2012-2013 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2012-2013 school year, consisting mainly of 2012 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2011.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See thecontact page for more information.

Counts shown in BOLD are from June 2011 survey responses.  Responses in italics are estimates made by CollegeGymFans.com or are from last year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

College or University

# Available for incoming '12-'13 (total/remaining)

Air Force; roster
All appointments include

Ali Ables, Gwinnett, L10
Ryann Anderson, Southeastern, L10
Joey Ching, Kokokahi, L10
Shannen Kelly, Desert Devils, L10
Sarah Neumann, Twin City Twisters, L10; per club web site
Andrea Perea, Brown's, L9

Alabama; release; roster

Lauren Beers, Southern Tier, sr. international elite; per official web page
Carley Sims, JamJev, L10

Alaska; release; roster

4 / 0

Celina Brown, Arctic, L10
Stefany Bryan, SGA, L10

Randi Cutolo, Pinnacles, L10
Kaylie Davies-Briese, Azarian, L10
Mattie Gamble, Raleigh SOG
Marie-Sophie Boggas, Germany
M'rcy Matsunami, Premier, L10
Simone Penker, Austria
Nicole Wetzel, ASI, L10
Julia York, Gym Max, L10

Arizona; release; roster


Shelby Edwards, Carter's, L10; per club
Lexi Mills, WOGA, L10; per club
Jessie Sisler, Technique, L10
Christina Wood, Desert Devils, L10; not on roster
Krishna Yemany, Canadian Sr. High Performance

Arizona State; release; roster


Alexandra Cope, Parkettes, L10
Erin Hamister, Queen City, L10
Carissa Kraus, Gleason's, L10
Kristine Levin, WOGA, L10; per club
Stephanie Miceli, GMGC Gold Medal, L10; per NY USAG page
Risa Perez, Gymcats LV, L10
Allie Salas, Edge, L10

Arkansas; release; roster


Sydnie Dillard, Eagles Wing, L10
Heather Elswick, Capital, L10
Erin Freier, Geddart's, L10
Keara Glover, Dynamo, L10
Lily Hardin, WOGA, elite

Auburn; release; roster

5/ 0

Caitlin Atkinson, Cypress, Sr. International Elite
Arielle Bulls, transfer from SEMO
Kathyrn Kluz, Oakland, L10
Kelsey Kopec, Ultimate, L10
Kara Koster, Arena, L10

Ball State; release; roster

2 / 0

Maria Cross, Excalibur, L10
Tori Crowley, MGA Elite
Erin Patchey, World Class, L10; per newspaper

Boise State; release; release 2; roster

2 / 0

Caitlin Fovenyessy, San Mateo, L10
McKenna Hutcheson, Olympica Gymnastics Academy
Krystine Jacobsen, Excalibur, L10/former elite
Maddie Krentz, Arizona Sunrays, L10; per club
Molly McFarland, Team OC, L10
Marissa Wossner, IGI, L10; walkon

Bowling Green; release; roster

Katrina Carpenter, Frederick, L10
Caroline Ellingboe, North Shore, L10
Alyssa Nocella, Silvia's, L10; per recruiting service

Bridgeport (Div II);



Brown; roster


Delaney Brow, West Coast Elite, L10
Stephanie Choo, Tops (OH), L10
Alexandra Chretien, Oakland, L10
Alexa Cohen, Aerial East, L10
Corey Holman, Walker's, L10
Diana Walters, Crenshaw Athletic, L10

BYU; roster

Ashley Follett, So, Transfer from USU
Makenzie Johnson, Elite Champion, L10
Mikaela Jones, All American, L10
Eliane Kulczyk, Gym Plus, Canadian National Open
Madeleine Nilsson, Adrenaline, L10
Summer Raymond, Olympus, L10; per her web page
Emily Vidmar, Wildfire, L10; per club

California, Berkeley (Cal); release; roster


Kristina Heymann, Airborne, L10
Serena Leong, Edge, L10
Jordan Widener, LEGA, L10

California, Davis (UC Davis); release

2 full / 0

Ariel Horowitz, Waller's GymJam, L10; walkon per club
Taylor Baron, Liberty, L10
Heather Hescher, California Gymnastics Academy, L10
Dani Judal, Byer's, L10
Katie Nogaki, Wildfire, L10; per club
Stephanie Stamates, CGA, L10; per club
Jamie Yamashita, SCEGA, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA); release;  roster


Sophina DeJesus, SCEGA, sr. international elite
Danusia Francis, British National Team
Christine "Peng Peng" Lee, Canadian National Team; signed in 2011
Asi Peko, Brown's Las Vegas, former jr. international/L10, not in release

Centenary; release;  roster


Ronni Bear, Jenk's, L9
Megan Desjardins, US Gold, L9
Rachel Heckroth, Roach, L10
Casie Hood, Gymstars, L10
Rachael Satterhwaite, United Elite, L9
Kellie Slater, Pearland Elite, L10
Stephanie Strickler, Meadowview, L10

Central Michigan; roster


Taylor Bolender, Gymnastics World, L10
Jordan Charrette, Hunt's, L10
Lexi Lajeunesse, Stars, L10
Megan Lamphere, Grand Blanc, L10
Kiki Petzold, Olympia, L10
Karlee Teet, CGI, L10

Cornell; roster


Tayllor Allen, Colorado Aerials, L10
Alicia Bair, Zappa, L10
Hannah Clark, Miyagi's, L10
Kaylie Cronin, YellowJackets, L10

Madeline Martinez, Aerial Athletics, L10
Kennedy Prentice, Wright's, L10
Sophia Scazzero, IGI, L10
Sara Schupp, New England Sports Academy, L10
Julohn Teixeira, 10.0 Gymnastics, L10

Denver; Roster


Emily Barrett, Bart Connor, L10
Rachel Feeken, LaFleur's Tampa, L10
Madison Kilchrist, Champion's, L10
Maggie Laughlin, Carter's, L10; per club's web page
Kaitlin Menhinick, ENA Paramus, L10
Emily Novotny, Technique, L10
Morgan Tolman, Waller's GymJam, L10; walkon per club

Eastern Michigan; release; roster

2-3 / 0 - 1

Ashlin Chambliss, Ultimate, L10
Kimberly Ebeyer, Wright's, L10
Tiffany Foy, Everest, L10
Khadijah Hudson, Perfection Gymnastics, L10

Florida; release; roster


Bridgette "Bridgy" Caquatto, Legacy Elite, Sr. International Elite; per Gymnastike interview
Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, Canadian National Team
Morgan Frazier, Orlando Metro; will graduate early and join in Jan 2013
Bridget Sloan, Sharp's, Sr. International Elite; will defer

George Washington; roster

4 / 1

Tessa Bouman, AGA, L10
Alexsis Petrikis, X-Cel, L10; not on roster
Taylor Redmond, Galaxy, L10

Georgia; release; roster

3 / 0

Mary Beth Box, Cartersville, L10
Brandie Jay, GK's, Sr. International Eite
Brittany Rogers, Canadian Sr. High Performance; joining squad in January 2013
Anysia Unick, Stampede City, Canadian Sr. High Performance

Illinois; release; roster


Heather Foley, M&M, L10
Tori Fujinami, Pacific West, L10
Giana O'Connor, Gymnasti, L10

Illinois-Chicago; roster


Giulia Hindermann, Germany
Karensa Mitchell, Flicka, National Open
Sasha Vedenin, Gemini, National Open

Illinois State; release

3 /0

Danci Cha, LaFleur's WI, L10
Sarah Fisher, Park Avenue, L10; per club
Amanda Mohler, United, L10

Iowa; roster


Opua Calucag, West Coast Elite, L10
Rachel Chambers, Buffalo Grove, L10
Alie Glover, US Gold, L10
Adara Griffin, Spectrum, L10
Alyssa Lopez, Energym, L10
Kyla Trowbridge, Paragon, L10 will graduate early and join team

Iowa State; release; roster

5 / 0

Kristen DeCosta, Metroplex, L10
Annie Glasenapp, Fips, L10
Erin Lewallen, Houston Gymnastics Center, L10
Alex Marasco, Nebraska Gold, L10
Sammie Pearsall, IGI, L10
Sara Townsend, Legacy Elite, L10

Kent State; release; roster

3 / 0

Jaymi Baxter, Suncoast, L10
Amber Brown, Gymnastics World, L10
Nicolle Eastman, Geddert's Twistars, L10
Anna Genrich, Euro Stars, L10
Clare Heisey, Elite (OH), L10
Katlin Isaacs, Salem, L10
Kayla Kosmerl, Lake Erie, L10
Marissa Morus, X-Cel, L10
Kasey Pagani, Gymnastics World (OH), L10

Kentucky; release; roster

3 to 4 / 0

Jillian Chappel, ACE, L10
Tiara Phipps, Aerial Athletics, L10
Amy Roemmele, Oakland, L10
Montana Whittle, L10, Nebraska SOG; per newspaper

Lindenwood (Div II); release; roster

3 / 0

Tori Beckwith, Colorado Aerials, L10
Lauren Cartmell, CGI, L10
Trystien Charles, Gwinnett, L10
Alicia Floyd, Airborne, L10
Daniela Fumagalli, Aerial Athletics, L10
Courtney Heise, Colorado Aerials, L10
Valeri Ingui, Rockdale, Georgia
Leviticus Knighten, Coast Elite, L10
Katie Kuehl, Team Central, L10
Karoline Sondov, Norway
Emily Turik, transfer from Bridgeport
Rachel Zabawa, Nebraska Gold, L10

LSU; release; roster


Michelle Gauthier, North Shore, L10
Britney Ranzy, transfer from Oregon State
Jessica Savona, Oakville, Sr. High Performance
Randii Wyrick, Brown's LV, L10

Maryland; release; roster


Haley Jones, First State, L10
Bailey Philbin, Hill's, L10
Kathy Tang, Daggett's, L10
Alex Zimmerman, Skyline, L10

Michigan; release; roster

3 / 0

Briley Casanova, WOGA, L10/elite
Austin Sheppard, Golden Grip, L10
Morgan Smith, Brandy Johnson's, sr. international elite
Lindsay Williams, Splitz, L10

Michigan State; release; roster

3 /0

Jodi Andrews, Geddert's, L10; walkon per club
Lisa Burt, ACE Gymnastics, L10
Nicola Deans, Futures, National Open; per newspaper
Kate Filosi, NEGX, L10, per newspaper
Taylor Gantz, MAC, L9
Brittany Holmes, Geddart's, L10; per Region 5 page
Kelsey Thomas, Euro Stars, L10
Christine Wilson, Grand Ledge HS/Twistars

Minnesota; release; roster

4 /0

Madeline Hanley, Parkettes, sr. international elite
Sarah Lokos, Hill's, L10
Lindsay Mable, CGI, L10
Hanna Nordquist, Twin City, L10

Missouri; release; Roster

3 / 0

Blair Elmore, Champions, L10
Miranda Eubanks, Champion, L10
Rachel Henderson, Mat Trotters, L10; per newspaper

Nebraska; roster

3-4 / 1-2

Jordyn Beck, McCracken's, L10
Hollie Blanske, Twin City, L10
Ariel Martin, IGI, L10
Madison McConkey, Nebraska SOG, L10

New Hampshire; release; roster

4 / 0

Kelsie Aucoin, Metroplex, L10
Lauren Brodie, Gymnastics World, L10
Rebekah Bubnar, Buckeye, L10
Catarina Broccoli, Deary's, L10
Cassy Izzo, RISE, L10
Brittany Prestia, Silvia's, L10
Alexa Profit, GMGC, L10
Elissa Solomon, Arena, L10
Courtney Thompson, Atlantic, L10

North Carolina; release; roster

1 in;1 out;1 out partial; 0

Lexi Cappalli, IGI, L10
Josselyn Mackey, Xtreme, L10
Sarah Peterson, Mid Island, L10

North Carolina State; release; roster

4 /1

Aubrey Hine, Prestige, L10
Anita Medolla, Gold Medal, L10
Christine Shrager, Sonshine, L10
Courtney Turner, Gymnastics & More, L10
Brittni Watkins, World Class, L10
Michaela Woodford, Sun Country, L10

Northern Illinois; release

3 / 0

Lauren Africano, United, L10
Natalie Amadio, Libertyville, L10
Kylie Clark, IGI, L10
Jaelyn Olsen, Mat Trotters, L10

Ohio State; release; rosterroster

4 / 0

Rachel Abrams, Rowland Ballard, L10
Michaela Cologie, Hocking Valley
Maggie Dunn, Brestyan's, L10
Maddie Herr, Vasi's International Gymnastics; not in release
Samantha Kent, Ocean State, L10
Audrey Tolbert, Frederick, L10
Andrea Vazquez, Orlando Metro, L10

Oklahoma; release; roster

3 / 0

Maile'ana Kanewa, The Gym Academy, L10
Keeley Kmieciak, Phenom, L10
Hunter Price, Aerial Athletic, L10
Haley Scaman, IGI, L10

Oregon State; release; roster

5 / 0

Erika Aufiero, Deltchev, L10
Sarah Cerami, Oroville, L10; walkon; not on roster
Hailey Gaspar, transfer from Boise State
Sarah Marquez, Airborne, L10
Nicole Turner, Metroplex, L10
Jaime Wright, Northwest Gymnastics, L10

Penn; roster


Emma Craig, Airborne, L10
Amber Hu, Waller's GymJam, L10

Carissa Lim, Gym Max, L10
Emily Paterson, NESA, L10
Elyse Shenberger, ASAP, L10
Morgan Venuti, Zappa Athletic, L10

Penn State; release; roster

3 / 0

Taylor Alotta, Parkettes, L10
Alyssa DiFrancesco, Prestige, L10
Alix Faden, Gold Medal, L10
Shealyn Farley, Prestige, L10
Hannah Kobman, Queen City, L10
Kelsey Kreider, Parkettes, L10
Sammie Musto, Atlantic Coast, L10
Sidney Sanabria-Robles, transfer from LSU
Savanah Soares, Aim High, L9

Pittsburgh; release; release; roster

3 to 4 / 0

Laura Kummerle, Raleigh, L10
Jacqueline Lucci, Parkettes, L10
Lindsay Offutt, Oakland, L10 
Maebelle Pacheco, Gymstrada, L10
Nicole Pearson, Sylvia's, L10
Ellie Pikula, Excel, L10
Lisa Soto, Southeastern, L10

Rutgers; release; release 2; roster

3 / 0

Aziza Day, Gwinnett, L10
Claudia Salinas, US Gymnastics, L10
Katie Stebick, Lakette's, L10

Danielle Verdon, Rebound, L10
Candace Walton, North Metro, L10
Jenna Williams, Will-Moor, L10
Nicolette Williams, Precision, L10

Sacramento State; release; roster

2 / 0

Alyssa Anderson, Paramount Elite, L10
Brennan Bailes, Poway, L10

Cassie Benning, Byers, L10
Jesse Williams, GymJam, L10

San Jose State; release; roster

4 /0

Amy Bellingham, South Coast, L10
Allison Bellingham, South Coast, L10
Nicole Corkill, Edge, L10
Hannah Gilbert, JAG, L10
Jasmine Holmes, Waller's GymJam, L10
Alyssa Kaschak, Metroplex, L10
Adrianne Manseau, Pacific West, L10
Marissa Unpingco, Edge, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II); roster


Raynie Hultgren, Northwest Aerials, L9
Maria Hundley, JET, L10; per GNAC
Alexa Okamura, Gym East, L10
Alyssa Ortiz, Team Dynamics, L10
Rain Sullivan, HD, L9
Madison Webster, Stars (CO), L10

Southeast Missouri; release; roster

2/ potential for partial

Hayli Huiner, IGI, L10; not on roster
Taylor Penzien, Olympia, L10; not on roster

Southern Connecticut State (Div II); roster


Victoria Caputo, GMGC, L9
Austin Page, Central PA, L9
Nicole Pruchnik, Kaleidoscope, L10
Meagan Puccio, New Image, L10
Jennifer Rochefort, GGA, L10
Rachel de la Torre, Chelsea Piers, L10
Jasmine Zambrana, Nina's, L10

Southern Utah;  release; roster

Arlyn Amor, Geddert's Twistars, L10; per club
Virginia Brownsell, Pacific Coast, L10
Baylie Divino, Olympus, L10
Kiki Parenteau, FLIPS MN, L10
Erin Stone, Avant Couer, L10; walkon
Natalie Trejo, Deltchev, L10
Stacie Webb, Gym Max, L10

Stanford; release; roster


Melissa Chuang, Airborne, L10; per club
Jenna Frowein, HITS, L10
Taylor Rice, Gymcats, L10; per club
Maggie Teets, Colorado Aerials, L10; will join

Temple; release; roster


Tara Kilkenney, New Image, L10
Reagan Oliveri, Cherry Hill, L10
Hannah Popper, Top Flight, L10
Danielle Vahala, Summerville, L10
Mary Kate Walch, Surgent's Elite

Texas Woman's (Div II); roster

Half / 0

Ashleigh Gillis, Stars, L10
Madison Kremer, Aerial, L10
Ciara Maradiaga, transfer from Centenary
Payton Shoemaker, United Elite, L10

Towson;  release; roster

4-5 partial / 0 - 1

Abby Griswold, Daggett's, L10
Erin Odom, Texas East, L10
Rebecca Osmer, Docksiders, L10
Katie Sassa, Silvia's, L10
Lydia Thompson, Harford, L10
Vicki Vesecky, Apex
Samantha Ward, Unique Sports Academy, L10

Utah; release; release 2; roster

Taylor Allexx, Classic, L10; will graduate and join early
Breanna Hughes, Twin City Twisters, L10; per club web page
Haley Lange, Auburn Gymnastics Center, L10; per club

Utah State;  release;  roster

3 / 0

JoAnna Cuba, Acrotex, L10
Stefanie Daley, transfer from Oregon State
Destiny Ezell, Tampa Bay Turners, L10
McKenzey Martinez, Magic Valley, L10
Hayley Sanzotti, IGI, L10
Michelle Yasukochi, Seawind, L10

Washington; release; release 2; roster

3 - 4 / 0

Eliza Barach, World Class, L10; per personal web page
Kiersten Graber, Arizona Dreams, L10
Sheridan Metcalf, Desert Devils, L10; per personal web page
Allison Northey, Gym East, L10; per club

Western Michigan; release;  roster

3 / 0

Jessica Buis, Champions USA (MI), L10
Miya Dotson, Oakland, L10
Kayla Weber, Olympia

West Virginia; release; roster

2 / 0

Gina Costa, Airborne CA, L10
Melissa Idell, First State, L10; walkon
Jaida Lawrence, NEGX, L10

William and Mary; roster


Alyssa Glass, Frederick, L10
Taylor James, JAG, L10
Amanda McGee, Excalibur, L10
Caroline Ramirez-Gaston, Capital, L10
Brittany Stover, SIGS, L10

Yale; roster


Chloe Nelson, Olympic Warrior, L10
Camilla Opperman, Airborne CA, L10
Brittney Sooksendao, KGDC, L10

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About this List: This list contains gymnasts who have publicly committed to Division I & II schools for the 2012-2013 season.  The Recruitables section contains a partial listing of athletes believed to be eligible for signing.  These athletes will sign in November 2011 or the Spring of 2012 for entry into college in the Fall of 2012.  Nearly all will graduate high school in the Spring of 2012.  As always, corrections are welcomed and encouraged.

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