Tuesday, 22 September 2009 15:59

NCAA Makes Ruling on Proposed Changes

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The NCAA Division I Sports Management Cabinet has released an update that includes several key rulings related to Gymnastics:

a.  The change to a four team Championship Final for women's gymnastics was approved, starting in 2011.

b.  The proposal to count all six scores in the women's Regionals/Nationals was referred back to the Women's Gymnastics Committee.

c.  The Championships for women will be moved to a Friday/Saturday/Sunday starting in 2011.

d.  The men's post season squad size has been boosted to 15, up from 12.

e.  Women's non-seeded Regional assignments will be made by geographic proximity, not by Region or next closest Region, starting in 2010.  This change only impacts spots 19 to 36.  The top 18 will continue to be seeded as before.

f.  Women's judges for Regionals will be selected differently.  Six will be assigned to the various Regions.  The rest will be assigned based on geographic proximity.


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