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US Championships: Men's Finals

Written by Greg

Stanford's Brody Malone won the AA title at the Men's US Gymnastics Championships.  Former OU star Yul Moldauer was 2nd.  Former Michigan star Sam Mikulak improved on night 2 to rise to third.  Click to read more.   

Stanford's Brandon Briones was 4th, former OU star Allan Bower 5th, and former Stanford star Akash Modi was 6th.  Stanford grad Robert Neff was 7th, while Stanford's Ian Gunther was 8th.  Gopher senior Shane Wiskus was in 2nd before a disastrous HB performance that included three hard falls and a stop.  He finished in 9th.  OU redshirt senior Matt Wenske was 10th.   

Here are the event champions:

FX:  Eddie Penev (ex Stanford)

PH:  Stephen Nedoroscik (ex PSU)

R:  Alex Diab (Ohio St)

VT:  Malone

PB:  Moldauer

HB:  Mikulak

The full National Team will be named tomorrow.  The Olympic Trials will also include the team that competed at the Pan Ams.

The Junior sessions also completed.  Fred Richard won the Men's 17-19 session.  Toby Liang was 2nd, and NU signee Joseph Pepe in third.  Dallas Hale improved to 4th, with Michigan commit Rithik Puri in 5th.  Several juniors competed in the senior division, including Taylor Burhart (15th) Ian Lasic-Ellis (17th),  Nicolas Keubler (21st) and Khoi Young (22nd).  All four are committed to Stanford. 

The Men's National team was also named.  Additional members may be named later this week following committee review.

  • Allan Bower
  • Cameron Bock
  • Brandon Briones
  • Alex Diab
  • Gage Dyer
  • Vitaly Guimaraes
  • Ian Gunther
  • Paul Juda
  • Riley Loos
  • Brody Malone
  • Sam Mikulak
  • Akash Modi
  • Yul Moldauer
  • Stephen Nedoroscik
  • Eddie Penev
  • Donnell Whittenburg
  • Shane Wiskus

Link:  Results (Senior) and Junior 17-19 and Junior 15-16

Link:  USA Gym Release

Link:  OU Release

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