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Code and Rules

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Q1: Where can I find the vault start value table for NCAA?

A1: You can find the women's vault table in the Code Modifications at the Judges' Association web site. This vault table is usually revised each Fall, but small changes are typical.

Q2: What rules do the NCAA women use? How do they differ from the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics rules?

A2: The NCAA uses a modified version of the USA Gymnastics Development Program rules for Level 10. These differences and clarifications are explained in documents posted on the National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges site. Rules can change on an annual basis. It is also important to note changes in rules and evaluations for the JO L10 program. The NCAA largely adopts these changes for each season. For example, changes in the way certain skills are evaluated or specific examples of compositional deductions may be clarified each season.

Q3: Where can I find out more about execution deductions and other less obvious deductions (for women)? Have these changed for this season?

A3: Summary articles of each code change are usually posted in the Features section prior to the start of the season.

Q4: When will the Women's rule updates be published?

A4: The rules are generally approved and published by the Coaches' Committee in the Fall. All changes usually mirror changes in the JO Program, so look to the USA Gymnastics website for early indications of possible changes.

Q5: What rules do the men use?

A5: The NCAA Men use a modified code based on the FIG Code of Points.  The open ended scoring system has been adopted.  A different set of modifications are used for GymACT teams.    

Q6: When did the NCAA adopt the new vault table?

A6: The men adopted the table in 2001-2002. The women adopted the new vaulting table in the 2002-2003 season.

Q7: Where can I find a copy of the FIG code?

A7: The FIG Code of Points print edition is available for purchase from the FIG and its member organizations, such as USA Gymnastics (online store). A PDF is available for download for free from the FIG website.  The USA Gymnastics Development Program Code is only available by order in Google eBook form from the USA Gymnastics web store.