Thursday, 14 March 2024 13:33

SCSU 192.725 at Arizona 196.9

On Wednesday night, Arizona celebrated the final home meet for 2024 with a win over SCSU. Alysen Fears posted a career high 39.475 in the AA, winning VT and UB. Teammate Elena Deets won BB while Wildcat Caroline Herry won FX. Link: Ariz Release
Wednesday, 13 March 2024 16:35

2024-2025: K. Smith to Rutgers

Keeley Smith, a L10 from the Omaha Gymnastics Academy, has verbally committed to Rutgers on a full gymnastics scholarship, starting in 2024-2025. She was originally committed and signed to Lindenwood. Link: Insta
Wednesday, 13 March 2024 16:26

2024-2025: Manzano to SCSU

Charlie Manzano, a member of the Philippine National Team, has committed to continue her academic and athletic career at Southern Connecticut, starting in 2024-2025. Link: Insta
Sunday, 10 March 2024 19:30

OU 198.35 at Arkansas 197.275

Jordan Bowers won the AA (39.725) and scored a 10 on FX to lead the Sooners. Teammate Ava Siegfeldt won BB with a 10 while OU's Audrey Davis won UB with a 9.975. On VT, Sooner Hannah Scheible tied for 1st with GymBacks Leah Smith and Lauren Williams. Link: OU…
Sunday, 10 March 2024 19:28

Cal 198.55 at Stanford 197.975

Stanford posted its second highest scores in history but the visiting rivals from Cal outdid them, posting their new program record and capturing their first Pac-12 regular season title. Stanford's Chloe Widner and Cal's Mya Lauzon tied for 1st on BB with 10s. Cal was led by eMjae Frazier, who…
The Broncos were led by a win from Courtney Blackson on UB and a tie for 1st on BB between Anna Ferguson and Emily Lopez. SJSU's Jaudai Lopes won FX while SJSU's Lauren Macpherson won the AA (39.5). Boise St's Alyssa Vulaj tied for 1st on VT with Macpherson and…
The Hornets were led by Sarah Lutrel, who won the AA (39.025), BB and tied for 1st on VT with teammate Rose Wilson. Sac St's Bella Lahmidi won UB while teammates Athena Jones and Emma Morgenthaler tied for 1st on FX. Link: UAA Release
Nebraska celebrated Senior Day with a new season high. The Huskers celebrated with wins from Sam Phillips in the AA, Luke James on FX, Chris Hiser on R, Taylor Christopulos on VT, and Max Odden on HB. For the Illini, Brandon Dang won PH (15.15) and Will Hauke won PB.…
NCSU's Emily Shepard won the AA (39.6) and tied for 1st on UB (with teammate Katie Harper and TWU's Brooke Ferrari) and on BB (with teammate Alexis Ortega). PSU's Ava Piedrahita won VT while teammate Amani Herring won FX. Link: NCSU Release
Sunday, 10 March 2024 17:07

Ball State 196.1 at NIU 194.625

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Suki Pfister won VT and FX to lead Ball St. Teammate Megan Teter won the AA (39.175) and tied for 1st on UB with teammate Ashley Szymanski and NIU's Alyssa Al-Ashari. Ball St's Grace Sumner won BB. Link: NIU Release
Temple's Summer Ruskey, Payton Monk and Brooke Donabedian tied for the top spot on FX at 9.925. Owls Hannah Weklar, Sarah Stallings and Cyrena Whalen tied for the top spot on UB with W&M's Sarah Wozniak, WC's Kristina Rodriguez and LIU's Syd Morris. Morris also won the AA (39.425) and…
Sunday, 10 March 2024 17:03

Rutgers 195.325 at WVU 195.55

WVU was led by Abbie Pierson, who won the AA (39.125), FX and tied for the VT title with teammate Kiana Lewis and Rutger's Elia Aird, Emily Leese and Gabrielle Dildy. WVU's Julia Brown won BB while Rutger's Avery Balser won UB. Link: WVU Release
DU was led by Jessica Hutchinson, who won the AA (39.725), BB (9.975) and tied for 1st on VT (with teammate Rosie Casali) and UB (with teammate Rylie Mundell and Mizzou's Sienna Schreiber and Mara Titarsolej. Link: Mizzou Release
Sunday, 10 March 2024 17:00

Kent St 196.95 at WMU 195.65

Kent St's Dani Fuertez and Heidi Schultz tied for the BB title to lead their squad. For WMU, Cassie St. Clair tied for 1st on VT with teammate Halle Faulkner and on FX with teammate Payton Murphy. Bronco Makenna King won UB. Link: Kent St Release
Sunday, 10 March 2024 16:59

Maryland 196.725 at Towson 196.625

For the Terps, Natalie Martin won VT and Rhea Leblanc won UB, while both tied for 1st on FX with Towson's Elise Tisler. UMD's Maddie Komoroski won the BB. Link: Towson Release
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