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NCAA Committee Approves Changes to Women's Championships Featured

Written by Greg
NCAA Moves to Four on the Floor NCAA Moves to Four on the Floor (c) 2017

The NCAA has approved major changes to the Women's postseason bracket format, starting in 2019.  This fundamental change will do away with six team sessions in favor of four team sessions, including the finals.

The NCAA Final will shift to a four team "Four on the Floor" final, replacing the "Super Six" final in 2019.  It will be preceded by two Semi-Final sessions of four teams each.

The number of Regional sites will be reduced to four, from six.  Each Regional will consist of three rounds of competition:  A Regional Play-In, a Regional, and a Super Regional final.  Teams 29 to 36 will face off on night one in the Regional Play-In in a dual-meet, with the winner advancing to a Regional session.  The Regional will consistent of four teams each, in two Sessions.  The top two from each Session will qualify to the Super Regional.  Two teams will advance from each Super Regional to the National Semi-Final.

The National finals will now include the top AAer and Top Event Finisher on each event not from an advancing team in each Super Regional.  A total of Top 16 Individuals and Top 16 event specialists will qualify to Regionals, with the top AAer and top Event Finisher not on an advancing team going through to the Super Regional.

The change must be ratified by the NCAA Championships Committee. 

Link:  Minutes from the NCAA

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