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Teams in Preview: Preseason Preparations

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The season is rapidly approaching and teams are finalizing their preparations for the season.  Many teams have held intrasquad meets, scrimmages and exhibitions in preparation for the season.  Some are posting video highlights or complete coverage online.  Here's a collection of what's available online this season:

1. UCLA Meet the Bruins/Training  
2. Alabama  Ghost and Goblins  Training Notes
3. Florida  Intrasquad Highlights  
4. Oklahoma Intrasquad and Training Intrasquad Video at DoubleFront Blog
5. Utah  Red Rocks Preview  2012 Fall Training
6. Nebraska   Intrasquad Recap & Scores
7. Oregon State  Black and Orange  
8. Stanford  Intrasquad Channel  
9. Georgia  Highlights  
10. Michigan  Webcast Archive  
11. Arkansas Intrasquad  
12. LSU  Nov Intrasquad   Breaux Interview
13. PSU 1st Intrasquad  
14. Boise State    
15. Illinois  Fall Preview Vids  
16. Washington Intrasquad Highlights  
17. Auburn VT/UB and BB and FX  
18. Ohio State    
19. Arizona  Highlights  
20. Denver  1st Intrasquad Kutcher-Rinehart Interview
21. Kent State VT and UB  Fall Update
22. Minnesota Nov Meet the Team and Intrasquad  Playlist  Previews:  VT
23. Kentucky    
24. Iowa State   Previews:  VT  UB  BB  FX
25. Iowa Intrasquad YouTube Channel

And don't forget about:

 Missouri Intrasquad  
 Sacramento State  Nov Intrasquad  
 TWU  Intrasquad  
 Bowling Green Channel  
 SUU  Oct/Nov Practice  
 Utah State Channel  
 WMU  Fall Training  
 Cal Intrasquad  Preseason Review
 WVU  Scrimmage  
 UNH Gymnastike Coverage  
 Michigan State  Nov Intrasquad  
 RIC Intrasquad  
 Penn Intrasquad  
 UW Stout Intrasquad  
 Temple Intrasquad  
 William & Mary Intrasquad  

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