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Q1: Where are regionals and nationals being held?

A1: The Women's national/regionals sites:

Women's Schedule:  2024-2026

Meet 2024 2025 2026
Nationals Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU) Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU) Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU)











Oregon State





2024:  Ohio State

2025:  Michigan

2026:  Illinois


Q2: How do Women's teams qualify for Nationals?

A2: The Top 36 teams ranked by their Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) will qualify to the Regionals. See Q4 below for an explanation of the RQS.  9 teams will be selected into each of the four Regionals.  The first day, the two lowest rated squads in the Regional will have a "play-in" dual meet to qualify to the Regional semi-final.  Two sessions of four teams will compete on the second day, with two advancing from each session.  Finally, at the Regional Final, the top two (of four) will advance.

The 8 teams will qualify to the National Semi-Finals.  Four teams will compete in each session, with two from each to advance to the "Four on the Floor" final. 

Q3: What is the Women's NQS?

A3: The Negional Qualifying Score (NQS) is determined from the total of a team's best three away meet scores plus top three home or away scores. The high score is thrown out and remaining five are averaged.

Q4: How are Conference meets treated in the RQS?

A4: The host team must count the Conference Meet as a home meet. For the rest, its an away meet.

Q5: How are the Women's teams seeded?

A5: The Women are seeded by criteria established by the NCAA Committee.  The Top 16 teams by NQS will be seeded into each of the four Regions.  Quartets of teams will be formed, with teams 1-16-8-9, 2-15-7-10, 3-14-6-11. and 4-13-5-12.  Regional hosts are assured of staying at home.  Thus, if there is a Regional host in the Top 16, they will anchor the quartet to that location.  If two or more hosts are in the same quartet, it will be broken up with the highest ranked host getting the original quartet, but the other host will be exchanged with another non-hosting seed with two places of their rank.  The other teams will be seeded into their closest host Region, with those with 400 miles of a location having precedence.  Generally, teams 29 to 36 will be seeded into a play-in round.  However, if there is a conflict due to geoproximity or other reason, a higher ranked seed may be given a play-in round instead.  The committee will also try to avoid conference rematches and overrepresentation in a single region, which at times can be at odds with the other critera.    

Q6: How do individuals qualify to Women's Nationals?

A5: The women can qualify to Nationals as All-Arounders or Event Winners. The top AAers in each Regional, NOT on a qualifying team advance to Nationals. The top event placer not on an advancing team on each individual event will also qualify.