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Wednesday, 10 March 2010 20:13

2010-11 Emily Anderson to NCSU

Emily Anderson, L10 from Colorado Aerials, has committed to NCSU for the 2010-11 season.  She recently finished 5th AA at the Northern Lights Classic.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010 09:36

2010-11 Heidi Beckerich to Brockport

Heidi Beckerich, L10 from Deveau's in Indiana, has committed to Brockport for the 2010-11 season.
Monday, 08 March 2010 23:13

Men's National Rankings for the Week of March 8th

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For the men this week, the rankings from GymInfo are still done by the average of three meets.  This week, Stanford takes over the top spot, with their big win over OU.  OU's Jake Dalton remains the top AAer, while teammate Steven Legendre still leads the FX.  Illinois' Daniel Ribeiro is also still on top on the PH, while Ohio State's Brandon Wynn remains in the top spot on Rings.  On VT, Tim Gentry of Stanford leaps into the lead.  The remaining events show no change.  On PB, Cal's Kyle Bunthuwong is the leader, while on HB, Illinois' Paul Ruggeri is the leader.

ank Team Name Team 3 Ave
1 Stanford Univ. 359.917
2 Oklahoma U. of 358.750
3 Illinois U. of 355.283
4 Michigan U. of 354.033
5 Ohio State 350.850
6 Penn State 349.033
7 Minnesota U.of 347.883
8 Nebraska U. of 346.050
9 California 345.433
10 Iowa U. of 342.583

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Link: Troester GymInfo

Monday, 08 March 2010 13:04

2010-11 Plaugher to West Chester

Stephanie Plaugher, L10 from Spirit Gymnastics in Pa, has committed to West Chester for the 2010-11 season.  She finished 4th at the PKI, 6th at the Buckeye Classic and 9th at the Pink Invite earlier this season.
Monday, 08 March 2010 11:10

2010-11 Cox to Iowa

Tesla Cox, L10 from Elite in So. Carolina, has committed to Iowa for the 2010-11 season.  Cox won the Carolina Classic (1st UB/BB; 2nd V/FX) earlier this season and placed 2nd AA (1st BB), 2nd AA (1st V/BB) at the Mardi Gras Invite, and 4th AA (1st UB) at the Charleston Cup.


Monday, 08 March 2010 06:48

Keeping Up with the Recruits

➽ Like many elite gymnasts, Chelsea DAVIS has had her share of injuries.  The 2008-09 National Team member was sidelined by injury for more than a year, but after missing the 2009 season she’s back.  She competed two events at the Metroplex Challenge in February, and she recently swept the elite qualifier event at the Buckeye Classic and qualified to the 2010 National Championships.  Davis committed to UGA last fall for the 2011-12 season.  She talked about her comeback and her college choice in a January interview with Gymnastike.  Here’s a peek at her bars routine at the Buckeye Classic: 

Chelsea DAVIS is one of the “big names” coming up through the elite ranks.  Most gym fans are familiar with her and look forward to watching her unfold a stunning collegiate career.  Lloimincia HALL, on the other hand, is just making a name for herself as a L10 powerhouse.  If her 5th place finish at JOs last year is any indication, she was already operating at a high standard coming into this season.  In January she told Gymnastike that she planned to take it up a notch this year.  So far she’s right on target, winning the CGA (1st V/BB); the Texas Prime (1st UB); WOGA (1st BB); the Kurt Thomas Invite (1st BB/FX); and finishing 4th AA at the Metroplex.  She competed in the Liukin Cup last Friday, finishing 13th AA.  Take a look at Hall’s floor routine at the Texas Prime meet.  HALL recently committed to LSU for the 2011-12 season.  She’ll join 2010-11 signees Sarie MORRISON and Maliah MATHIS, who are having stand out seasons of their own.

Amber SEE is also having an excellent season as she winds up her L10 career before heading to Illinois next fall.  SEE won the Tampa Bay Invite, the San Diego Classic, and the GymQuarters Invite and picked up a variety of 1st place event finishes along the way.  She just swept all events at the Northern Lights Classic this past weekend and scored a perfect 10.0 in the event finals with her unique vault (which earned a 9.875 in the AA competition).  

Speaking of unique skills, take a look at M’rcy MASTUNAMI'S interesting bars release (toe on counter Kim) at the Northern Lights Classic.  MATSUNAMI is just a high school sophomore, but she told Gymnastike that she's interested in Nebraska.

➽  Kassandra LOPEZ, Utah commit, and Diandra MILLINER, Alabama commit, finished 2nd AA and 3rd AA (1st V/FX) respectively in the inaugural Nastia Liukin Cup last Friday.  The Liukin Cup drew qualifiers from meets across the country throughout the season.  It was a great opportunity for qualifiers to test themselves head to head with some of the best talent out there - and to do it in a top notch venue in conjunction with the Tyson American Cup.  Congratulations to all of the competitors who worked hard to earn a spot in this meet.  See video of LOPEZ on beam and  MILLINER on vault and floor.

➽ With state meets just a couple of weeks away, the L10 season will soon be winding down.  The athletes who have already signed with or committed to colleges constitute recruiting classes of the future.  So far we’ve looked at the recruiting classes from 13 schools.  Next up: Boise State, Missouri, Nebraska, NCSU, PSU, Oregon State, Southern Utah, and WVU.


2010-11 Signees

2011-12 Commits

Boise State

San Diego Classic: competed 3 events
Chicago Style: competed 3 events
Spirit of the Flame: competed 3 events

Alessandra CINFIO
TBT Inv: 3rd AA; 1st V
King Arthur Inv: 11th AA
Chicago Style: 10th AA
Pikes Peak: 9th AA
Arena Classic: 4th AA

Chicago SportsFest: 2nd AA
TBT Inv: 4th AA
King Arthur Inv: 4th AA
Chicago Style: 14th AA
Pikes Peak: 12th AA
Arena Classic: 8th AA

Kelsey BLACK
Roseville: competed two events
Snowflake Inv: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Wine Country: 6th AA
Golden State: 4th AA; 1st V/FX

San Diego Classic: 6th AA; 1st UB
Vegas Cup:  1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX


Reg. 5 Cup: competed two events
CGA: competed two events

Brittani PRICE
UGA Inv:  2nd AA
Rock the House: 5th AA
Sand Dollar: 5th AA
Arena Cl: 13th AA

Texas Prime: competed two events
WOGA: 2nd AA; 1st V
HNI: 6th AA

UGA Classic: 9th AA
Rock the House: 1st AA; 1st BB
Sand Dollar: 5th AA
GymQuarters: 13th AA
Arena Inv: 1st AA; 1st BB

Sand Dollar: competed one event
Chicago Style: 1st AA; 1st V/FX


Peppermint Twist: competed three events
Chicago Style: 9th AA

Emily WONG
Gophers Womens Inv: 4th AA; 1st UB
Winter Challenge: 4th AA
Chicago Style: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Northern Lights:
8th AA

2009 Peppermint Twist: 2nd AA; 1st V
2010 Gopher Women's 1st AA; 1st V
2010 Winters Challenge: 1st AA; 1st V
2010 Chicago Style: 3rd AA; 1st V
Northern Lights: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Northern Lights Event Finals:  1st FX

Amanda LAUER
New Year Inv: 4th AA
Excalibur: 10th AA
Northern Lights:
15th AA

Jennifer LAUER
New Year Inv: 1st AA; 1st V/UB
Chicago Style: 5th AA
Excalibur: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Northern Lights: 7th AA

Chow’s Rising Stars: 3rd AA; 1st V/FX
Wine Country: 5th AA
Chicago Style: 4th AA


Diahanna HAM (has not signed)
Lady Luck: 4th AA
San Diego Classic: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Vegas Cup: 2nd AA; 1st V/FX
Cactus Cooler: 2nd AA

COTC: 4th AA
Robin Cone Mem. Inv: 2nd AA; 1st UB

Teddy Bear Tumble: 2nd AA; 1st V
Lady Luck: 13th AA
Tiger Paw: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Beach Break: 1st AA; 1st V/UB
Gamecock Inv: 3rd AA; 1st V

COTC: 2nd AA
World Class Inv: 2nd AA; 1st V
Brestyan’s 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Metroplex: 5th AA; 1st V
Classic Rock: 2nd AA
Sweetheart Meet: 3rd AA; 1st UB/FX
Northern Lights: competed one event

TBT Inv: 4th AA
Daytona Beach: 6th AA
GymQuarters: 7th AA

COTC: 4th AA
Robin Cone Mem. Inv: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Vegas Cup: 5th AA

FlipFest: 7th AA; 1st V
Atlanta Centennial: 2nd AA; 1st V/FX
Sweetheart Inv: 9th AA

Oregon State

Brittany HARRIS
ConocoPhillips: 1st AA; 1st V/BB/FX
Williams Center Inv: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Candy Cane Classic: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Nadia Comaneci (L10) - 3 events, 1st V
Nadia Comaneci (E) 5th AA

San Diego Classic: competed two events
Vegas Cup: 1st AA
Cactus Cooler: 3rd AA; 1st UB/BB

San Diego Classic: 2nd AA
Gliders Inv: 3rd AA
Return of the Titans: 1st AA; 1st FX


Brittney HARRIS
Maryland Classic: 7th AA

Metroplex: 12th AA
HNI: 6th AA

Yurchenko Inv: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX

Stephanie BROCK (unconfirmed commit)*
Aloha GymFest: competed two events
PKI: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
*see NJ-USAG site

COTC: 5th AA
Maryland Classic: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX
PKI: 1st AA; 1st UB
All Olympia: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Nastia Liukin Cup: 16th AA

Krystal WELSH
COTC: 1st AA; 1st FX
World Class: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Brestyans:  2nd AA
Metroplex: 1st AA; 1st FX
Classic Rock: 4th AA
Sweetheart Meet: 2nd AA; 1st BB
Northern Lights: competed one event


Alexys ABEN
Rock the House: competed three  events; 1st V
Battle of Champions: 2nd AA; 1st V/FX
San Diego Classic: 4th AA; 1st V

Jennifer NGUYEN
Wine Country: 3rd AA
All Olympia: 1st AA
Long Beach Open - competed one event

Winter Sun: competed two events
Crystal Cup: competed two events: 1st V

Space Classic: 1st AA; 1st FX
Metroplex: 10th AA
HNI: 5th AA; 1st V


Makenzie BRISTOL
Texas Prime: 6th AA
WOGA: 7th AA
Pikes Peak: 7th AA

Black Eyed Susan: 1st AA; 1st V/FX

Brestyans: 2nd AA; 1st V/BB
Team Challenge: 1st AA
Chicago Style: 2nd AA; 1st FX

Maryland Classic - competed 3 events
All Olympia: 10th AA

Maryland Classic: 14th AA
Metroplex: 4th AA
Excalibur Cup: 6th AA

Reg 5 Cup: 7th AA
Byers Inv: 11th AA


KUDOS!  Athough many of the results from the past two weekends have not published yet, there are some recent wins to acknowledge:

.    Christine Bailye, WMU signee: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX at the Midwest Open
.    Maire Case, KSU signee: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX at the Pink Invitational
.    Sarah DeMeo, Alabama signee: 1st place sweep at the St. Louis Classic AND 1st UB/BB in the Northern Lights event finals
.    Kaylan Earls, UGA signee: 1st place sweep at the Arena Classic
.    Elise Kerner, Cornell commit: 1st AA; 1st V at the Byers Invite
.    Jordan Naleway, Illinois commit: 1st AA; 1st V/FX at the Midwest Open
.    Kailyn Ono, UC Davis signee: 1st place sweep at the Malibu Coast Challenge
.    Brittany Petzold, CMU signee: 1st place sweep at the Motown Madness meet
.     Ellese Sakai-Hart, DU commit:  1st AA; 1st BB/FX at the Malibu Coast Challenge
.    Taylor Spears, OU signee: 1st AA at the Houston National Invite
.    Rebecca Tutka, Utah commit: 1st AA; 1st V/FX at the LaClassique Gymnix
.    Aliza Vaccher, UW signee: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX at the Malibu Coast Challenge
.    Kristina Vaculik, Stanford, 1st AA; 1st BB/FX in the int'l div. of the Nadia Comaneci Inv. AND a 1st place sweep of the Gymnix International Cup AA session, with
a 1st place finish on UB/BB/FX in the event finals
Sunday, 07 March 2010 21:16

Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 8th

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OU's big victory over Bama this weekend didn't lift them to the top spot in the RQS rankings, as it counted as an away score for Bama.  Thus, Bama remains #1 this week as they were able to replace a 196.05 with a 197.275 in their average.  UCLA is just behind OU in third, as they picked up a big road score with a season high at UGA.

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:49

Men's: UIC 348.6 at Air Force 346.45

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Air Force posted its highest team score ever, but it was not enough as UIC left with the title.   Air Force broke six Academy records and 15 career bests.  Neal Thompson led UIC, winning PB and the AA (86.5), while tying for the PH title with Air Force's Chase Nobles.  Teammate Kyle Voissem placed 2nd AA and won FX.  Another teammate, Andrew Stover, won HB.  Air Force's Devin Menefee won the Rings while two more Academy standouts, Joel Uptmor and Nash Mills, tied for the VT title.

Link:  Air Force Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:43

Men's: Illinois 357.5 at Iowa 346.6

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Illinois posted a big road win over Iowa, in a meet honoring Iowa's seniors and departing Head Coach Tom Dunn.  Dunn is set to step down in June after 31 years at the helm.  Paul Ruggeri led Illinois, winning PB with a 15.3 and high bar with a big 16.3.  Teammate Tyler Mizoguchi added a win on Rings en route to a 88.85 AA tally.  Illinois' Luke Stannard won PH, while teammate Daniel Ribeiro won VT.  For Iowa, Reid Urbain won FX.

Link:  Iowa Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:36

Men's: Stanford 361.65, OU 360.3 at NU 347.5

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Stanford won the big showdown this weekend in Nebraska, surpassing #1 ranked OU 361.65 to 360.3.  Tim Gentry led Stanford, winning Rings and VT and helping build a big team advantage on those events.  Cardinal teammates Nicholas Noone and Alex Buscaglia won the PB and HB, respectively .  Steven Legendre led OU with a win in the AA at 88.85, including a big 16.05 to win FX.  Teammate Alex Naddour won the PH.

Link:  NU Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:33

Men's: Navy 332.1 at William and Mary 334.85

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William and Mary posted the win, outpoining the Midshipman on four of six events.

Link:  W&M Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:30

Missouri 196.2, Alaska 189.85 at SEMO 194.575

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Missouri powered to the win over Alaska and SEMO, hitting a new road high in the process.  They were led by Sarah Shire, who posted a 39.675 to win the AA.

Link:  SEMO Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:25

SUU 194.475 at Iowa 195.3

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It was Senior day at Iowa, but juniors Houry Gebeshian aned Rebecca Simbhudas celebrated by winning a share of the AA title.  Simbhudas won the VT and UB titles as well, while Gebeshian won the BB.  SUU's Elise Wheeler won the FX.

Link:  Iowa Release

Frosh Sharaya Musser led PSU to the big win, posting a 39.6 to win the AA.  She also won VT with a near perfect 9.975 and tied with Michigan's Katie Zurales on BB.  Teammate Natalie Ettl tied for the UB title with Michigan's Kylee Botterman.  Teammate Brandi Personett captured the FX and placed 2nd AA.

Link:  PSU Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:15

Yale 189.95, RIC 159.625 at Springfield 182.6

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Yale was led by senior Brigitte Kivisto, who placed 1st on BB and FX and won the AA with a 38.975.  Teammate Tara Feld won VT while another Yale frosh, Lindsay Andsager, won UB.

Link:  Springfield Release

Sunday, 07 March 2010 17:11

UNH 193, W&M 191.75 at GWU 192.375

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UNH won the tri-meet, posting a 193 even to collect the win.

Link:  GWU Release

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