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Welcome to the New

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Welcome to the all new!

After eight seasons of coverage, we are relaunching the website with an all new set of capabilities.  We've supplemented the News pages with a wide range of interactive capabilities.  More interactive, more frequently updated and more graphical, the new site has a ton of new features to explore!  As the preseason progresses, you will see new content and features appear.  Also, be sure to head over to our forums to report bugs, issues, or new things you would like enabled.

Here are few highlights of the changes:

  • An all new Community for social networking
  • News headlines aggregated and delivered automatically from official team websites
  • A fully searchable database of recruiting prospects
  • Interact chat, chat rooms, and instant messaging
  • News linked from around the web
  • Original news articles with embedded video, photos and other multimedia
  • Integration with the leading online social networking tools like Facebook, Digg, Twitter and many other

To really benefit from all of the features, you should fill out a profile.  It's simple, free and it's easy.

To get started, we've prepared a few quick tutorials in the FAQ section.  Here are quick links to each article:

Site Help:  Home Page

Site Help:  Recruitables

Site Help:  Community and Your Profile

Unfortunately, for those users using Internet Explorer 6.x, your performance viewing the site will be slow due to some issues with that browser and mainstream internet development software.  You can either upgrade to a newer version or view the site using Firefox, Safari or other standards-compliant browser.

Please drop by and give feedback at the Site Forums, report any issues, an offer up suggestions for new features.  There, you will also find information on the planned upgrades, the current bugs/issues lists, and tips on how to use the site.  There is no open discussion forum at this point, as there are existing message boards on the web filling that purpose.

A special thank you to all the Beta testers for their feedback, and to Reener for taking on the huge task of data migration and supplemental administration.



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