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Men's JO Nationals: Event Finals

At the Men's JO Nationals, Event Champions were crowned on Sunday.  Here's the winners for Men's 16-18 (school in parentheses):

FX:  Trevor Howard, Hocking Valley, 15.55
PH:  Craig Hernandez, Buffalo Grove, 15.05
R:  Mike Wilner, GymSpot, 15.65 (Illinois)
VT:  Howard, 16.5
PB:  Adrian De Los Angeles, SCATS 15 (Michigan)
HB:  Jesse Glenn, SCATS, 14.6

Link:  Results

Here are results from the Level 9 Western Nationals.  Congratulations to all the competitors.  We're showing the Top 8 (due to fewer age groups at Western Nationals compared to Eastern Nationals) of the senior divisions.

Senior D

1.  Sydney Hinton, Auburn, 37.075
2.  Kellie Amano, South Coast, 36.875
3.  Andrea Perea, Brown's, 36.65
4t.  Emily Goldeman, Flyaways Gold, 36.55
4t.  Rachel Heckroth, Roach, 36.55
6.  Melanee Pfautz, Twin City, 36.525
7.  Paige Bottano, AGA, 36.45
8t.  Christina Navarro, Texas Dreams, 36.25
8t.  Kinsey Aherne, New Hope, 36.25

Senior C

1.  Danielle Landry, Auburn, 37.6
2.  Amanda West, Auburn, 37.375
3.  Tasha Del Pozo, Leading Edge, 36.975
4.  Abigail Stanley, Desert Gymcats, 36.95
5.  Rain Sullivan, Gymfiniity, 36.7
6.  Carole Gong, Club Champion, 36.675
7.  Kylie Greenlief, Champion, 36.625
8.  Ashley Elser, River City, 36.575

Senior B

1.  Chelsi Hamilton, Top Flight, 37.9
2.  Jeia Villacis, Leading Edge, 37.5
3.  Kiana Gordon, Pacific West, 37.475
4.  Lexi Tenenbaum, Gleason's, 37.425
5.  Jaimyn Timboli, National, 37.375
6.  Alisa Bogdan, Gymcats, 37.3
7.  Madison Rich, Auburn, 37.225
8.  Nicole Larkin, Mid-Columbia 36.825

Senior A

1t.  Emily Robbins, National Elite, 37.6
1t.  Angela Rogers, Texas East, 37.6
3.  Emily Liddle, Airborne, 37.45
4.  McKenna Stanley, Aerial Athletics, 37.3
5.  Schyler Jones, Achievers, 37.275
6t.  Courtney Spitzer, SCEGA, 37.25
6t.  Alana Polfuss, Twin City, 37.25
7.  Briana Ledsma, Aerial Athletics, 37.225

Link:  Results

Congratulations to the athletes!  Here are your top four in each of the Senior levels:

Senior 8

1.  Teresa Ciambrone, Olympia 36.925
2.  Stephanie Schuler, Ocean Tumblers, 36.875
3.  Emily Kelley, Georgia All Star, 36.85
4.  CiCi Talcott, Twistars, 36.775

Senior 7

1.  Telisa Brown, Elite, 37.45
2.  Anna Brandmeier, Ultimate, 36.8
3.  Kaitlyn Reszkowski, Action, 36.75
4.  Katie Golden, Gym Plus, 36.6.

Senior 6

1.  Taylor Cortis, Oakland, 37
2.  Sydney Boudreau, Oakland, 36.9
3.  April Flood, Legacy Elite, 36.825
4.  Megan Peters, Wright's, 36.45

Senior 5

1.  Anella Anderson, Central  Bucks, 37.6
2.  Victoria Heath, Skyline, 37.525
3.  Kelsey Thomas, Euro Star, 37.15
4.  Marylynn Clark, Apollo, 37.025

Senior 4

1.  Caroline Fitzpatrick, Arena, 37.6
2.  Krystin Chiellini, Golden City, 36.925
3.  Mary Claire Cron, Queen City, 36.875
4t.  Selena Swanger, Hanover Family YMCA, 36.825
5t.  Cassidy Robinson, Twistars, 36.825

Senior 3

1.  Julianne Dugas, Ocean State, 37.475
2.  Lauren Sloan, Capital, 37.275
3.  Marissa DeAngelo, Gym Revolution, 37.075
4.  McKenzie Foster, Maple City, 37.025

Senior 2

1.  Julia Konner, Apollo, 37.475
2.  Amber Hill, All Star, 37.35
3.  Anya Olson, Oakland, 37
4t Hannah Redding, AGA, 36.85
5t Faye Lawrence American 36.85

Senior 1

1.  Kaylee Dowell, Shooting Stars, 37.5
2.  Rachel SLocum, Sonshine, 37.45
3.  Kelsey Hood, Olympica 37.425
4.  Izabella Broberg, Arena, 37.4

Link:  Full Results

Michigan-bound Adrian de Los Angeles won the AA title in the Men's 16 to 18 year old division at the JO Nationals.  Sean Melton won the Men's 14-15 division.  Coming in 2nd in the older division was Jake Martin, while Michigan-bound Stacey Ervin was 3rd. 

Here's the Top 10 finishers, including their school choices:

1  Adrian De Los Angeles, SCATS, 176.15 (Michigan)
2  Jake Martin, Orlando Metro, 175.35
3  Stacey Ervin, Mills USA, 173.15 (Michigan)
4  Jesse Glenn, SCATS Gymnastics, 173.1
5  Trevor Howard, Hocking Valley, 172.1
6  Jonathan Deaton, Daggett's 171.85
7  Nicholas Hunter, Gym World, 171.3 (Michigan)
8  Brian Knott, Chelsea Piers, 171.15 (Stanford)
9 Donnell Whittenburg, Ultimate (MD), 169.8
10 Kanji Oyama,SCATS Gymnastics, 169.550

Link:  USA Gymnastics Release and Results

Saturday, 07 May 2011 11:03

Level 9 Eastern Nationals

The Junior sessions are underway at the Level 9 Eastern Nationals.  Many of the future stars are in these sessions.  We'll post a recap once the senior sessions are complete.  Here are the junior results plus half of the seniors:  Link
Saturday, 07 May 2011 10:55

Level 9 Western Nationals

We'll have a recap as the senior sessions are completed.  Here are links to the scores for the up and coming juniors plus half of the seniors:  Link
Friday, 06 May 2011 17:23

Men's JO Nationals: Preliminaries

Recruits and recruitables were in action this weekend for the Men's JO Nationals.  Results and video will be posted as they become available.  From the preliminaries, the top 36 men advance to the AA final.

In the team competition, Region I won the team title in both age divisions.  SCATS won the club team title.

Here are the preliminary AA standings for the 16-18 year old Men (Future College in Parenthesis):

1  Jesse Glenn SCATS Gymnastics 87.95
2  Jake Martin Orlando Metro 87.55
3  Adrian De Los Angeles SCATS Gymnastics 87.35  (Michigan)
4  Stacey Ervin Mills USA 86.55 (Michigan)
5  Jacoby Rubin Buffalo Grove 86.45 (OU)
6  Trevor Howard Hocking Valley 85.85
7  Michael Strathern Bartlett 85.55 (Michigan)
8  Joseph Peters Parkettes 85.30
9  Kanji Oyama SCATS Gymnastics 85.20
10 Brian Knott Chelsea Piers 85.05 (Stanford)


USA Gymnastics Release

Men's 16-18 Preliminaries Results

Men's 14-15 Preliminaries Results

Thursday, 05 May 2011 12:05

Cal Names Durante as Head Coach

Cal has named NU Associate Head Coach Danna Durante as the new Head Coach for the reinstated Berkeley program.  She was National Assistant Coach of the Year in 2007, and West Region Assistant of the Year in 1999 and 2002.  Prior to nine years at NU, she was at Washington.  As Danna Lister, she was a star athlete at ASU and as an elite National Team member and Olympic Trials participant from the state of Oklahoma.       

Link:  Cal Release

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 23:04

2011-2012: Alaska Signs Jensen

Sariaye Jensen, a L10 at Brown's Gymnastics, has signed with Alaska, according to her club.  At the 2011 Region 1 L10 Regionals, she placed 13th AA in the Senior C group. 

Link:  Club Website and Channel

Monday, 02 May 2011 21:05

Men's Gymnastics to Continue at Cal

Cal has announced that the Men's Gymnastics team will be preserved as an intercollegiate sport, with some restrictions.  Over $2.5M has been raised so far, in support of the program.  This is however short of the $4M the University says is necessary to support the program at full funding for at least 7 to 10 years.  As a result, the program will be unable to award new scholarships until the funding is in place.  This coming season will be the 100th at Cal!  The other four programs that were proposed to be cut, including Women's Gymnastics, have all been previously restored.

For information on how to make a pledge, please see Cal Gymnastics Forever.

Link:  Cal Statement

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