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Friday, 04 February 2011 23:29

Washington 195.8 at SPU 190.1

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UW's Sam Walior won the BB and tied for 1st with teammate Ruby Engreitz to lead the Huskies.  Husky senior Haley Bogart won the AA while classmate Kristen Linton won the FX.  UW's Amanda Cline won the VT.

Link:  SPU Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 23:26

Air Force 188.95 at UC Davis 192.1

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Erika Van Dyke of UC Davis won the BB and tied for the FX title with teammate Michelle Ho to lead the Aggies to a win over visiting Air Force.  Teammate Stacey Nicolini won the VT.  For Air Force, Brittany Dutton won the UB.   

Link:  UC Davis Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:26

Ohio State 195.575 at DU 196.375

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Denver posted a season high 196.375 to hold off visiting Ohio State.  Brianna Springer led DU, winning the AA with a 39.425, including a victory on the FX.  Teammate Taylor Sanford won BB while Jaleesa Wilson won UB.  DU frosh Moriah Martin won the VT with a rare 9.975.   

Link:  DU Release and Videos

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:22

ASU 194.125 at Utah 196.525

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Ute frosh Corrie Lothrop won the AA with a career high 39.425 and the BB with a career-high 9.875 to lead Utah.  Frosh Victoria Shanley added a win on VT while teammate Stephanie McCallister won UB.  ASU's Mary Atkinson won the FX. 

Link:  Utah Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:16

USU 192.125 at SUU 194

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SUU counted two falls on UB but bounced back with a 49.175 on FX to claim the win over USU.  SUU's Brooke Cersosimo won BB and FX to lead the Thunderbirds.  Teammate Ari Lamb won the AA while teammate Lindsey Schultz won VT.  For USU, Nicole Simoneau won the UB.   

Link:  SUU Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:13

Brockport 181.875 at Cornell 190.35

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Cornell won all four events as a team and as individuals.  Sarah Hein won the VT, Maddie Pearsall the UB, Melanie Standridge the BB and Melanie Jorgensen the FX to complete the Big Red sweep.   

Link: Cornell Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:08

UIC 193.45 at Arizona 195.4

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Host Arizona posted a season high 195.4 to win Friday night, despite counting two falls.  Aubree Cristello led Arizona, winning the AA with a 39.4 and tying for the event titles on UB (with teammates Molly Quirk and Miranda Russell) and VT (with teammate Deanna Graham and UIC's Chantel Turk).  Russell won FX with a career high while Katie Matusik won BB with a 9.9.       

Link:  Arizona Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 21:05

BYU 193.75 at LSU 195.875

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LSU put together their finest meet of the year to defeat visiting BYU.  Frosh Sarie Morrison led LSU, winning the AA with a 39.15 and taking the UB title.  Classmate Maliah Mathis won FX (double layout) and tied for the VT title with teammate Ashley Lee and BYU's Mickell Merrell.  Tiger Ericka Garcia won the BB.   

Link:  LSU Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 20:46

UW La Cross Wins Invitiational

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UW-L's Christa Booman won the AA with a 38.125. 

Link:  UW La Crosse Release

Monica Mesalles led Bridgeport with a 38.875 AA win.  Mesalles tied for the VT title with Rutger's Alyssa Straub.  Bridgeport's Chelsea Matteson, Breana Collins and Caroline McAvity shared the title on BB.  Luisa-Leal Retrepo of Rutgers led a strong Rutgers charge on FX, winning with a 9.875.  Teammate Alexis Gunzelman won the FX. 

Link:  Rutgers Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 20:14

Kentucky 194.45 at Auburn 194.625

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Auburn came from behind to defeat Kentucky, with senior Rachel Inniss sealing the win on FX with her 9.9. Andrea Mitchell led UK, winning the AA with a 39.275 and capturing individual titles on the UB and BB.  Teammate Jasmine Minion won the VT. 

Link:  AU Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 20:08

Alabama 195.45 at Florida 197.55

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Florida powered to an early win over Bama and never looked back en route to an NCAA-high 197.55.  Bama struggled with several falls to open the meet while the Gators remained unfazed, ending with a huge 49.65 on FX to close the meet.  Frosh Mackenzie Caquatto led the way for Florida, winning UB and BB en route to a 39.575 AA win.  Teammate Marissa King won VT and the hit a 9.975 for the win on FX.  

Link:  Bama Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 20:01

Nebraska 196.075 at Missouri 195.4

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NU defeated host Missouri 196.075 to 195.4.  NU's Erin Davis won the VT while teammate Maddie Steinauer won the BB.  Husker Lora Evenstad tied with Mizzou's Lauren Swankoski and Mary Burke.  Burke also won the UB en route to a 39.45 AA win. 

Link:   Missouri Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 19:48

UGA 195.4 at Arkansas 195.775

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Arkansas knocked off visiting UGA 195.775 to 195.4, holding off UGA on the last event, after UGA counted a fall on FX.  This was the first ever victory for the Razorbacks over the GymDogs.  Jamie Pisani led the Razorbacks, winning the AA with a 39.375.  She also posted a 9.875 on FX to tie for the title with teammate Katherine Grable and UGA's Shayla Worley.  UGA's Worley also tied for the BB title with teammates Christa Tanella and Cassidy McComb.  McComb picked up the UB while teammate Noel Couch won VT.   

Link:  Arkansas Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 19:36

Illinois State 193.25 at Ball State 191.975

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Erica Shick led Illinois State to a big win, capturing the UB and the AA with a 38.85.  Teammate Hannah Deutsch captured the BB.  For Ball State, Nicole Allen won the VT and tied for the FX title with teammate Tiffany Brodbeck. 

Link:  Ball State Release

Friday, 04 February 2011 19:19

EMU 190.55 at WMU 191.675

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WMU defeated EMU 191.675 to 190.55.  WMU was led by Caitlin Sullivan, who won FX and tied on BB with EMU's Nikole Viltz.  Teammates Kristine Garbarino and Brynn Wienckowski tied for the UB title.  Viltz also won the VT for EMU.   

Link:  WMU Release

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