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Wednesday, 17 March 2010 22:15

Towson 193.125 at GWU 193.65

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In a St. Patrick's Day contest, GWU defeated Towson.  Junior Leslie Delima led GWU with a 38.925 AA win. She also tied for the FX title with teammate Megan Quinn.  Another teammate, Amanda Murphy, tied for the VT title with Towson's Megan Wooden and Alise McDonald.  Towson's Jackie Schweitzer won UB and BB to lead Towson.

Link:  GWU Release

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 20:31

Men's National Rankings for the Week of March 15th

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For the men this week, the rankings from GymInfo are still done by the average of three meets.  This week, Stanford retains the top spot, followed by OU and Illinois.  OU's Steven Legendre takes over the lead in the AA and retains his lead on the FX.  Illinois' Luke Stannard takes over the top spot on PH for the only change this week.  Once again, the remaining events show no change.  Ohio State's Brandon Wynn remains in the top spot on Rings.  On VT, Tim Gentry of Stanford stays into the lead.  On PB, Cal's Kyle Bunthuwong is the leader, while on HB, Illinois' Paul Ruggeri is the leader.

Rank Team 3 Score Average
1 Stanford
2 Oklahoma
3 Illinois
4 Michigan
5 Ohio State 353.433
6 Minnesota
7 California 350.033
8 Penn State 349.033
9 Nebraska
10 Iowa

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Link: Troester GymInfo

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 11:35

2011-12 Morris to Boise St

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Kelsey Morris, L10 from Leading Edge in Washington, has committed to Boise State for the 2011-12 season.  Morris finished 8th AA at JOs last year.  So far this season she has placed 4th AA (1st FX) at the Holiday Express meet; 2nd AA at the Seattle Open; 1st AA (1st V/FX) at the Battle in Seattle; and 2nd AA (1st UB) at the Long Beach Open.

Monday, 15 March 2010 05:26

Keeping Up with the Recruits

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➽ Kristina VACULIK promises to be one of the most exciting recruits for the 2010-11 season when she joins the Stanford team next year.  She has been competing internationally since 2005 and was the Canadian Junior National Champ in 2006.  In her first year at the senior level, she finished first at the 2007 National Championships and seemed on her way to a spot on the 2008 Olympic team. She was selected as an alternate to the 2008 Canadian Olympic team, but withdraw due to an elbow injury.   After long recuperation period, she’s back in great form and competing a busy schedule.

VACULIK started her 2010 season with a 2nd place AA finish at Elite Canada (1st UB/FX in the event finals) .  She won the Nadia Comaneci Invitational (1st BB/FX) in February. She has competed two more international meets over the past two weekends.  At the Gymnix International Cup in Canada, she swept all events in the all around session, then went on to win bars, beam and floor in the event finals.  At the Cottbus World Cup event in Germany, she placed 3rd on vault, 2nd on bars, and 4th on beam and floor in the qualifying round, and went on to win bars and floor and to place second on vault and beam in the event finals.

VACULIK may be heading to college next fall, but she isn't wrapping up her elite career.  She is working to earn a spot at the Pacific Rim event later this season.   She also plans to defer her 2011-12 season at Stanford to focus on the 2012 Olympic Games.  She talked about her plans in interviews with International Gymnast Magazine and Gymnastike.  Here’s a short video interview following her performance at the Gymnix.

Sarah DeMEO was likely one of the hottest recruiting prospects in the country when she committed to Alabama last year.  As a five-year elite and three-time Junior National Team member, she racked up years of valuable training and meet experience before dropping back to L10 in the summer of 2008. She had an impressive 2009 season, finishing 5th AA (1st UB) at JO’s.  This season she looks even stronger.  She has finished in the top three AA in all of her 2010 meets, with wins at Chow’s, Eagles Invite, St. Louis Classic and Northern Lights.  Judging from the array of event wins throughout this competitive season, she has no weak event and she is poised to step right in next year to fill one of the spots left by Alabama’s solid group of graduating seniors.  See DeMeo's interview with Gymnastike and take a look at her interesting bars transition.

Aliza VACCHER holds the title of State Champion in two different states.  She won the state title in Oregon in 2008 and she won her second state title after moving to Arizona in 2009.  This Desert Devils L10 may be under the radar of many gymnastics fans but she has popped up at the top of the results sheets this season.  She won the Lady Luck Invite, the Fiesta Bowl (1st V/BB), the Classic Rock meet (1st UB/FX), the Malibu Coast (1st V/UB/BB) and placed 2nd AA (1st V/BB) at the Long Beach Open.  VACCHER heads to Washington next fall.  Since UW has no seniors on its roster this year, she will step in to strengthen a program that returns every routine next year.

➽ The review of recruiting classes wraps up with look at eleven more teams: BYU, CMU, DU, Iowa, Kent St., Minnesota, UNC, Ohio St., Oklahoma, Pitt, and WMU.  Thirty two programs have been included in the review over the past several weeks.  The focus of future articles will shift to state and regional meets, and then to the Junior Olympic competition.


2010-11 Signees

2011-12 Commits


Megan Bain
Crystal Cup: 5th AA
Classic Rock: 3rd AA
Long Beach Open: competed 3 events

Leslie Bell
Daytona Beach: competed 3 events
Chicago Style: competed 1 event
Pikes Peak: 8th AA
City of Lights: 5th AA

KayCee Gassaway
Holiday Express: 8th AA
Seattle Open: 21st AA
Battle in Seattle: 6th AA; 1st V
Malibu Coast Challenge: 2nd AA

Raquel Willman
Crystal Cup: 1st AA; 1st UB
Winter Sun Inv: 1st AA
Fiesta Bowl: 5th AA
New Orleans Jazz: 2nd AA; 1st V/UB


Emily Heinz
St. Nick Inv: 7th AA; 1st V
Bravo Classic: competed 2 events
Daytona Beach: 4th AA
Chicago Style: 12th AA
Midwest Open: 3rd; 1st V

Brittany Petzold
COTC: 2nd AA
CGA Spectaular: 5th AA
Sand Dollar: 3rd AA
For Love or Money: 3rd AA; 1st FX
Buckeye: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Motown Madness: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX


Kaitlin Moorhead
All Olympia: competed one event
Malibu Coast: 8th AA

Alexa Riech
Hot Shots Inv: 2nd AA; 1st V/FX
Baloon Classic: 3rd AA; 1st V
Pinky Stone: competed 3 events
Maryland Classic: 16th AA
Team Challenge: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Manhattan Classic: 4th AA; 1st V
Ellese Sakai-Hart
All Olympia: 4th AA
Spirit of the Flame: 1st AA; 1st V
Malibu Coast Challenge: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX


Nicole Pineau
Winter on the Beach: competed two events; 1st UB

Tesla Cox
Carolina Classic: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
Tiger Paw: 3rd AA; 1st V
Mardi Gras Inv: 2nd AA; 1st V/UB
Charleston Cup: 4th AA; 1st UB
Sydney Hoerr
Crossroads Classic: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB
St. Jude: 6th AA
Gateway Challenge: 11th AA
Chicago Style: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Circle of Stars: 9th AA
St. Louis Classic: 2nd AA

Sarah Wolford
TBT Inv: 7th AA
Daytona Beach: competed 3 events
Purple & Gold: 5th AA

Kent State

Marie Case
Commonwealth Cup: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
COTC: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Cereal City: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Pink Inv: 1st AA;, 1st UB/BB/FX
Liukin Cup: 5th AA

Nikki Moore
Universal Galaxy: 2nd AA
CGA: 11th AA
Love or Money: 3rd AA
Buckeye: 7th AA; 1st FX
Arnold Challenge: 2nd AA


Megan Alvarez
King Arthur Inv: competed one event
Chicago Style: competed one  event
Pike’s Peak: competed one event
Arena Classic: competed one event

Alexandra Feeken
Tampa Bay Classic: 3rd AA
Sand Dollar: 9th AA
Daytona Beach: 4th AA
Chicago Style: 19th
Tim Rand: 8th AA

Dusti Russell
Winter Luau: 1st AA; 1st BB
Sand Dollar: 10th AA
Blizzard Invite: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Harley Davidson: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Oshkosh: 2nd AA; 1st UB

Kayla Slechta
Chicago Style: competed 1 event
Twin Cities Cl: competed 2 events
Northern Lights: competed 2 events


Kristin Aloi
Atlanta Crown: 5th AA
Sand Dollar: 2nd AA
Tiger Paw: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Excalibur: 13th AA
Spring Break Out: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX

Emily Cornwell
CGA: 7th AA
San Deigo Classic: 7th AA
For Love or Money: 4th AA; 1st FX
Big Dream Classic: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX
Derby Classic: 2nd AA; 1st BB

Acacia Cosentino
Universal Galaxy: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX
CGA: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Metroplex: competed 1 event
Buckeye: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX
Queen City: 8th AA

Ohio St

Victoria Aepli
Battle of Champions: 9th AA
Rock and Roll: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Integrity: 3rd AA
Buckeye Classic: 6th AA
Arnold SportFest: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB

Alex DeLuca
TBT Inv: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
Sand Dollar: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Daytona Beach: 3rd AA
Chicago Style: 13th AA
Charleston Cup: 2nd AA; 1st FX

Sarah Miller (has not signed)
Metroplex: 5th AA
Nations Capital Cup: 6th AA; 1st V

Melanie Shaffer
Jingle Bell Rock: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Stars and Stripes: 1st AA; 1st V/BB
Buckeye Classic: 5th AA
Pink Inv: 5th AA
Arnold Sports Fest: 4th AA

Alexis Schmidt
UGA Classic: 5th AA
Rock the House: 6th AA
Sand Dollar: 4th AA
St. Valentines: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX
GymQuarter: 4th AA; 1st UB
Arena: 7th AA


Hope Bruce
Buckeye Classic: competed 2 events

Hayden Ward
Metroplex: 6th AA

Taylor Spears
Texas Prime: 4th AA; 1st FX
WOGA: 5th AA
Pikes Peak: 3rd AA; 1st UB
HNI: 1st AA

Erica Brewer
Meet Me In St. Louis: competed two events; 1st BB
Fiesta Bowl: 4th AA; 1st UB

Rebecca Clark
Kansas City Coed: competed 3 events
Dragon Inv: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB


Nicole Galluzzo
Brestyans: 3rd AA
Team Challenge: 3rd AA
Little Bigger: 4th AA (all ages combined)
Chicago Style: 9th AA
Manhattan Classic: 3rd AA

Maya Ketner
San Diego Classic: 3rd AA, 1st UB
Love or Money: 2nd AA, 1st UB

Katie O'Rourke
Maryland Classic: 2nd AA
Metroplex: 2nd AA
Excalibur: 5th AA

Bri Hogan
Rock the House: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Battle of Champions: 3rd AA; 1st UB
San Diego Classic: 2nd AA; 1st BB
For Love or Money: 5th AA
Byers Inv: 4th AA; 1st UB/BB


Christine Bailye
St. Nick Inv: 4th AA
St. Jude: 1st AA
Gateway Challenge: 7th AA
Chicago Style: 4th AA
Circle of Stars: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Midwest Open: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Harley Davidson: 2nd AA

Lauren Bledsoe
COTC: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
CGA: 6th AA
Sand Dollar: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Buckeye: 4th AA
Motown Madness: 2nd AA

Kelsey Turnquist
Reg 5 Cup: 7th AA
CGA: 8th AA
Sand Dollar: 3rd AA
Chicago Style: 2nd AA
Circle of Stars: 2nd AA
Arena Classic: 7th AA


KUDOS! Most meet results from the past two or three weeks have not been posted, but here are a few recent meet winners who aren’t already mentioned above:

.    Katy Dodds, Maryland: 1st AA; 1st V/UB at the Tim Rand Memorial Invite.
.    Katherine Gable, Arkansas: 1st place sweep at the Harley Davidson Invite AND 1st AA; 1st V/BB/FX at the Oshkosh Meet
.    Alaina Johnson, Florida: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX at the Rose City Classic
.    Jarred Lane: NCSU: 1st AA; 1st V/FX at the Long Island Classic
.    Jannelle Minichiello, UHN: 1st AA; 1st V/FX at the Starlight Invitational
.    Kayla Sienkowski, Kentucky: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX at the Frederick Classic
.    Michelle Shealey, ISU: 1st AA; 1st BB at the Spring Break Out meet
.    Hope Sloanhoffer, WVU: 1st AA place sweep at the Long Island Classic
.    Cerise Witherby, OSU commit: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX at the Manhattan Classic


Monday, 15 March 2010 04:28

2011-12 Wright to Maryland

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(Heather) Nicole Wright, L10 at World Class in Va., has committed to Maryland for the 2011-12 season. Earlier this season she finished 2nd AA (1st BB) at the World Class meet and 2nd AA (1st V/FX) at the Cancun Classic.


Sunday, 14 March 2010 21:37

Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 15th

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Alabama holds onto the top spot in this week's rankings, with OU second and UCLA third.  Missouri's Sarah Shire takes over the top spot in this week's AA rankings.  LSU's Susan Jackson still leads the vault, while UCLA's Anna Li retains the top spot on UB.  Hollie Vise of OU claims sole possession of the lead on BB, while teammate Jackie Flanery takes over the lead on FX.

Air Force posted a 62.35 on VT to boost their squad to victory.  Nash Mills won the AA with a 86.3 to lead the Falcons.  Teammate Dan Klimkowski added wins on PH and Rings.

Link:  Springfield release

UCLA won the tri-meet on Senior Day, posting a 196.525 to surpass Michigan State.   Vanessa Zamarripa won UB and BB en route to a career high 39.7 AA win.  UCLA's Tauny Frattone and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs tied for the VT title at 9.95.  Hopfner-Hibbs added a win on FX.

Link:  UCLA Release

Sunday, 14 March 2010 17:50

TWU 192.825, Cal 190.65 at UC Davis 194.6

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Frosh Katie Yamamura led UC Davis to a season best 194.6.  Yamamura won the AA (39.1) and set career highs on both the VT and FX.  She tied for 1st place honors on FX with Cal's Avery Gee and teammate Erika Van Dyke.  Van Dyke also won BB.  Aggie Lida Gehlen tied with TWU's Rashonda Cannie on UB.

Link:  UC Davis Release

Sunday, 14 March 2010 17:36

NC State 193.9 at UGA 196.8

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UGA honored five seniors with a win over NC State.  UGA's Kathryn Ding won VT and UB to pace Georgia. Teammate Courtney McCool added a near perfect 9.975 to win FX, while teammates Hilary Mauro and Christa Tanella won BB.  Cassidy McComb added an AA win to complete the sweep.

Link:  UGA Release

Sunday, 14 March 2010 17:04

Iowa State 196.125 at Nebraska 196.45

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Nebraska held off Iowa State Sunday afternoon, 196.45 to 196.125.  On VT, NU scored 49.3, led by Erin Davis at 9.925.  On UB, Brittne Habbib won the event to lead the Huskers.  On BB, Iowa State outpointed NU, led by Ashley Kent's tie for the BB title with NU's Kassandra Nathe.  On FX, Husker Lora Evenstad took top honors.

Link:  NU Release

Sunday, 14 March 2010 16:51

Bowling Green 191.2 at Kent State 195.275

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Christine Abou-Mitri posted a career high 39.375 in the AA to lead Kent State to victory.  Abou-Mitri won BB and captured a share of event titles on UB and FX.  She tied with teammate Rachel Guida on UB and Lydia Barrett on FX.  Bowling Green's Danielle Wishart won the VT.

Link:  Kent State Release


Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:37

NIU 191.3, WMU 190.7, SPU 187.25 at EMU 192.175

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EMU won its own invitational, posting a 192.175 to defeat NIU, WMU and SPU.  Kaylyn Millick of EMU won the AA with a 38.8 to lead her squad.  Natalie Blum led NIU with wins on the VT and FX.  WMU's Meghan Donovan tied with NIU's Natalie Guerra on UB.  NIU's Jessie Watanabe won the BB.

Link:  NIU Release

Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:32

WVU 193.775 at UNC 193.0

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WVU picked up the win at UNC, led by Amy Bieski.  Bieski won the AA and tied for 1st on VT with four others:  Tina Maloney and Chelsi Tabor of WVU, and Christine Nguyen and Zoya Johnson of UNC.  Nguyen also picked a win on the UB and a tie for 1st on FX with Kara Wright.  Teammate Morgan Evans won the BB.

Link: UNC Release

Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:28

Ball State 192.275 at CMU 194.325

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CMU posted the win over Ball State, led by Senior Katie Simon.  Simon won the AA and VT.  Classmate Jessica Suder won BB while teammate Emily LaFountaine won UB.  CMU's Kristin Teubner and Ball State's Brittney Emmons tied on the FX.

Link: CMU Release

Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:20

Men's: Penn State 344.3 at Cal 354.65

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Glen Ishino led Cal, posting a 90.9 for the win on Saturday afternoon.  Ishino also won the VT and PH, and tied with teammate Kyle Bunthuwong on HB.  Bunthuwong also won the PB.

Link:  Cal Release

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