Friday, 08 March 2024 22:27

Utah 197.875 at Arizona 195.725

Ute Grace McCallum won the AA with a 39.675, posting at 10 on UB to win there. She also tied for 1st on FX with teammate Jaylene Gilstrap. Ute Maile O'Keefe won the BB (9.975). Ute Jaedyn Rucker tied for 1st on VT with Ariz's Malia Hargrove. Link: Ute Release
Bama topped 198 on Senior Night with some big marks. The Tide's Luisa Blanco, a senior, posted 10s to win VT and FX. She also took the AA with a 39.85 and tied for 1st on UB with Illini Mia Takekawa. Bama's Lilly Hudson and Gabby Gladieux tied for 1st…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:22

Kentucky 197.8 at UNC 196.525

Kentucky posted a big night as UNC celebrated Senior Night. Kentucky was led by Raena Worley, who posted a 10 to win FX and won the AA (39.7). She also tied for 1st on BB and VT with teammate Isabella Magnelli. Teammate Mackenzie Wilson also shared 1st on VT, along…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:21

Iowa 196.45 at Iowa St 196.175

Iowa disrupted the Cyclone Senior Night with a win. Karina Munoz led the GymHawks, winning the AA (39.45) and tying for 1st on BB with teammate Ilka Juk. She also tied for 1st on VT with ISU's Josie Bergstrom and Emilie Hong. Loganne Basuel won UB while Cyclone teammate Noelle…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:19

AIr Force 194.65 at Clemson 197.6

Clemson celebrated their first Senior Night with a new high score. Clemson was led by Rebecca Wells, who won the AA (39.5), VT and BB. Teammate Kaitlin DeGuzman, the lone senior, won UB while Tiger Brie Clark won the FX. Link: Clemson Release
West Chester celebrated Senior Day with a program record on BB. West Chester was led by Sarah Eskew, who won the AA (38.375) and VT. Teammate Caroline Cascadden won BB while teammate Jordan Coleman tied for 1st on UB with W&M's Caroline Blatchford. Centenary's Lacey Wedge was 1st on FX…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:16

BGSU 195.225 at Pitt 195.8

Pitt was led by Jordyn Ewing, who won FX and tied for 1st on UB with teammate Faith Lerro and BGSU's Isabella Rivelli. The Panthers also got wins from Kennedy Duke in the AA (39.025) and Emily Todd on BB. BGSU's Kathryn Weilbacher won the VT. Link: Pitt Release
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:14

UGA 196.3 at Michigan 197.075

Michigan's Gabby Wilson won FX and tied for the AA title with UGA's Lily Smith (39.5). Teammate Reyna Guggino won VT. Smith won UB and tied with six others for 1st on BB. Others sharing the top mark on BB include Michigan's Jenna Mulligan and Jacey Vore and UGA's Naya…
LSU's Haleigh Bryant won VT and UB with 10s, took the BB at 9.95 and the FX at 9.975 for a 39.925 AA win. Link: LSU Release
Thursday, 07 March 2024 20:30

Minnesota Adds Two More for 2024-2025

Minnesota has added Teryn Crump and Jayda Lewter for 2024-2025. The commits of both athletes were previously covered. Link: Gopher Release
Terp frosh Natalie Martin won BB to lead her squad. Teammate Alexa Rothernbauer tied for the FX title with NCSU's Emily Shepard. NC State's Ashley Knight won the VT while teammate Alexis Ortega won the UB. Link: Release
Monday, 04 March 2024 21:18

2024-2025: Villani to SCSU

Jordan Villani has committed to continue her academic and athletic career at SCSU. She's a L10 at Gymnastics University. Link: Insta
Monday, 04 March 2024 21:05

BYU 197 at SUU 197.125

Niya Randolph tied for first on VT, UB and FX to lead SUU. BYU's Melissa Earl tied for 1st on VT while Cougar Anyssa Alvarado shared the UB title. BYU's Heidi Schooley tied for 1st on FX. BYU's Brynlee Anderson was first on BB. Link: Results
Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:21

Arkansas 197.65 at Mizzou 197.525

Arkansas' Lauren Williams tied for 1st on VT with teammate Frankie Price and Mizzou's Sienna Schreiber and Amari Celestine. She also tied for 1st on FX with Tigers Jocelyn Moore and Kennedy Griffin. GymBack Maddie Jones tied for 1st on UB with Mizzou's Hollyn Patrick. Schreiber also won the BB.…
Stanford was led by wins from Asher Hong on R and VT. Teammate JR Chou won the PB while Cardinal Jeremy Bischoff won the HB. Husker Cooper Giles won PH while teammate Sam Phillips won the AA (80.2). For Cal, Tyler Shimizu won FX. Link: Cal Release
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