Friday, 21 February 2020 18:19

CMU 195.4 at BGSU 191.85

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CMU's Denelle Pedrick won UB and the FX en route to a 39.275 AA win. Teammate Morgan Tong won the BB. For BGSU, Jovannah East won the VT. Link:  BGSU Release
Thursday, 20 February 2020 21:17

Men's Winter Cup Challenge: First Day Results

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Former Michigan star and NCAA champion placed first on Thursday night at the Men's Winter Cup Challenge.  He posted a big 86.8 AA to outdistance rising star Shane Wiskus of Minnesota, who posted an 84.55.  Stanford's Brody Malone was third at 83.95.
Monday, 17 February 2020 18:37

UNH 195.65 at UNC 196.05

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UNC's Khazia Hislop won VT and FX. Teammate Elizabeth Culton won the AA with a 39.275 and tied for the UB title with UNH's Kylie Gorgenyi. UNH's Alyssa Worthington won the BB. Link:  UNH Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 20:21

Nebraska 195.7 at Minnesota 197.4

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Gopher Lexy Ramler won the AA with a 39.625. She also won UB and BB with 9.975s. Teammate Ona Loper won the FX. For NU, Taylor Houchin won the VT. Link:  Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 20:19

Stanford 196.175 at Cal 197.125

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Cal's Kyana George won the AA (39.525), BB and tied for first on VT with teammate Rachael Mastrangelo. Bears Emi Watterson and Maya Bordas tied for 1st on UB. Stanford's Kyla Bryant won the FX. Link:  Stanford Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 17:49

UAA 192.575 at Sac State 193.7

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Alaska Anchorage posted a season high but it wasn't enough to knock off the hosts.  The Hornets picked up wins from Tara Catour on VT, Courtnee Marquez on UB, and Jordyn Brent on FX. UAA's Hope Nelson won BB and the AA (38.575) Link:  UAA Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 17:47

GWU 194.9 at Denver 197.425

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Denver tied their season high, with Maddie Karr tying the school record in the AA and Alexis Vasquez winning BB with a 10.  Karr also won the titles on VT, UB (9.975) and FX.   Link:  Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 17:45

Winona State 181.95 at UW La Crosse 187.55

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La Crosse swept the individual events, with Jessica Ahrens and Megans tying for first on VT, Madi Vanderpool winning UB, Ahrens winning on BB and Emma Grant taking the FX.  Link:  Release
Springfield's Stephen Lewis on the FX and the AA with a 79.25. Link: Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 15:35

Kentucky 196.625 at LSU 197.5

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LSU's Ruby Harrold won VT (9.975) and tied for 1st on UB with teammate Sami Durante and UK's Ella Warren and Molly Korth. Teammate Kiya Johnson won the AA (39.65) and FX (9.975). UK's Raena Worley won the BB. Link:  LSU Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 15:33

Illinois 195.775 at MSU 196.15

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MSU's Lea Mitchell won the AA with a 39.3 and tied for the FX title w/ teammate Ashley Hofelich & Illini Arayah Simons. Spartan Jori Jackard won UB. For Illinois, Nicole Biondi won VT while Karen Howell, Kylie Noonan & Shaylah Scott tied on BB. Link:  Release
LU's Ryan Henry won the FX and the AA at 38.85. Teammates Katie Bailey, Mackenzy Chavez and Courtney Mitchell tied for the BB title. For SPU, Darian Burns won VT and UB. Link:  LU Release
Sunday, 16 February 2020 15:31

Rutgers 194 at Maryland 195.75

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Tiara Wright won FX to lead the Terps. For Rutgers, Hannah Joyner won the AA (39.35) and the BB. Teammate Kaitlyn Hall won VT while RU's Shannon Farrell won the UB.  Link:  UMD Release
Brockport State won the close quad meet at Cornell, held in conjunction with a wrestling match.  Amy Shen of Cornell won UB while Ithaca's Cassidy Marquette won VT.  Emma Schulz of Cortland State won BB and tied for the FX title with Cornell's Maddison Smith and Samantha Henry.  Teammate Megan…
Sunday, 16 February 2020 15:24

Kent State 195.175 at CMU 195.075

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Kent St's Rachel Decavitch won BB and Kendra Lindway tied for the VT title to lead the Golden Flashes. CMU's Denelle Pedrick won the AA at 39.4, tied on VT w/ Decavitch and tied on UB w/ teammate Hannah Demers. CMU's Taylor Pitchell won FX. Link: Release
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