates Nicole Lehrmann and Maggie Nichols tied for the UB title. Sooner Brenna Dowell tied with ISU's Sophia Steinmeyer on the…
Sunday, 10 March 2019 20:25

Men's: Cal 405.5 at Washington 393.3

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Cal posted a season high to defeat Washington's club team, in a double dual with the UW women's team.  Cal's Aaron Mah won R, PB and HB to lead the Bears.  He also tied on FX with Washington's Nathan Tsuji.  Bear Darren Wong took the PH and the AA with…
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