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Women's NCAA Regionals: Regional Seeds Featured

Written by Greg
Sydney Snead and #18 UGA Will Face Michigan and Host Bama Sydney Snead and #18 UGA Will Face Michigan and Host Bama (c) 2017 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

The NCAA has announced seeds for the NCAA Regionals.  The top two from each Regional, plus the top two AAers on any non-advancing team, along with any individual event champions advance to Nationals.  Here are the placements:


1.  OU

2.  Kentucky

3.  Denver

4.  Minnesota

5.  Iowa State

6.  Iowa

While OU will look to avoid any event meltdowns, Kentucky will have a challenge on their hands with Denver, who is coming off a 197+ meet at the Big 12s.  Denver critically is getting gymnasts back at the right time.  Host Minnesota will also look to the home crowd support.



1.  LSU

2.  Nebraska

3.  Oregon State

4.  GWU

5.  NC State

6.  Maryland

In this Region, LSU will look to punch their ticket to Nationals.  Nebraska has had some up and down meets this season, and they'll look to repeat their Big 10s performance to hold off Oregon State.  Look also to NC State, fresh off a big Conference win.



1.  UCLA

2.  Arkansas

3.  Boise State

4.  Ohio State

5.  Pittsburgh

6.  Kent State

UCLA will look to stay consistent as well as they come into post-season form.  Arkansas faces a big challenge from Boise State, and both teams will look to hitting even the fine details in this meet.  Ohio State will lurk and hope to capitalize on any opening.


Salt Lake City

1.  Utah

2.  Cal

3.  Auburn

4.  BYU

5.  Stanford

6.  SUU

Utah will ride support from the home crowd and arena to post a big number.  Cal will look to stay consistent, as Auburn has had more than their share of troubles with consistency.  If both falter, look to BYU and Stanford.


University Park (PA)

1.  Florida

2.  Washington

3.  ASU

4.  WVU

5.  PSU

6.  UNH

Florida will look to improve their consistency in this meet to ensure their advancement.  Washington will need to be at the top of their game to hold off ASU.  The rest of the field will look to mistakes from the Top 3 to capitalize, including host PSU.



1.  Alabama

2.  Michigan

3.  Georgia

4.  Missouri

5.  Illinois

6.  CMU

Every season, one Regional looks more loaded than the rest.  This is probably this year's "Regional of Death".   In a Regional where even the sixth seed has broken 197, both top seeds will need to avoid mistakes. 

Link:  NCAA Release with Individuals

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