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Sunday, 21 February 2010 19:50

Women's National Rankings for the Week of Feb 22nd

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Oklahoma takes over the top spot in the Troester GymInfo National Rankings for women.  Bama is 2nd and UCLA is third.  LSU's Susan Jackson is the top AAer.  On vault, PSU's Brandi Personett leads the way.  UCLA's Anna Li swings to the top spot on UB.  On BB, Hollie Vise of OU is the leader, while UGA's Courtney McCool is the top FX worker.

Sunday, 21 February 2010 19:40

Brown 189.325 at Alaska 189.525

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Alaska won the 2nd of two matchups with Brown, completing the weekend sweep with a narrow win on Sunday.  Lauren Agostino led Alaska with wins on VT and BB.  Teammates Kelsey Fullerton and Shakea Sanders tied for the FX title to cap off a come from behind win.  For Brown, Julia Meyer won UB while Emily Luftey won the AA.

Link:  UAA Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 19:38

UC Davis 192.7 at CSUF 192.975

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CSUF posted a season high to defeat UC Davis.  CSUF junior Alaina Baker won the AA with a 38.925 to lead the Titans.  Baker added wins on the VT and FX as well.   Teammate Britni Echeverria won the UB.  UC Davis' was led by Kendall McCann, who won BB and placed 2nd AA.

Link:  CSUF Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 19:31

Oregon State 196.325 at UCLA 197.375

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UCLA was led by Vanessa Zamarrripa, who amassed a 39.675 in the AA, including a 9.95 win on FX and a tie on VT with Oregon State's Mandi Rodriguez.  Rodriguez picked up the win on BB, while UCLA's Anna Li won UB.

Link:  UCLA Release

Nebraska upset Ohio State, posted a season-high 348.25.  NU was led by AAers Kyle Shanahan and Andreas Hofer, as they went 1-2.  Hofer won VT and PB as well.

Link:  NU Release

In action late Saturday, Stanford was the US winner of the Pacific Coast Classic, finishing 2nd behind the Japan All Star team with a 354.2.  Cal was next at 349.45, while Iowa posted a 331.05.  Cal's Kyle Bunthuwong won the AA, posting a big 90.5.

Link:  Cal Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 19:19

Men's: W&M 329.55, Army 325.25 at Navy 319.4

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William and Mary won the tri-meet hosted by Navy, posting a 329.55.

Link:  W&M Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 18:45

Men's: Temple Wins New England Invitational Championships

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Temple claimed the bragging rights in New England, as they captured the Invitational Championships.  Temple posted a 334.55 to defeat Springfield at 331.3.  Ty Evans of Springfield won the AA with a 84.55.  He also picked up wins on the PB and the HB.

Link:  Springfield Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 18:41

Iowa State 194.475 at Iowa 193.825

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Iowa State beat in-state rival Iowa in the annual showdown, 194.475 to 193.825.  Michelle Browning led Iowa State, posting a 38.9 for the AA win.  She also tied for the FX title with Iowa's Jessa Hansen and Rebecca Simbhudas.  Simbhudas has another strong day, tying for VT with Iowa State's Alex Grant and tying on BB with Iowa State's Ashley Kent.  Iowa's Houry Gebeshian won the UB.

Link: Iowa Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 18:36

EMU 191.875 at BGSU 193.175

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Bowling Green extended its win streak to five straight with a 193.175 to 191.875 win over EMU.  Breanne Guy of BGSU won the AA with a 38.925, including a win on the UB.  Teammates Danielle Wishart and Dawn Christman posted wins on VT and FX, respectively.  For EMU, Kaylyn Millick won BB.

Link:  BGSU Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 18:34

SCSU 188.05, MIT 163.75 at Springfield 182.975

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SCSU captured the win on Sunday, led by AA winner Justine Basley.

Link:  Springfield Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 18:31

UIC 191.75 at Ohio State 195.025

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Ohio State posted a home victory and season high on Sunday, defeating UIC.  Hillary Dow led a quartet of Buckeye all-arounders, posting a 39.0 for the win.  Dow picked up a win on VT as well.  Teammate Rebecca Best posted a win on BB and a tie on UB with teammate Colleen Dean.  Dean turned around an won the FX with a meet high 9.9.

Link:  Ohio State Release

Maryland won a quad meet at home, posting a score of 194.5 and hitting 24 for 24.    Maryland's Abigail Adams won UB and FX to lead Maryland.  Pitt's Alicia Talucci won BB and took the AA title with a 39.225.  Teammate Dani Bryan took the vault.

Link:  Maryland Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 16:46

Illinois State 191.4, TWU 191.2 at Ball State 192.075

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Ball State captured the close tri-meet, posting a 192.075 to defeat Illinois State and TWU.  Britney Emmons led Ball State, winning the FX and tying for VT with TWU's Macella Fallon and Illinois State's Toni Sarantakis.  Rashonda Cannie won the AA with a 38.65.

Link:  Ball State Release

Sunday, 21 February 2010 16:30

WMU 191.725 at CMU 194.825

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CMU's Katie Simon won the AA with a 38.85.  She also picked up a win on the UB and a tie on BB (with teammates Britney Taylor and Jessica Suder) to lead the Chippewas.  Teammate Taylor won the VT while Kristen Teubner captured the FX title.

Link:  CMU Release

Saturday, 20 February 2010 21:12

Men's: Illinois 354.6 at PSU 345.9

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Illinois' Paul Ruggeri posted an 87.8 to win the AA, picking up wins on the PB and HB in the process.  Teammate Daniel Ribeiro added wins on the PH and VT to help pace the Illini.

Link:  PSU Release

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