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Friday, 04 February 2011 19:09

Iowa State 193.2, GWU 190.3 at NC State 193.175

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Iowa State edged host NC State, with GWU coming in third.   Michelle Shealy led Iowa State, winning the AA with a 38.875.  NC State frosh Diahanna Ham won the UB.  Teammate Jacquelyn Holmes won the UB.  For GWU, Leslie Delima won the BB. 

Link:  NC State Release and Video

Friday, 04 February 2011 09:48

Men's: OU's Dalton Leads Winter Cup Preliminaries

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OU's Jake Dalton leads after the preliminary session at USA Gymnastics Winter Cup competition.  Cal's Glen Ishino is third.  Alexander Naddour of OU is sixth, while Sooner teammate Steven Legendre is eigth.  

Link:  USA Gymnastics Story and Videos

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 21:46

Iowa Signs Four

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Iowa signed four gymnasts for 2010-2011, as just announced in a recent press release: Emily Bigras, Sydney Hoerr, Jessica Morreale and Sarah Wolford.  The commits of all four were covered in prior news items.

Link:  Iowa Release 

Tuesday, 01 February 2011 20:05

2011-12 Mable to Minnesota

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Lindsay Mable, L10 from Colorado Gymnastics Institute, has committed to Minnesota.  She had a strong 2010 season, finishing in the top three AA at most of her meets, including a 3rd place finish (1st BB/FX) at the NIT.  She recently finished 1st AA (1st BB/FX; 2nd V/UB) in her session of the Sand Dollar meet.


Tuesday, 01 February 2011 11:12

Cornell Lands Six Commits

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Six gymnasts have committed to Cornell University during the early decision process and were accepted by the school in December.  We previously reported the commitments from Taylor Madison and Corinne Weyrauch.  Joining them on next year's team are:

Jessica Starcevich – Bellevue, WA; Gymnastics East – Lev. 10
Abaigeal Thompson – College Station, TX;  Capital Gymnastics – Lev. 10
Samantha VanderPutten – Brier, WA;  Gymnastics East – Lev. 10
Maia Vernacchia – San Luis Obispo, CA;  Performance Athletics - Lev. 10
Monday, 31 January 2011 22:57

Men's National Rankings for the Week of January 31st

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Stanford retains the top spot this week in the GymInfo National Rankings but only leads the FX as a team.  Cal holds the lead on two events, PB and HB.  #3 Illinois leads the tough PH, while OU leads vault.  PSU is the top Rings squad.  With a light weekend of competition, there were very few changes. 

In the individual standings, Glen Ishino of Cal remains the top AAer and the top HB worker.  OU's Jake Dalton is tied with Stanford's Eddie Penev for the VT lead and also leads PB, while teammate Steven Legendre leads the FX.  Illinois' Daniel Ribeiro leads the PH while Ohio State's Brandon Wynn leads the Rings.   

Rank Team
1 Stanford 356.55
2 California 354.225
3 Illinois 353.933
4 Oklahoma 349.833
5 Penn State 348.125
6 Michigan 346.0

Link: GymInfo

nk Team Name Team Ave Region Conference High 3 Ave Home Meets Away Meets
1 Stanford 356.550 W MPSF 364.400 - 2 0
2 California 354.225 W MPSF 358.800 - 0 2
3 Illinois 353.933 E Big 10 355.400 - 1 2
4 Oklahoma 349.833 W MPSF 358.350 - 2 1
5 Penn State 348.125 E Big 10 351.800 - 2 2
6 Michigan 346.000 E Big 10 346.900 - 0 2
Sunday, 30 January 2011 23:57

Women's National Rankings for the Week of January 31st

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Florida continues to hold the top spot in the GymInfo women's rankings.  Florida continues to hold the top spot on each event, except for BB, where Stanford leads.  UGA's Lindsey Cheek still holds the top AA spot, although she did not do the AA this weekend.  She also holds the top spot on UB.  Kyndal Robarts of Utah remains the top vaulter.  Oregon State's Leslie Mak took over sole possession of 1st on BB this week.  Stanford's Ashley Morgan remains the leader on FX. 

Rank Team
1 Florida 196.906
2 Stanford 196.550
3 Utah 196.075
4 Georgia 196.060
5 Oklahoma 195.860
6 Alabama 195.850
7 Oregon State 195.595
8 UCLA 195.430
9 Michigan 195.344
10 Nebraska 195.188
11 Arkansas 195.031
12 Kent State 194.925
13 Minnesota 194.819
14 Washington 194.769
15 Boise State 194.658
16 Ohio State 194.644
17 Iowa State 194.594
18 North Carolina State 194.592
19 Illinois-Champaign 194.563
- Southern Utah 194.563
21 Penn State 194.444
22 Auburn 194.419
23 Iowa 194.375
24 L.S.U. 194.344
25 Denver 194.280

Link:  Troester GymInfo

Sunday, 30 January 2011 21:07

Alaska 188.425 at Cal 191.85

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Cal earned a win over Alaska-Anchorage Sunday afternoon.  Cal frosh Dallas Crawford posted a meet high 9.775 to win the UB while teammate Mariesah Pierce won the FX.  Cal's Madisyn O'Brien won the AA.  For UAA, Kaelei Spoor won the BB while Kelsey Fullerton and Shake Sanders tied for the VT title.

Link:  Cal Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 21:05

Men's: Air Force 335.3 at NU 342.15

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Nebraska defeated Air Force, winning four individual events in the process.

Link:  NU Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:24

DU 194.4 at Illinois State 193.925

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Illinois State put a scare into #24 DU, but the Pioneers held on for a win.  Brianna Springer led the way for DU, winning the AA with a 39.225 and scoring a win on UB and a tie for 1st on VT with teammatte Melodie Pulgarin Linero.  Illinois State's Hannah Deutsch won BB while teamamte Erica Schick won the FX.   

Link:  Illinois State Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:22

UNC 193.325 at William and Mary 188.55

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UNC defeated host W&M, led by Morgan Evans 39.05 AA win.  Evans also picked up wins on the UB and BB.  UNC frosh Kristin Aloi won the FX, while teammate Zoya Johnson took the VT.

Link:  W&M Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:19

Bridgeport 192.15 at UNH 194.025

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Frosh Erin Machado won the FX while teammates Danielle Reibold and Katie Lawrence picked up wins on UB and BB respectively.  UNH's Austyn Fobes and Bridgeport's Monica Mesalles tied for the VT title, but it was Mesalles who came out on top in the AA.   

Link:  UNH Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 18:17

NIU 189.1 at CMU 195.75

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CMU powered to a big win over NIU, led by Kristin Teubner's 39.25 AA win.   Teubner bounded to a win on VT and on FX (9.925).  Teammates Brittany Petzold and Emily Heinz won UB and BB, respectively.

Link:  CMU Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:05

Ohio State 195.45, WMU 192.65 at Bowling Green 190.4

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Ohio State posted a new season high, doing so on the road.  Colleen Dean of the Buckeyes set a new personal best in the AA with a 39.225 win.  Dean also tied for the UB title with teammate Rebecca Best.  Frosh Melanie Shaffer of the Buckeyes won both VT and FX while classmate Sarah Miller won the BB. 

Link:  Ohio State Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:03

Ithaca 182.575 at Springfield 181.4

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Frosh Jenna Van Dusen led Ithaca with a 37.45 AA win. 

Link:   Springfield Release

Sunday, 30 January 2011 14:00

Men's: PSU 351.8, Army 259.5 at Temple 341.4

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Penn State led the way with a 351.8 as they defeated Army and host Temple's season high 341.4.  PSU was powered by a new school record on the PH (59.1), led by Felix Aronovich's 15.1.   

Link:  Temple Release

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