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Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:36

Men's: Illinois 351.3 at UIC 337.2

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The Illini captured the win, defeating cross-state rival UIC 351.3 to 337.2.  Craig Padera and Luke Stannard led Illinois.  Stannard won the FX and PH while Padera won the PB and HB.  Illini Paul Ruggeri won the VT while teammate Tyler Williamson tied with UIC's Nikolai Korepanov on Rings.

Link:  UIC Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:32

UNC 192.975, EMU 190.125, Cal 188.825 at Stanford 196.525

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Stanford posted an easy win during the quad meet, posting a 196.525.  Allyse Ishino led the Cardinal, winning the AA with a 39.425, winning BB, and sharing the UB title with teammate Alyssa Brown.  Stanford swept places 1 through 6 on the UB.  Teammate Shelley Alexander won the VT, while on FX, Cardinal Ashley Morgan and Nicole Pechanec tied for top honors.

Link:  Cal Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:27

Nebraska Wins Masters Classic

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The host Huskers emerged on top, scoring 49.0 or better on all four events.  They posted a 196.425 to defeat Arizona (194.75), DU (194.175) and WVU (192.975).  For Nebraska, Maddie Steinhauer tied with Lora Evensted for the VT title.  Evensted also took the FX title.  Fellow Husker Kathryn Howard won the BB, while NU's Maria Scaffidi won the AA with a 39.3.  Arizona's Sarah Tomczyk tied with NU's Brittnee Habbib for the UB title.

Link:  NU Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:22

Illinois State 193.275 at SEMO 194.375

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SEMO posted a win against Illinois State, defeating the guests 194.375 to 193.275.  Frosh Jordan Salsberg won her first AA competition with a career high 38.825.  She also tied for 1st on the VT with Illinois State's Tori Sarantakis.  Teammate Kelley Krengiel also captured a share of the UB title (with Redbirds' Erica Schick) with a career high, while another frosh teammate, Taylor Westrick, won the BB.  Shick also tied with SEMO's Brianna Gaddie on FX.

Link:  BGSU Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:18

UIC 191.15, BGSU 190.675 at WMU 193.925

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WMU posted a big win at home, defeating UIC and BGSU. Kristine Garbarino led WMU, winning the AA with a 38.925 and taking the BB title.  Teammate Meghan Donovan won UB, tying with BGSU's Monica Easton.  Another teammate, Liz Prouty, tied with UIC's Andrea Skala and Chantel Turk on FX.   BGSU's Danielle Wishart added the win on VT.

Link:  WMU Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 18:13

Minnesota 194.625 at Iowa 194.2

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Minnesota picked up the road win, defeating Iowa.  They were led by sophomore Lucy Ennis, who posted a personal best 39.1 in the AA.  For Iowa, Rebecca Simhudas won VT, BB and FX.  Gopher Kristin Furukawa won the UB.

Link:  Gopher Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 16:30

CMU 195.85 at NIU 191.9

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CMU posted a 195.85 to take the road win from Northern Illinois.

Link:  NIU Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 16:19

Kent State 194.5 at Ball State 193.15

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Christine Abou-Mitri won the AA with a 39.1, winning titles on the VT and BB to lead Kent State.  Teammates Lindsay Runyan and Sam Heydlauff won UB and FX, respectively.

Link:  Ball State Release

Sunday, 28 February 2010 16:13

Cornell 192.55, Penn 189.55, Yale 187.5 at Brown 189.675

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Cornell won the Ivy Classic with a 192.55.  Yale's Brigitte Kivisto captured the AA title with a 38.55.  She also won the FX.  Cornell's Emily Santoro and Kerri Lavallee tied for the top spot on VT, while teammate Bethany Neczypor tied for 1st on the UB with Penn's Dana Bonincontri.  Brown's Victoria Zanelli balanced her way to the BB title.

Link:  Brown Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 22:04

Men's: Michigan 352.15 at Stanford 361.4

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Stanford posted the highest score in the NCAA this season, passing OU's tally scored earlier in the day.  Tim Gentry led Stanford, winning Rings and VT.

Link:  Stanford Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 22:00

Men's: Minnesota at OU 359.45

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OU posted a new season high, a 359.45, to defeat Minnesota.  Steven Legendre led OU, posting an 89.5 to win the AA.  He also won the FX and PB.  Teammates Corey English and Alex Naddour tied on the PH, while another teammate, Ian Jackson, won Rings.  For Minnesota, Aaron Fortunato won HB.

Link: OU Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 20:26

Men's: Penn State 347.1 at Ohio State 353.6

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Ohio State defeated Penn State 353.6 to 347.1. Ohio State was led by Brandon Wynn's big 16.0 on Rings, and wins from Ty Echard on PH and Justin Myers on PB.  For Penn State, frosh Nick Grant won the FX and VT titles while Nick Virbitsky won HB.

Link:  PSU Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 20:20

Penn State 193.85 at Ohio State 194.95

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Penn State was knocked off by host Ohio State, 194.95 to 193.85.  Ohio State stayed consistent on all four events, not counting falls, while PSU struggled on UB and BB.  PSU's Brandi Personett led her team with an AA tally of 39.4.  She tied for 1st on VT and BB with teammate Sharaya Musser and won FX with a 9.925.  Teammate Madison Merriam won the UB.

Link:  PSU Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 20:17

UW Stout 181.95 at TWU 193.625

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TWU Sophomore Marcella Fallon won VT and tied for 1st on FX with teammate Rashonda Cannie to lead her squad.  Frosh Britany Johnson won UB.

Link:  TWU Release

Saturday, 27 February 2010 20:14

Michigan 196.775 at Illinois 196.175

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Kylee Botterman of Michigan won the VT and UB en route to a big winning AA tally of 39.675.  Botterman was perfect on VT, hitting 10.0.  For Illinois, Melissa Fernandez won BB and Sarah Schmidt tied the school record on FX with a 9.95.

Link:  Illinois Release

Bridgeport edged host Rutgers by 0.025, winning with a 190.9.  Taira Land won VT and Emily Repko tied for 1st on UB to lead Bridgeport.

Link:  Rutgers Release

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