Sunday, 22 October 2023 09:00

Pan American Games: Men's Team and Qualifications

The US men showed their depth, taking the Gold medal at the Pan American Games on Saturday.  With an all new lineup from the team that competed at the World Championships, they defeated top squads from Canada and Brazil.  NCAAers on the team include Cameron Bock (ex Michigan), Stephen Nedoroscik (ex PSU), Curran Phillips (ex Stanford) and Colt Walker (Stanford).  Bock and teammate Donnell Whittenburg went one-two in the AA to advance to the final.  Whittenburg qualified to the Ring final in 1st and the FX final in 2nd.  Bock qualified on the HB and PH.  Phillips was the top qualifier on PB while Nedoroscik qualified to the PH final.  Walker qualified to the R, PB and HB finals (and was 4th AA, but will not advance due to the two per country rule).  Illini Vahe Petrosyan, who qualified as an individual, was 25th AA and 7th on PH (but is also subject to the two per country rule).   None of the Americans competed two vaults to be eligible for the event final there.  The US men's team total would have placed 4th at the recent World Championships.  

Link: USA Gym

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