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US Championships: Women's Finals

Written by Greg

Simone Biles broke 60 points in the AA and posted a 119.65 to win her record seventh US AA title.  Auburn signee Sunisa Lee and UCLA signee Jordan Chiles was just behind in third.  More NCAA results below.

UCLA signee Emma Malabuyo posted a 56.0 on the second day, including a 14.6 on BB to rise to 4th.  Florida signee Leann Wong was fifrth, with Oregon State's Jade Carey in 6th. 

The remaining NCAA related gymnasts include

7(t).  Grace McCallaum (Utah)

9.  MyKayla Skinner (Utah)

10.  Kara Eaker (Utah)

11.  Kayla DiCello (Florida, '22)

13.  Emily Lee (UCLA)

15.  Ava Siegfeldt (OU,'22)

18. Sydney Barros (UCLA '23)

19.  Karis German (Bama,'22)

20.  eMjae Frazier (Cal, '22)

21.  Kaylen Morgan (Mich '22)

22.  Ciena Alipio (UCLA '22)

23.  Aleah Finnegan (UCLA)

24.  Katelyn Rosen (UCLA, '23)

Also, Morgan Hurd (Florida), two events and Riley McCusker (Florida) and Lyden Saltness (AU, '22) on UB only.

The following women were added to the National Team for the Olympic Trials:

Simone Biles

Skye Blakely

Jade Carey

Jordan Chiles

Kayla DiCello

Amari Drayton

Kara Eaker

Addison Fatta

Shilese Jones

Emily Lee

Sunisa Lee

Emma Malabuyo

Grace McCallum

Riley McCusker

Zoe Miller

Ava Siegfeldt

MyKayla Skinner

Leanne Wong

Noteably absent from this list is former World Champion Morgan Hurd.  Petitions are not yet finalized.   

Link:  Results

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