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2026 Recruit Ratings

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Our ratings of the top recruits in the Class of 2026 (for frosh that will enter in the 2025-2026 seasons) are now available.  Continue to read below to find out more.  The ratings were done by applying a predominantly non-subjective and quantitative rating system that is explained in this article:  LINK

Fine differences in levels of achievement, skills competed, execution, scores and placements may impact a gymnast's rating.  All are very accomplished and skilled gymnasts, and many talented gymnasts are not included here.  If you feel an athlete should have qualified to the list, due to missing data or video evidence please use the contact information to send in the athlete's name, and if possible provide a link to the missing qualifying information. 

Ratings will be finalized by September 2026, prior to the start of an athlete's freshman year.  At that time, uncommitted athletes will be removed.  All athletes within a star category are listed in alphabetic order (by first name), not in any rated order.  Certain athletes have rolled over from prior years, and there are continued to be listed until they definitively declare an intent not to go to college for gymnastics.  Several elite gymnasts in this particular class   

This is the first time we have rated recruits, just when they've become eligible for recruiting for the first time.  This tested our non-subjective methodology, and in the process, uncovered several interesting trends.  Because these gymnasts have just completed their sophomore years, they are much more likely to have experienced a half star deduction for missing difficulty or for inconsistency.  Some gymnasts are rated on just one season of L10 competition, as they have only just moved up from Level 9.  We would expect some gymnasts to improve their rating in the next two years, as their consistency improves, add an additional season of competition, and they add difficulty.  Gymnasts in this age range may not yet compete a vault a 9.95 NCAA Start Value, like a Yurchenko layout, or may lack the required releases, skills, combos, or dismounts on UB to start from a 10.  These two events are the two most common areas of future development in this class.  We are not assessing a gymnast's ability to upgrade their skill set, but will update their ranking in their future.  Although at first we were concerned that we would have to adjust our rating criteria to adapt to this difference, but in the end we ended up with a very comparable distribution of ratings with in the class, at least in comparison to prior years.  Some gymnasts, however, will have the opportunity to increase their rating in the next competitive season(s).

The updated Class of 2024 ratings are found here:  Link  The 2025 rankings are found here:  Link

Last Revision:  6/17/24  (Note:  entries are finalized by September 2026)


5 Stars

Dulcy Caylor
Hezly Rivera
Jayla Hang
Jordyn Johnson
Madray Johnson
Presley Duke
Simone Rose
Sofia Estrada
Zoey Molomo


4.5 Stars

Abigail Martin (UK)
Addie Sarisky
Annalisa Milton
Ariana Frechette
CaMarah Williams
Ella Fine
Eveylynn Lowe
Imani White
Kieryn Finnell
Michelle Pineda 
Nicole Desmond
Paige Alexander
Ronnie Amey
Sutton Strasser
Tori Hess


4 Stars

Alicia Zhou
Audrey Snyder
Avery Moll
Avery Schlicting
Ayla Miller
Cameron Tassone
Ellla Kate Parker
Ema Kandalova
Gabrielle Black
Izzy Stassi
Jazlene Pickens
Leigh Anne Elliott
Malea Milton
Olivia Choi
Shea Orlando


3.5 Stars

Aaliyah De Sousa
Addison Megill
Adele Ossi
Carly Weinberg
Emerson Gaa
Jazmyn Jimenez
Lacie Saltzmann
Morgan Reihl
Oaklie Deputy
Raeya Linton


3 Star

Allanah Portalatin
Avery Moss
Cristella Brunetti-Burns
Daelin Diaz-Luong
Emma Friedman
Finley Scott
Gabby Pierson
Grace Weisser
Isabelle David
Jada Kim
Jolyn Sicat Valeros
Julia Cotter
Julia Rausa
Keira Lebovitz
Kendall Knox
Kendall Morgan
Kendall Torrens
Kylee McQueen
Lily Power
Lindsey Merdes
Lindsay Pseja
Mackenzie Showers
Madison Snyder
Morgan Jewell
Simone Brown
Sophia Henry
Sydney Snyder
Zoe Tsaprailis
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