2013-2014 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2013-2014 school year, consisting mainly of 2013 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in GREEN BOLD are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2012.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See thecontact page for more information.

Counts shown in GREEN BOLD are from the most recent July 2012 survey responses.  Responses in italics are estimates made by CollegeGymFans.com or are from last year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

College or University

# Available for incoming '13-'14 (total/remaining)

Air Force; release;  roster
All appointments include

Cara Curran, Jet Gymnastics, L9
Darby Germain, Kennett School, L10
Anne Graft, Aerial, L10
Ashley Landry, World Class, L10
Emily Martin, Desert Lights, L10
Hannah Wilken, Tags South, L10
Kara Witgen, Olympia, L10

Alabama; release; release 2; roster

4 / 0

Katie Bailey, High Point, L10
Amanda Jetter, CGA, Sr. International Elite
Keely McNeer, Courthouse, L10/former elite
Dominique Pegg, Bluewater, Canadian National Team
Mary Lillian Sanders, Prattville, L10
Aja Sims, Brandy Johnson's, Sr. International Elite; joining in January

Alaska; release; roster

2 to 4  / 0 to 1

Natalia Joyce, Excalibur, L10
Kelsy Hyvonen-Konkright, Gymnastics, Plus, L10
Nicole Larkin, Mid Columbia, L10
Brice Mizell, Leading Edge, L10
Kallie Randolph, AGA, L9
Molly Reiter, GymJam, L10
Julia York, Gym Max, L10

Arizona; release; roster


Gabby (Bowling) Laub, Krafft, L10
Selynna Felix-Terrazas, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Krysten Howard, Oasis, L10
Mackenzie Valentin, Bart Connor, L10

Arizona State; release; release 2;  roster


Savannah Borman, World Class, L10
Rebekah Conrad, World Class, L10
Gilly Hogue, Gymnastics & More, L10
Victoria Marquez, Precision, L10
Kellie Wanamaker, Parkettes, Elite

Arkansas; roster

4 / 0

Emily Bates, Central California, L10
Molly Drenth, Golden City, L10; will graduate early and join in January 2014
Samantha Nelson, Ace (MA), L10
Paris Ryder, GMGC, L10
Amanda Wellick, Legacy Elite, L10

Auburn; release;  roster

2 / 0

Kullen Hlawek, Champion, L10
Meggie Lim, Huntsville, L10
Mary Jane Rott, Rising Stars, L10
Lucia Scaglione, LaFleur's Tampa, L10
Miranda Telmanik, Docksiders, L10

Ball State; roster

Shelby Arms, SIGS, L10
Kayla Beckler, Perfection, L10
Juliana Booth, Queen City, L10
Sarah Ebeyer, Wright's, L10
Miranda Kuehl, Success, L10
Bailey Olesky, Wright's, L10
Jala Washington, Wright's, L10

Boise State; release; roster

4 / 0

Mackenzie Bennion, Brown's, L10
Mary Francis Bir, SCATS HB, L10
McKenna Bird, Bronco Elite, L9
Brooke Graham, NAAG, L10
Diana Mejia, MAC, L10
Paige Urquhart, Twin City Twisters, L10

Bowling Green; release; roster

3 / 0

Lauren Feely, Ultimate Gymnastics, L10
Simone Freidman, Capital, L10
Victoria Heath, Skyline,
Brianna McGuffie, Georgia Gymnastics Academy, L10
Rachel Reis, TNT, L10

Bridgeport (Div II); roster


Bethany DiCarlo, Silvia's, L10
Rachel DiCarlo, Silvia's, L10
Amber Hill, All Stars (CT), L10
Kimberly Kunert, Poway, L9
Christine Liautaud, Trinity, L10; per newspaper will sign in Spring

Lindsay Panza, New Image, L10
Brianna Quinn, New Image, L10
Hope Tralli, Galaxy, L10

Brown; roster


Renee Edelman, Twin City Twisters, L9
Tori Kinamon, Newnan, L10
Caroline Morant, Legacy Elite, L10
Brooke Williams, Gymnastics East, L10

BYU; roster

Kendall Adams, USA Gymnastics World, L10
Emily Cannon, Olympus, L9
Jordan Dalebout, WOGA, L10
Kyleigh Greenlief, Champions, L10
Taylor Harward, USA Gymnastics World, L10
Abby Rieder, United Sports Academy, L10; per newspaper
Sin To, University of Calgary Gymnastics Club, National Open
Rachel Tucker, Desert Devils, L10
Brittni Wilde, Idaho Elite, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal); release; roster


Isabelle Castillo, California Gymnastics Academy, L10; not in release
Zoe Draghi, Wildfire, L10

Dana Ho, WOGA, L10; per official website
Jessica Howe, WOGA, sr. international elite; per official website
Charlie Owens, Charter Oak, L10; per club
Desiree Palomares, Charter Oak, L10; per club
Emily Richardson, WOGA, L10; reportedly joining in January 2014
Amber Takara, Auburn, L10; per club

California, Davis (UC Davis); roster


Shayla Barnett, Paramount Elite, L10
Whitney Estrada, HD Gymnastics, L9
Emma Hicks, Cenntral California, L9
Rachel Kreager, San Mateo, L10
Yonni Michovska, San Mateo, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA); release; release 2; roster

4 / 0

Angela "Angi" Cipra, Desert Devils, L10
Mikaela Gerber, Oakville, Sr. High Performance (Elite)
Jessy MacArthur, Waller's GymJam, L10; walkon
Hallie Mossett, West Coast Elite, Sr. International Elite
Jennifer Pinches, Great Britain National Team, Elite
Alex Waller, Waller's GymJam, L10; walkon

Centenary; release;   release 2; roster


Jordan Anderson, Metroplex, L10
Megan Frazzini, CGI, L10
Saxon Reaux, Sky High Sports, L10
Allison Scates, Bannon's, L10
Hannah Dee Smith, Bama Bounders, L10; Transfer from Hamline

Central Michigan; roster

1 / 0

Rachel Carr, DeVeau's, L10; per newspaper
Caroline Fitzpatrick, Arena, L10
Kara Podgorski, Libertyville, L10
Shaila Segal, Dreary's, L10
Kirstin Stambaugh, Prestige, L10

Cornell; roster


Alexandra Bourgeois, 3D, L10
Krystin Chiellini, Golden City, L10
Elana Molotsky, Jersey Jets, L10
Audrey Ryals, Gymnastics East, L10

Denver; release;  roster


Rachel Fielitz, ENA, L10
Leah Lomonte, Champion (TX), L10
Julia Ross, Brown's, L10

Eastern Michigan; release; release 2; roster

2 / 0

Kelsie Brooks, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta, L10
Natalie Gervais, Springers, National Open
Bianca Jordaan, Oakville, Canadian Sr. High Performance
Sydney McEachern, Springers, National Open; per recruiting service
Lacey Rubin, New Image, L10
Taylor Young-Smith, Buckeye, L10

Florida; release;  roster


Claire Boyce, Texas Dreams, sr. international elite; per website
Silvia Colussi-Pelaez, Oakville, Spanish National Team

George Washington; Release; roster

3 / 0

Kaitlin Cowles, NEGX, L10
Alex DeMoura, New Image, L10
Chelsea Raineri, Silvia's, L10
Kaila Soloman, ENA Paramus, L10

Georgia; release;  roster

4 / 0

Ashlyn Broussard, WOGA, L10; per website
Kiera Brown, World Class, L10
Lauren Johnson, Gwinnett, L10
Morgan Reynolds, Georgia Elite, L10
Beth Roberts, Dream It, L10
Rachel Schick, West Coast Elite, L10

Illinois; release; release 2;  roster

3 / 0

Erin Buchanan, Capital, L10
Mary Jane Horth, Gymnastics World, L10
Suren Kanchana-Valeerat, Naydenov, L10
Emily Lennon, Team Gymtastics, Sr. High Performance
Sarah Lyons, Aerial Athletics, L10

Illinois-Chicago; roster


Riley Cholod, Gemini, Canada National Open
Emily DeCesare, New England Sports Academy, L10
Michelle Lozneanu, American Academy, L10
Nicole Szabo, Johannesburg Gymnastics Center, South Africa
Nikki Woodruff, JAG, L10

Illinois State; release; roster

4 / 0

Kristyn Bossle, Phenom, L10
Sally Cooper, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, L10
Sydney Kennedy, Eagles, L10
Demi Pas, Stampede City, Canadian National Open
Samantha Ward, Capital City, Canadian National Open

Iowa; release;  roster


Jordyn Doherty, Eagles, L10
Ashleigh Edlin, Clarksville, L10
Amanda Kowalski, Perfection, L10
Caroline McCrady, TAGS South, L10
Angel Metcalf, International Sports Center, L10
Alexis Mura, World Class, L10

Iowa State; release; release 2; release 3; roster

2 / 0

Allie Hansen, United Gymnastics, L10
Lily Hardman, Capital, L10
Rebecca McRobbie, WOGA, L10

Kent State; release;  roster


Ellen Demarest; Gahanna Cyclone, L10
Milena Fabry; First Flips,, L10
Samantha Gordon, West Broward, L9
Jordan Hardison, Salto, L10
Skyelee LaMano, USA Gymnastics World, L10
Olivia Trout, All Around, L10

Kentucky; roster

1 / 0

Alyssa Bertoni, Frederick, L10
Kirstin Canini, X-Treme, L10
Taylor Puryear, Unique Sports Academy, L10

Lindenwood (Div II); roster

4 / 0

Ajiea Hargrabe, Parkettes, L10
Aubree Horn, Prestige, L10
Arianna Luther, United, L9
MacKenzie McMullen, Carter's, L10
Olivia Oswalt, Wright's, L9
Hannah Rector, Xtreme, L10

LSU; release; release 2;  roster


Sydney Ewing, Acadian Gymanstics, L10
Ashleigh Gnat, Ace, L10
Shonacee Oliva, Brandy Johnson's, L10
Shae Zamardi, Flicka, Canadian Sr. High Performance

Maryland; release;  roster


Emily Brauckmuller, Orlando Metro, L10
Nikki Chung, Australian National Team
Nicole Dragon, Galaxy, L10
Sarah Faller, Sunshine, L10
Leah Slobodin, Capital, L10

Michigan; release; release 2;  roster

4 to 5 / 1 or 2

Nicole Artz, Champion, L10
Talia Chiarelli, Brestyan's, Canadian Sr. High Performance
Brooke Parker, JR, transfer from Bama

Michigan State; release;  roster

2 / 0

Kira Frederick, North Florida, L10
Elena Lagoski, Northeast, L10
Katie Richter, Aerial, L10
Holly Ryan, Water's Edge, L10
Jessica Shostak, Balance Institute, L10
Mackenzie Smith, Midwest Twisters, L10
Jane Winstead, Apollo, L10

Minnesota; release; release 2; release 3; roster

2 / 0

Bailey Abernathy, CGI, L10; walkon
Athena Geisness, Midwest, L10; walkon
Rachel Haines, Geddert's, L10; per club
Bailie Holst, Premier, L10; graduating early
Kaitlin Rahon, KIPS, L10; graduating early

Missouri; release; release 2; roster


Anna Bowers, National Elite, L10
Hannah Finnegan, GAGE, L10
Alyson Heimsath, Stars, L10
Angie Kern, Show Me, L10
Lark Poladnik, Metroplex, L10
Sasha Sander, Champion (KY), L10

Nebraska; release;  roster

2 / 0

Jennie Laeng, Oympic Dreams, L10
Ashley Lambert, World Class, L10

New Hampshire; roster

3 / 0

Jessica Garcia, Sonshine, L10
Kaylor Kelley, Premier Athletics, L10
Jennifer King, Devlin, L10
Meghan Pflieger, Valley Gymnastics, L10

North Carolina; release;  roster

2 / 0

Margaret Brown, Southeastern, L10
Megan Marenghi, WOGA, L10; per website
Christina Pheil, Tampa Bay Turners, L10; per club

North Carolina State; release; roster

3 /0

Courtney Bisbe, High Point, L10
Amanda Fillard, New Image, L10; not in release
Courtney Leighton, Southeastern, L10
Meghan Quinn, Southern Tier, L10
Hannah Sobhan, Raleigh SOG, L9

Northern Illinois; release;  roster

3 / 0

Jamyra Carter, Splitz, L10
Taylor Crumley, Buffalo Grove, L10
Courtney Dowdell, United Gymnastics Academy, L10
Megan Gilliam, DeVeau's, L10
Megan Greenfield, Trinity, L10
Brittany Wenzel, Universal Gymnastics, L10

Ohio State; release; release 2;  roster

3 / 0

Michelle Burns, St. Louis, L10
Tenille Funches, Arena, L10
Anna Hill, Twistars, L10
Erin Malone, Connecticut Gymnastics, L10
Jaine' VanPutten, North Stars, L10

Oklahoma; release;  roster

4 / 0

Chayse Capps, Infinite Bounds, L10
Reagan Hemry, Bart Connors, L10
Charity Jones, Dynamo, L10
Kara Lovan, Trinity, L10
McKenzie Wofford, Zenith Elite, sr. international elite; graduating early, originally 2014-2015

Oregon State; release; release 2; roster


Madeline Gardiner, Dynamo, Sr. High Performance, Canada
Megan Jimenez, Precision, L10
Kana Kobayashi, Olympus, L10
Kaytianna McMillan, NAAG, L10
Taylor Ricci, Flicka, Sr. High Performance

Penn;  roster


Jill Fordiani, 10.0 Academy, L10
Rachel Graham, Precision, L10
Maiko Suarez, Brown's LV, L10; per newspaper
Kelly Tan, Airborne, L10

Penn State; release;  roster

3 / 0

Nicole Medvitz, ENA Paramus, L10; per website
Christina Postiglione, GMGC, L10; per NY USAG
Emma Sibson, Zenith Elite, Canadian Sr. High Performance

Pittsburgh; release;  roster

1 to 2 /0 to 1

Kelly Burak, Arcadia, L10; walkon
Tracey Pearson, United Gymnastix, L10
Erika Reichert, Orlando Metro, L10

Rutgers; release;  roster


April Baker, Brestyan's, L10
Claire Jones, Precision, L10
Taylor Le Moal, World Class, L9/L10
Charly Santagado, Orlando Metro, L10

San Jose State; release;  roster

3 /0

Casey Dreyer, University of Gymnastics, L10
Kiana Gordon, Pacific West, L010
Rachel Heinl, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Erica Matos, Airborne, L10
Nidhi Pradhan, Pacific West, L9
Haleigh Shepard, California Gymnastics Academy, L10

Sacramento State; release;  roster

2 / 0

Emily Bolton, Mid-Columbia, L10
Anneke Klaver, Byers Elk Grove, L10
Julia Konner, Apollo, L10
Megan Kyle, Gym Max, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II);  release; roster

3 Partials

Breana Beltram, Champions, L10
Paige Blaney, Altadore, National Open
Lauren Glover, GK, L10
Kristi Hayashida, HITS, L10
Tracie Villanueva, HITS, L10
Renee Zografos, SCEGA, L10; per club

Southern Connecticut State (Div II); roster


Abigail Bensley, AJS Pancott, L10
Rotem Porat, West Broward, L10
Christine Volz, Queen City, L10

Southern Utah; release;  roster

3 / 0

Madyson Blake, Idaho Elite, L10
Tyly Bozzuto, Desert Lights, L10
Courtney Miller, Cascade All-Stars, L10
Danielle Ramierez, Wildfire, L10
Memory Shettles, Georgia Gymnastics Academy, L10
Sydney Townsend, Olympus, L10
Kirsten Yee, Azarian/SCATS, L10

Southeast Missouri; release;  release 2; roster

2, or 3 partials / 0

Chelsi Hamilton, Top Flight, L10
Lauren Israel, Xtreme, L10
Chloe Marshall, Kansas Gymnastics and Cheer
Alex Stokes, Flyaways, L10
Ashley Thomas, SCEGA, L10
Alyssa Tucker, Team Attraction, L10
Bailey Walker, Classic, L10

Stanford; roster

3 / 0

Rachel Daum, Stars, L10/former jr international
Carinne Gale, Monarch's, L10/former jr. international
Sophia Lee, WOGA, sr. international elite/L10; per official website
Danielle McNair, Gym Max, L10/former elite
Nicolette McNair, Gym Max, L10/former Sr. International Elite
Haley Spector, Deltchev's, L10; walkon

Temple; roster


Rachel Kudler, Rebound, L10
Rebecca McAndrew, Silvia, L10
Erin McCane, World Class, L10
Briana Odom, Unique Sports Academy, L10
Mikaela Postlethwait, Albuquerque, L10
Victoria Reggiani, Gold Medal, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II); roster

5 halfs / 0 half

Carley Carter, Mat Trotters, L10
Amanda Dickerson, Hopes and Dreams, L10
Ashlynn Gibson, Zenithe Elite, L10
Emily Repnicki, Rebound, L10
Katie Simpson, Seawind, L10

Towson; release;  roster

2 partial / 0

Bayleigh Fobes, Galaxy, L10
Bailey Gallagher, Berk's, L10
Bridget Steffen, World Class, L10

Utah; release;  roster

1 / 0

Baely Rowe, Auburn, L10; per club

Utah State; release;  roster

2  / 0

Charly Belliston, Hunt's, L10
Makayla Betz, Olympus, L10
Katie Brown, Bart Connor, L10
Bailey McIntire, Edge, L10
Emily Rickman, Texas East, L10

Washington; release; release 2; roster

3 to 4 / 0

Kaitlyn Duranczyk, Edge, L10
Janae Janik, All Olympia, L10
Jessica Nesis, Gymnastics East, L10; walkon
Stephanie Stowe, Desert Devils, L10
Alex Yacalis, Southern Tier, L10

Western Michigan; release; roster


Brittany Aragon, Geddart's, L10
Madison Bonofiglio, Twistars, L9
Anna Corbett, Aerials, L10
Emilee Incammicia, Stars & Stripes, L10
Audrey Merritt, Oshkosh, L10
Jessica Peszek, DeVeau's, L10
Cassidy Robinson, Twistars, L9
Lauren Vandenberg, Oakland, L10

West Virginia; release; roster

4 / 0

Brooklyn Doggette, Buckeye, L10
Alexa Goldberg, Central Bucks, L10
Emma Lasker, Rochester, L10
Lindsey Litten, So, transfer from CMU
Mackenzie Myers, Frederick, L10
Rachel Sine, Girl's Co-Op, L10
Nicolette Swoboda, GMGC, L10

William and Mary; roster


Briana Gironda, Head Over Heels (OH), L10
Olivia O'Connor, New Image, L10

Yale; roster


Anella Anderson, Central Bucks, L10
Kacie Traina, West Coast Elite, L10
Mitzi Unda-Sosa, WOGA, L10/Mexico Elite
Tatiana Winkelman, Massachusetts Gymnastics Center, L10

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