Saturday, 07 March 2020 20:27

UW Oshkosh Wins WIAC Championship/NCGA West Regional

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UW Oskkosh won the NCGA West Regional and WIAC Championships with a score of 189.675, just ahead of UW Whitewater's 189.425.  UW La Crosse was just behind that trio with a 189.35.
Saturday, 07 March 2020 20:24

Missouri 196.45 at Nebraska 195.925

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Missouri defeated host NU at the Master's Classic.  Mizzou's Helen Hu won BB and tied for the AA (39.525) titles with Nebraska's Taylor Houchin. Houchin also tied for the VT title with teammates Megan Verceles Carr and Adnerys De Jesus. Husker Sierra Hassel won FX. Link:  NU Release
Saturday, 07 March 2020 20:21

Minnesota 197.625 at NC State 196.55

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Host NC State posted a season high on Senior Day but the Gophers posted their second highest score in school history.  Gopher Ona Loper won VT with a 10.  Teammate Lexy Ramler won the AA with a 39.675. She also won BB with a 9.975 and tied for 1st on…
Saturday, 07 March 2020 20:19

Florida 198.1 at PSU 196.225

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Florida posted a strong 198.1 to defeat host PSU on Senior Day in University Park.  Gator Rachel Gowey posted a 10 on BB while teammate Trinity Thomas got on on FX.  Thomas tied for the UB title with teammate Savannah Schoenherr and took the AA at 39.525. UF's Sierra Alexander…
Saturday, 07 March 2020 20:18

EMU 194.2 at MSU 195.875

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MSU celebrated Senior Day with a win over EMU.  Spartan senior Ella Douglas won BB and FX to lead her squad. Teammate Nyah Smith won VT and tied with teammate Lea Mitchell for the AA title at 39.15. MSU's Jori Jackard won the UB. Link:  Release
Saturday, 07 March 2020 16:39

Men's: Michigan 405.1, PSU 402.2 at Illinois 406.9

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Illinois celebrated Senior Day with a pair of Big 10 wins.  Senior Michael Paradis won PH while classmate Danny Graham took the rings.  Michigan was led by a pair of wins from Paul Juda and Cameron Bock.  Juda won VT and FX while  Bock won HB and PB.  Link:  Umich…
Saturday, 07 March 2020 16:36

Men's: Stanford 413.1 at Air Force 385.4

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The Cardinal pick up the win at Air Force, led by wins on PH, R and PB from Ian Gunther.  Teammate Blake Wilson added wins on FX and HB.  On VT, Stanford's Curran Phillips and Zachary Martin tied for first.  Link: AF Release
Saturday, 07 March 2020 16:33

Men's: Iowa 402.8, NIU 325.85 at Ohio State 407.65

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Ohio State was led by wins from Donovan Hewitt on R and VT.  Teammate Jesse Tyndall added a win on HB and a tie on VT with Iowa's Kulani Taylor.  Buckeye Trevor Cummings won PH while Buckeye Andfrew Brower won the PB.   Iowa's Bennet Huang won the AA with an…
Saturday, 07 March 2020 14:35

Men's: W&M 397.85 at Army 408.65

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Army posted its highest total since the 2017 rule change in a win.  Mathew Davis won FX and R while Matt Martin won PH.   For W&M, Andrew Lyub won PB and the HB while Collin Lillie won VT.  Link:  Release
Saturday, 07 March 2020 14:33

Springfield 187.525 at Ithaca 89.225

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Ithaca celebrated Senior Day with a win over Springfield.  They swept the individual events:  Cassidy Marquette won VT, Courtney Christoforo won UB, Katie Holcomb won BB and Cameryn Nichols won FX.  Link:  Release
Friday, 06 March 2020 22:24

BYU 196.45 at USU 196.6

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Host Utah State scored a big win on Senior Night over cross-state rival BYU.  Autumn DeHarde led the Aggies, winning BB and FX.  Teammate Sofi Sullivan tied with Brittany Jeppesen for the UB title.  For BYU, Jordan Matthews won VT.  Link:  BYU Release Link:  USU Release
Friday, 06 March 2020 22:22

Washington 197.25 at Oregon State 196.75

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Washington posted a road season high to defeat the host Beavers.  Washington picked up wins from Geneva Thompson on VT, Kristyn Hoffa on FX, and Evanni Roberson in the AA (39.425). UW's Madison Copiak tied for 1st on UB with OSU's Sabrina Gill.  UW's Maya Washington, Meaghan Ruttan and Hannah…
Friday, 06 March 2020 22:19

Stanford 196.725 at Utah 197.75

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Stanford posted a season-high score but the host Utes and 15,558 fans wrapped up Pac 12 competition with a perfect record.  Ute Kim Tessen posted a 10.0 to win VT. Ute teammate Maile O'Keefe posted a 9.975 to win BB, while Utah's Cristal Isa tied with Stanford's Grace Waguespack for…
Friday, 06 March 2020 22:18

ASU 196.525 at Arizona 196.3

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ASU defeated cross-state rival Arizona in Tuscon.  ASU was led by wins from Hannah Scharf on VT, Juliette Boyer on UB, and Morgan Wilson in the AA. For Arizona, Sirena Linton won BB and Malia Hargrove won FX. Link:  Arizona Release
Friday, 06 March 2020 22:17

Michigan 197.425 at Oklahoma 198.1

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OU celebrated Senior Night with a win over the Wolverines.  OU senior Maggie Nichols won VT with a 10 and then proceeded to win UB and BB before tying for the FX title with teammate Anastasia Webb. She tallied 39.85 to win the AA. Link:  OU Release
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