Saturday, 16 April 2022 12:08

OU Wins 2022 Women's NCAA Title

Written by Greg
OU's Olivia Trautman OU's Olivia Trautman (c) 2019 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

Overcoming a slow start on FX with two scores at or below 9.7375 (and none above 9.9), OU roared back with a 49.625 on VT, a 49.725 on UB and a 49.625 on BB to seal the win.  Their 198.2 was good enough to hold off Florida's 198.0875 and capture the Sooner's fifth championship in eight years.  Florida started on VT, and a few hops/steps back on their Yurchenko 1 1/2s left them with a 49.35.  A final 49.7125 on FX was not enough to catch the Sooners, after 49.525 on UB and 49.5 on BB.  Utah was the early leader with 49.5125 on BB and 49.4625 on FX, but they also managed just a 49.225 on VT after a fall and steps/hops.  AU ended with a 197.35 with a strong performance overall.  In the end, OU's big tallies VT, UB and BB were enough, but the number of sticks on dismounts and on 10.0 SV VTs was truly decisive. 

Link:  Results

Link:  OU Release

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